Visceral Disgorge ''Slithering Evisceration''   Thrashfire''Into the Armageddon''   Nihil Kaos / Djevelkult / Kyy ''Kult of Kaos Serpent''   Orbstruct ''Phobos Rising''   Sumgzeit - ''A Death of You''   Nunslaughter/Hatevömit Split   A Secret Revealed ''Sacrifices''   Human Deformation - ''Apocalypse Of Putrid Humanity''   Gorebringer - A Craving For Flesh   Misþyrming ''Algleymi''   Mgła ''Age of Excuse''   TIRAN ''Apocalyptic Tales''   ORGANECTOMY ''Existential Disconnect''   RAVAGER ''Thrashletics''   POSSESSED ''Revelations of Oblivion''   FORGOTTEN ''Of Past And Passion''   DEUS MORTEM ''Kosmocide''   ROCK HARD FESTIVAL 2019  KRİTİĞİ   HELEVORN ''Aamamata''   WINDSWEPT ''The Onlooker''   ATTIC ''Sanctimonious''   THE SCARS IN PNEUMA ''The Path of Seven Sorrows''   DEITY ''Evil Seed of Life''   WHISKEY RITUAL ''Black Metal Ultras''   DESERTED FEAR ''Drowned By Humanity''   AGONY REIGNS ''Death From Within''   FLAMEN ''Furor Lunae''   CANDLESMASS ''The Doord of Doom''   DARK EDEN ''The Chaos Masquerade''   KAMOS '' Living Without Light''  

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TIRAN Interview

Skinless - Savagery (Live)  Emperor - Ye Entrancemperium (Live)  The Negation - End of Cycle   Deicide - Defying the Sacred  Skinned - Wings of Virulence  Until The Truth Comes - A Dying Body 

Greek black metal unit Human Serpent have confirmed the release of a brand new EP, The Vacuity. This two-track outing, which will see the light on November 18th, was mixed and mastered during the Spring of 2019 by David Prudent at MadeInHell Studio in Athens, Greece.

EP track listing:

01. Time Heals Nothing
02. The Vacuity

British veterans Angel Witch will release their fifth full-length on November 1st called "Angel Of Light" . The second single, "Condemned", has premiered online. Check it out and listen to the new song down below.

Source: Metalstorm, Metalblade 

German black metallers Dark Fortress announce that they are currently putting finishing touches to their eighth studio album, to be entitled "Spectres From The Old World" . The album will be mixed and mastered in October and early November at Woodshed Studio in Germany and will be released worldwide via Century Media in late February, 2020.

Guitarist and producer V. Santura comments: "We have been working intensely on our new album over various sessions in the last couple of months. The title will be Spectres From The Old World. We decided to keep quite silent and vague about the process but now the recordings are basically completed. We have just finished recording all of the lead vocals with Morean on Monday, and only a few last details and two guitar solos are missing. Again, I am blown away by the power and versatility of Morean's vocals. Spectres From The Old World will probably be perceived as less "progressive" than its two predecessors Venereal Dawn and Ylem, but it is more compact, super intense and I love the sheer power and dark energy it bursts forth."

Source : Metalstorm ,Darkfortress 

Portuguese cathartic black metal band Gaerea are pleased to announce that they have sealed a new record deal with French label Season Of Mist. The band supposed to the release of a brand new album in 2020.

Gaerea comments on signing: "Ladies and Gentleman, The Vortex Society is very pleased to announce that Gaerea has sealed a new record deal with Season of Mist for 2020! It's an absolute honor to join the ranks of such high demanding label and alongside very influential artists who have deserved our absolute respect since the Void's first glimpse of existence. Expect Gaerea's mental horror at a level never seen before."

Source: Metalstorm

The official release date of the Nile's upcoming studio album, Vile Nilotic Rites, is getting closer. Prior the release day of the album (November 1st), the band offers a new lyric video for the second single and title-track. Stream and listen to it down below.


Source : Metalstorm

Toxic Holocaust's new album Primal Future: 2019 has been officially released. A 10-track outing is now available for listening in its entirety through the group's via widget down below. 

Source: Metalstorm and Toxic Holocaust

Switzerland based duo Bölzer will unleash a brand new effort, entitled 'Lese Majesty' .Recorded in Five Lakes Studio, Bavaria by Thomas Taube, this outing will be released on Nov.15th through the band's own label Lightning & Sons and distributed worldwide on Nov. 29th, 2019. In anticipation of the new offering, Bölzer have released an opening track, "A Shepherd In Wolven Skin", streaming down below.

Source: Metalstorm

Thrash metal band Lost Society have released official video clip for a brand new single, "Deliver Me". Video was directed by Pekka Hara and produced by Kadi Freja Felt (Get Shot Films). "Deliver Me" will be part of the band's new album, of which details have yet to be revealed.

Source : Metalstorm and Lost Society

Funeral doom metal band Shape Of Despair have confirmed that the working process on their upcoming studio album is in full speed. More updates and details to follow. The band's latest record, Monotony Fields, was released back in 2015.

Statement from the band: "Some updates from us. Our upcoming album is starting to take its shape with small steps. Total dose of sadness and misery for the rainy days."

Source : Metalstorm and Shape of Despair

Over three years since the release of the debut "Every Scum Is A Straight Arrow" Straight Hate returns with his second full album - "Black Sheep Parade". 

The band comes from the grindcore trend and constantly builds on it. Retaining his own character, he is not afraid to penetrate new music areas and use previously unused solutions.
On the new album you can hear the influence of death metal in the Swedish version or even black metal. It is no accident that the guest on the album is S. (Blaze Of Perdition, Ulcer).

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ZLOSLUT ''Sahar''   ABYSSIC ''High the Memory''   DOOMBRINGER ''Walpurgis Fires''   AD PATRES ''A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments''   ATAPASKAN ''Dying''   GRAFVITNIR ''Venenum Scorpions''   BLOOD FEAST ''Chopped ,Sliced and Diced''   BLEEDING UTOPIA ''Where The Light Comes to Die''   AEMPYREAN ''Fireborn''   OPIATE ''Havok Anthems''   RAVENOUS DEATH ''Chapters of the Evil Transition''   TELEPORT ''The Expansion''   EXILE ''Unveiling Insanity''   CHAOSHORDE ''Hordes Arising''   DUNKELNACHT ''Empires of Mediocracy''   ALTAR OF PERVERSION '' Intra Naos''   BLACK OMEN ''Darkness Is My Essence''    CURSE UPON A PRAYER ''The Three Woes''   ABHOR ''Occulta Religio''   WAN ''Gammal Ar Aldast''   DEAD HEAD ''The Feast Begins At Dawn'' (Re-release)   MALEVOLENT CREATION ''The 13th Beast''   MEGASCAVENGER ''Boneyard Symphonies''   OPPROBRIUM ''The Fallen Entities''   ESERICHIJA COLI ''Diarreha''   ZIGGURAT ''Ritual Miasma''   FUNERAL MIST ''Hekatomb''   BURIAL HORDES ''The Termination Thesis''   HYPERDONTIA ''Nexus of Teeth''   PHRENELITH ''Ornamented Dead Eyes''  


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