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Liova - 08/09/2011 Top

U.S. black metal band Abazagorath has posted ‘Immortals’ online. You can check it out by clicking here.

Also the album through Diabolist Services, will be with us early November.

Black Shore

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Black Shore reveals about new album:
"Finally we finished the work on ‘Legion,’ our new album! Release date is the 16th of September.The CD also contains a video clip for ‘Kaiserschnitt Replikant.’ You can pre-order your copy at The first 250 copies include an alternative coverdesign-box!"

01. Kaiserschnitt Replikant
02. Black Metal Untermensch
03. BadBloodBastardBlues
04. Golem
05. Fat, White and Ugly
06. Nullvoid Hibernaut
07. Planet Ärger
08. We are Legion

Anatomy Of I

Liova - 08/09/2011 Top

Michael Dorrian, Steve Di Giorgio and Dirk Verbeuren’s band, Anatomy Of I, will be releasing their new album ‘Substratum’ on September 5th. The band posted the new album on their Facebook page.

01. Organic Machine
02. Harvest The Fallen
03. Drowning
04. Dimensions
05. Washed Away
06. Fluid River
07. Banished Messiah
08. Substratum
09. As Eternity Ends…
10. Bound In Flesh


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Carnifex will release their new album ‘Until I Feel Nothing’ which has produced by As I Lay Dying’s vocalist Tim Lambesis, on October 25th through Victory Records.

As You Down

Goremented - 07/09/2011 Top

Swedish extreme death metallers AS YOU DROWN have announced Rat King as the title of their upcoming sophomore album to be released in October worldwide via Metal Blade Records. The successor to the band's 2009 debut Reflection, Rat King was recorded at the band's own AYD Studio in Borås and was mixed and mastered by Plec (WATAIN, SCAR SYMMETRY, MISERATION) at Panic Room Studio in Skövde in July 2011.

01. Conqueror
02. Slaves To The Kingdom Of Fear
03. You Should Be Paranoid
04. Rabid Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing
05. Your Loyal Betrayer
06. The Coming
07. The Nothing
08. Bleeding Structure
09. Cleansing Hands 

Rat King will be released on the following dates:
Oct. 7: Europe
Oct. 10: UK
Oct. 11: USA


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Iranian death metal band Arsames, posted  a new video ‘Mortal Identity’ from their 2010’s independent release.


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Norwegian black metal band Blodsgard’s new song ‘Mit Blod Flyter(Svart Eksistens)’ is now streaming online.


Liova - 07/09/2011 Top

Taiwanese melodic black metal band Chthonic is streaming their new album ‘Takasago Army’ through AOL Music.

01. The Island
02. Legacy Of The Seediq
03. Takao
04. Oceanquake
05. Southern Cross
06. Kaoru
07. Broken Jade
08. Root Regeneration
09. Mahakala
10. Quell The Souls In Sing Ling Temple


Liova - 07/09/2011 Top

Primate, Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher and Brutal Truth vocalist Kevin Sharp, has signed to Relapse Records. The band is currently working on their new album.


Liova - 07/09/2011 Top

Skeletonwitch has posted the making of video about their new album ‘Forever Abomination’ ,which is going be with us on next month.

01. This Horrifying Force (The Desire To Kill)
02. Reduced To The Failure Of Prayer
03. Of Ash And Torment
04. Choke Upon Betrayal
05. Erased And Forgotten
06. The Infernal Resurrection
07. Rejoice In Misery
08. Cleaver Of Souls
09. Shredding Sacred Flesh
10. Sink Beneath Insanity
11. My Skin Of Deceit


Goremented - 07/09/2011 Top

Finnish thrashers HATEFORM - featuring in its ranks former members of MORS PRINCIPIUM EST and WATCH ME FALL as well as current members of SOLUTION .45 and DEMIGOD - has inked a management deal with Pivotal Management, the management arm of Pivotal Rockordings record label. The band is currently writing the follow-up to 2010’s Origins of Plague to be released at the end of 2012 via Spinefarm Records.

Subterranean Disposition is a one man Doom/Death/Ambient recording project from Melbourne, Australia.

Terry Vainoras (Insomnius Dei, The Eternal, Cryptal Darkness, Order of Chaos) has released online one track from the forthcoming self titled debut
album, the fourteen minute epic " The most subtle of storms". Click here to listen it.

The Way Of Purity

Goremented - 07/09/2011 Top

International band The Way Of Purity announced their mission:

“The Way Of Purity are a group of people who have come together with the common goal of taking action. Animal’s liberation from the anthropocentric lie is the push that made us move and we have taken the step of forming a music project with the specific purpose of spreading this message.

We will always stay away from the “fame”, the scene and the music business since we will return back in darkness one day.
This is the reason why a lot of people out there don’t support us or change their minds in the same moment they understand that we are extreme, incorrect and maybe violent in real life…We are not that “band” they would like us to be, we are not clean and nice like all “musicians” out there: we said that since the beginning.

We are just working to destroy humanity’s worse disease, that is called “specism”, as we consider it equal to Nazism. 

Everyone in The Way Of Purity will follow this path because music is just a possibility for us. Too much attention on the band and not enough on the reason could make “EQUATE” our last album; on the other hand, if you all understand what we are trying to say you will keep us alive as a music project.

Most of the people compromise, some don’t.

Talk to you again with the first song, album cover, tracklist. Till then, fight with us.”


Goremented - 07/09/2011 Top

New EP of Russian/Ukrainian collaboration Lycanthropy «Abismo De La Eterna» is out soon on Margin Art Records(Russia). Pure satanic black metal for a true fans of a dark art. Limited to 500 copies.

1. Black Reality
2. Fuck Up christ
3. Great Soul Nyarlathotep
4. Consciousness of Aimlessness
5. My Tortured Soul

Check Fuck up christ song on Myspace or Margin Art Records page..


Goremented - 07/09/2011 Top

The mix for the upcoming Mosfet record is done. Producer Martin Zeller visited the New Sound Studio at the Switzerland to finish the tracks, with Tommy Vetterli and Sebastian "Raps" Reiber.

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