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Italian thrash metal band Madmaze is preparing to enter Simone Mularoni's Domination Studio to begin recording its debut album, titled "Frames of Alienation", for an end 2011 release via Punishment 18 Records. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include: "Mad Maze", "Beyond" and "Retribution".


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Toxic Sound Records announced the deal with the Italian Industrial Black Metal band Midgard.

The label will release the re-issue of “Mystic Journey Through the Ages” with a new artwork and the brend new album of Italian Industrial Demons.

The re-issue of “Mystic Journey Through the Ages” will be available in the end of September. The worldwide physical and digital distribution will be entrusted to AM Distribution.

Just below, the tracklist of “Mystic Journey Through the Ages”. The new artwork will be available soon.

01. A New Aeon in Black
02. The Coming of a New Master (And of a New Aeon)
03. Mystic Journey Through the Ages
04. Misanthropic Dream
05. Dark Revival of a Wanderer Soul
06. Unpure Majestic Empire of Sadness
07. Chanting Possession

Chalice Of Doom

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Jordanian Melodic Doom\Death Metal band Chalice Of Doom have released their debut album "Immemorial Nightfall" and a new song from the album available through the bands Myspace page.

01. The Fall Season (Intro)
02. Follow The Rains
03. To Dust I Shall Return
04. Cries Of Candles
05. Licking The Dagger
06. Serenade For The Lost
07. Wounds And Wine
08. Curtains Of Hell, Gateways Of Heaven
09. Endless Prison
10. I Long (Saturnus Cover)


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Italian doom metal band (EchO) signed for BadMoodMan Records.

The band recorded during November 2010 the debut album “Devoid of Illusions” that was produced by Greg Chandler (singer and guitarist from Esoteric) and recorded at the Priory recording studios (Sutton Coldfield, UK) and CMAT Studios (Birmingham, UK).
The artwork was created by Eliran Kantor.

02.Summoning the Crimson Soul
03.Unforgiven March
04.The Coldest Land
05.Internal Morphosis
07.Disclaiming My Faults
08.Once Was a Man
09.Sounds From Out of Space (feat. Greg Chandler) 

Raw In Sect

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Greek band Raw In Sect signed a contract with Aural Music, Wormholedeath.

The band has just completed the recording of their first full length album entitled Red Flows, consisted by 11 songs. (Worldwide release date 1st September)


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Welicoruss released new online single "Kharnha"

Alexey, band leader: "After a long silence, we are pleased to present the first results of our work before releasing of new full-length album. All songs composed by all musicians, but especially I would like to note the work of a new keyboardplayer Boris SENS Voskolovich, as well as a drummer and soundproducer Ilya ELIAS Chursin. All parties of lead guitar were written and performed by Max SOWER Fomin. In recording of single took part guest musicians: Taras Shenshin sang in "Kharnha", and Anastasia Sergeeva sang in "Dolmen".  This mini-release is a new step in the development of our creativity and now we can understand what in the end we will hear in new album! "

Free "Kharnha" Download : Filedropper - Filefactory - Depositfiles


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Turkish death metal veterans Hecatomb signed with the Nice To Eat You Records (Czech Republic) for 3rd Album "Mighty Chaos". The Album will be out in September 2011. 

1-Panzer Torture
2-Humanimal Race
3-Lifeless Conquerer
6-Swarm of Cataclyst
7-Discharge Inferno
8-Mighty Chaos
9-Face the Dreading End
10-In the Winds of Obliteration

Horned Almighty

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Danish black metal band HORNED ALMIGHTY have started writing material for their fifth album. The as-yet-untitled effort will be recorded in late 2011/early 2012.

Ite Missa Est

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Trendkill Recordings ( Candiria, Anal Cunt, The Chariot... ) inked a deal with French deathcore outfit ITE MISSA EST. 

Their new album, "Ante Bellum", recorded, mixed, and mastered by Neb Xort at Drudenhaus Studios ( Anorexia Nervosa, Brutal Rebirth, Ultra Vomit... ) will be available digitally on 17th of October through Itunes, Amazon, Deezer and Spotify. CD to be released in Europe on 31st of October and USA / Rest of the world on 14th of November.

Check 2 brand new songs on their Myspace and a third exclusive song on their Facebook official page.

Pre-orders online now through the Trendkill webstore ( CD and Shirts / Poster bundle available ).


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"Amore Ittico", the new video from Italian grind band Necrass, can be viewed below. 

The song comes off the band's upcoming album "Octopussy", out on August 2011 via Qanat Records.

Refused Records

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Further releases are planned and the brandnew Refused Records HOMEPAGE goes online.

Also, you can order t-shirts and other merch-stuff of the Refused Records-Bands via the new ONLINE SHOP.


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The fourth album by polish band Stillborn will be released on 1st Septemper 2011 by Ataman Productions. The album entitled "Los Asesinos del Sur" (from spanish "Murderers from the South") contains 10 songs:
01. Overture .966
02. Hymn of Destruction
03. Diamonds of the Last Water
04. Antonym
05. Son of the holy Motherfucker
06. Blood and Dust
07. Kot Wolanda
08. Los Asesinos del Sur
09. Stillborn II (Singularities of the Ordinary Vulgar Boor)
10. Whore of the Whores
Worldwide exclusive distribution is provided by Pagan Records.
Recordings was done in winter 2011 in Bochnia in Kwart Studio with Piotr Lekki as the sound engineer. Cover art was prepared by ataman Tolovy, and the booklet of the album based on paintings of the young artist from Tarnów Kamil Kukla.
The Album will be released in standard CD format. You can check 2 new songs on Stillborn's MySpace.

Management: godz.ov.war@wp.pl


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Thrash masters CRIMINAL originally formed in Chile and now based in the UK have made two songs off their new studio album "Akelarre" available for free download on their Facebook page. "Akelarre" is the band's seventh studio album and the first since the departure of lead guitarist and founding member Rodrigo Contreras and the subsequent addition of Basque guitar wizard Olmo Cascallar. 

01.Order From Chaos
02.Resistance Is Futile
03.The Ghost We Summoned
05.State Of Siege
07.Feel The Void
08.The Power Of The Dog
09.Vows Of Silence
10.La Santa Muerte

Akelarre will be released on August 19th, 2011 by Massacre Records.

Heimdalls Wacht

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Heidens Hart Records announced their newest signing: German black / pagan metal band Heimdalls Wacht. Without a doubt one of the most respected black metal bands from Germany, always following their own old-school path and attitude, never wimping out or going for the stereotypes or for cheap political remarks.

Their latest album 'Nichtorte' was originally released by an established promising German label which unfortunately folded right after the album was released. Only a couple of hundred cd's were sold, and no promotion was done at all, leaving a big demand for the album. 

How better for Heidens Hart to start of this collaboration of tyrants with a proper and deserved release of this latest and most important Heimdalls Wacht album 'Nichtorte - Oder die Geistreise des Runenschamanen'!?

The band is currently writing a new album to be recorded later this year. New official merchandise is now available as well via www.heidenshart.nl.nu.


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Behind The Scenes of "Mortal Effect" video from Brazilian thrash metal band Woslom, can be viewed below. 

The band members speak in this promotional video about the degradation of nature made ​​by the negative actions of human beings. 

The video for "Mortal Effect" will be released soon.

Watch also the video clip of the track Time To Rise by clicking here.


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