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Scottish Blood Metallers Achren have released their debut Live Concert DVD entitled 'Impaled at Bloodstock-Open-Air 2010.'
Produced in conjunction with UK based Darkbox Films, the DVD features their whole award winning Bloodstock performance
from the New Blood Stage at last years festival, band biography, photo galleries and preview recordings of their upcoming debut album. 

Previously made available on their March UK tour, the DVD is now available to purchase by clicking here.

The lead promotional track 'Impaled' is available to watch below.

The band play the following Summer European Festival shows :
Metalcamp 2011, Slovenia, 11th-18th July
Wacken-Open-Air, Germany, 3rd-6th August
Bloodstock-Open-Air, UK, 11th-14th August

"Dehumanization" split between 3 deathcore bands -Persuaded (Turkey), Insane Therapy (Italy), Bleeding Surface (Turkey) - is out now via Extreminal Productions & Arizali Notalar Records.

01. Salvage Therapy
02. Killer Instinct
03. Silent Death
04. Darkness Inside You
05. One Thousand Why
06. Where's Your God?
07. Can You Hear Me?
08. Veil Of Silence
09. After Plague
10. Awaking The Pestilence
11. C.o.w.a.r.d
12. Critical Level of Infection

Drain Of Impurity

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Turkish one man Brutal Death Metal band DRAIN OF IMPURITY's "Head Disfigurement Autopsy" EP is re-released via Extreminal Productions/Arizali Notalar Records. It was released before via Sevared Records on May 2010.

DRAIN OF IMPURITY is a solo project that everything (vocals,guitars ,bass and drum programming) done by Batu Cetin who is the vocalist of Ultra Brutal Death Metal band CENOTAPH from Turkey.

01. Postcranial Skeleton Molestation
02. Soaked in the Fluids of the Dead
03. Dystrophic Intracranial Deformation
04. Consensual Spasm Through Homicide
05. Strangulated Infanticide Methods


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Polish technical death metal band DECAPITATED will release their fifth studio album, "Carnival Is Forever", in North America and Poland on July 12 via Nuclear Blast Records. 

Cover art was created by Lukasz Jaszak.

01. The Knife
02. United
03. Carnival Is Forever
04. Homo Sum
05. 404
06. A View From A Hole
07. Pest
08. Silence


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North Carolina based death metal band Bloodsoaked is set to release "The Death of Hope" in mid July 2011 through Comatose Music. 

The album was recorded at The Basement Studio with Producer/Engineer Jamie King and mixed by Shane McFee.

You can listen "Infestation" from the album in the player below...


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The Bulgarian Death’n’Roll band EUFOBIA and their label WIZARD.LTD are revealing the Cover Artwork and the Tracklist of their upcoming release “Cup of Mud” 2011. 

The Artwork was done by C. Chioreanu from TWILIGHT 13 MEDIA. The edition itself would be a DigiPack, including those 10 tracks and multimedia with the band's Official Videos for the "Cruel Child" track and for the "Frog" track.

03.Laid to Rest 
05.Cruel Child 
06.Rain of Snails 
09.Silver Air 
10.Violin (instrumental)

Morbus Chron

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Uprising Death Metal stalwarts MORBUS CHRON have set the upcoming full-length album title as "Sleepers In The Rift".

Album was recorded between 15th - 19th November 2010 and produced by MORBUS CHRON, with Swedish Death Metal icon Nicke Andersson of Entombed fame at the helm of the producing / engineering duties as well.

The album cover artwork for "Sleepers In The Rift" was entirely designed by Spanish fantasy artist Raul Gonzalez, who has previously worked with bands such as Deceased, Abraxas, etc.

01. Through The Gaping Gate / Coughing In A Coffin
02. Creepy Creeping Creep
03. Hymns To A Stiff
04. Red Hook Horror
05. The Hallucinating Dead
06. Ways Of Torture
07. Dead Body Pile Necrophile
08. Lidless Coffin
09. Deformation Of The Dark Matter

Dawn Of Disease

Liova - 05/05/2011 Top

German death metal band Dawn Of Disease will release their new album ‘Legends Of Brutality’ on April 29th. You can follow the tracks from bands’ Myspace page.

