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Nokitokashi - 14/01/2011 Top

Turkish one man dark ambient project Zabb released his new album, "Soguk" via Extreminal Productions/Arizali Notalar Records.

01. Soguk
02. Gun Yuzunde Derin Korku
03. Gok Karanlik
04. Uzak
05. Sabah
06. Usume!
07. Cocuk
08. Son Nefes
09. Topraktan Gelen
10. Soguk: Ruzgar
11. Son Nefes: Yagmur

Click here
to buy this album (Extreminal Distro).


Goremented - 14/01/2011 Top

Ukrainian one man raw black metal band Moloch released his new album, "Isolation der Essenz" via SABBATHID Records.

Cold raw hypnotic Black Metal sound, like a thousand blades in a dance of winter blizzard leave thousands of cuts, digging into the body. Heart-rending screams of freezing flesh, summon the death, dissolving with echo in the mountains..

01.Depressive Visionen eines sterbenden Horizonts
02.Wenn der Herbsthimmel ergraut ist
03.Die letzten Strahlen der Sonne verblassen in der Kälte der Apathie
04.Ferne Wälder gehen im tiefen Herbstnebel verloren
05.Das Leben ist wie ein verwundeter Vogel der langsam vom Himmel fällt    
06.Isolation der Essenz


Goremented - 11/01/2011 Top

Debut album of Turkish Funeral Doom Death band Anlipnes, Inanis Caelum is out via Ukrainian label Gris Records.Its remixed and remastered version of our demo plus added a new song "Yalnizlik". You can order it from here: Gris Records , Solitude Production

1. The Empty Skies 10:20  
2. Suaniurean 04:56
3. Coffin (the Fading Light pt1) 14:12
4. Last Sunset 05:54
5. Yalnizlik 07:05
6. April 13 th 08:50 

Cirith Gorgor

Goremented - 09/01/2011 Top

Dutch black metal band CIRITH GORGOR will enter the Toneshed Recording Studio in February to record a trilogy, entitled 'Der Untergang', and one new song, entitled 'The Devil's Ancient Disciples'.

Dawn Of Demise

Goremented - 07/01/2011 Top

Danish death metal band DAWN OF DEMISE have parted ways with drummer Kim L. Jensen and are currently seeking a replacement. Interested parties can contact the group at

The Cleansing

Goremented - 07/01/2011 Top

Feeding the Inevitable - the new album from The Cleansing - is set for release in early spring of 2011 via US label Deepsend Records -  who also released the debut album Poisoned Legacy back in 2009.

01.The Promethean Promise
02. Third Eye Starring
02. Your Flesh, Your Curse
04. A Cheating Progression
05. Hour of Decadence
06. Processed for Contamination
07. Law of Reciprocity
08. Two Days
09. Crossroads


Liova - 30/12/2010 Top

American technical death metal band Origin signed with Nuclear Blast for the upcoming album. Also a video for ‘Finite’ track from the Antithesis album, have been shot with the director David Brodsky(Kataklysm, Arsis, Black Dahlia Murder, SYL).


Liova - 30/12/2010 Top

Aeon has been looking for a new drummer since September. But instead of a ‘new name’, the band’s first drummer Arttu Malkki who has left the band in 2002, again joined to the band.

Noctus Imperium

Liova - 30/12/2010 Top

Venezuelan blackened death metal act NOCTIS IMPERIUM have recently released a video for the song “Unus In Nihil” from their Abyss Records debut Nihil.

Amon Amarth

Liova - 30/12/2010 Top

Swedish death metal band Amon Amarth announced their next album’s name as ‘Surtur Rising’. The album which is going to be the bands’ 8th studio full length, will come out in 2011’s spring.


Goremented - 30/12/2010 Top

"Deconstruccion", the new video from Chilean death metallers THORNAFIRE, can be viewed below. It comes off bands second album, "Vorex Deconstrucción", which came out in July 2009 via Ibex Moon Records.


Goremented - 30/12/2010 Top

The Swedish Thrash 'n' Death Metal band EVERWHERE are announced the official music video for 'Hate' from their latest EP, One by One... Dead.
The ‘Hate’ video was recorded in early December and edited by Ofokus (


Liova - 21