01. Gasping for Life (Intro)  
02. Above the Gods  
03. Impervious Mind  
04. Legends of Brutality  
05. Soul Harvest  
06. When White Turns Red  
07. Death Shall Be Mine  
08. Justified Retaliation  
09. Out of Breath  
10. Sinister Rapture  
11. Bitter Fate  
12. Silence Prevails (Outro)


Liova - 05/05/2011 Top

Black metal band Melechesh parted ways with bassist Rahm. For the longevity of the band this seperation was neccesary says Melechesh and now on the way to search a new bassist.

Hideous Divinity

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HIDEOUS DIVINITY, the new Italian death metal monster featuring HOUR OF PENANCE founding member Enrico Schettino, have inked a multi-album deal with legendary death metal label Unique Leader!

The band's debut album, "Obeisance Rising", will be recorded in June at the renowned 16th Cellar Studios by mastermind Stefano "Saul" Morabito, the man who has turned the knobs on Italy's most acclaimed extreme productions. The lyrical concept is based on John Carpenter's immortal masterstroke "They Live". 

Coming back from Norway after a great performance at Inferno Festival, HIDEOUS DIVINITY commented: "Now it's official, and we can say it: we're extremely happy to be part of the world's most renowned death metal roster. Being chosen by Unique Leader after only two short promos is also a huge reason for pride. We are working very hard to bring you the most crushing and epic death metal assault human ears can experience. Fans of NILE, IMMOLATION and relentless death metal worldwide, HIDEOUS DIVINITY is on its way!"


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"As Hammer To Anvil", a brand new song from death metal/grindcore band EXHUMED, can be streamed from bands Myspace page. The track comes off the band's new full-length album, "All Guts, No Glory", which will be released on July 5 via Relapse Records.

01. All Guts, No Glory
02. As Hammer To Anvil
03. Your Funeral, My Feast
04. Through Cadaver Eyes
05. Death Knell
06. Distorted And Twisted To Form
07. I Rot Within
08. Dis-assembly Line
09. Necrotized
10. Funereality
11. So Let it Be Rotten…So Let it Be Done

Jungle Rot

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Wisconsin death metallers JUNGLE ROT have inked a deal with Victory Records. The band's new album, "Kill On Command", will be released on June 21.

Lock Up

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Extreme metal supergroup LOCK UP will release its new album, "Necropolis Transparent", on July 1 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD was recorded in November-December 2010 at HVR Studios in Ipswich, United Kingdom and was mixed in January.

01. Brethren Of The Pentagram
02. Accelerated Mutation
03. The Embodiment Of Paradox And Chaos
04. Necropolis Transparent 
05. Parasite Drama
06. Anvil Of Flesh
07. Rage Incarnate Reborn 
08. Unseen Enemy
09. Stygian Reverberations 
10. Life Of Devastation 
11. Roar Of A Thousand Throats 
12. Infiltrate And Destroy 
13. Discharge The Fear
14. Vomiting Evil 
15. Stigmatyr (bonus track)
16. Through The Eyes Of My Shadow Self 
17. Tartarus (instrumental)


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The Latest Video of the Bulgarian Death'n'Roll band EUFOBIA ( for their single "Cruel Child" is available online.

This single was chosen by the cult German Metal magazine LEGACY ( for the compilation of their 70th issue released in 32000 copies, and by the Serbian NOCTURNE MAGAZINE( for their upcoming compilation as well. 

The band is back with their second official release for 2011, called "Cup of Mud". The album is a successor of their first official one, called "Insemination" released in January 2010 by the Romanian label AXA VALAHA PRODUCTIONS ( For this release the band inked a deal with the biggest Bulgarian label for Rock and Metal music WIZARD.LTD (, a company known for its partnership with almost every single major metal label or distributor in the world.  

The artwork was done once again by one of the most famous Easter European graphic designers C. Chioreanu from TWILIGHT 13 MEDIA ( The artwork itself, the tracklist, the upcoming tour dates over Europe and a brand new video for the "FROG" track are soon to be revealed.


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The Bulgarian death metal invaders Enthrallment announced that they will take part on one of the biggest festivals for extreme music in Europe “Obscene Extreme Fest" where they will share stage with bands such as BRUJERIA, ENTOMBED, BENEDICTION, BRUTAL TRUTH, LOCK UP, ROTTEN SOUND and many other.

The band inform us that at the moment they devotedly continue working on their new album and they hope to please their fans in very near future with new aggressive and breathtaking songs.

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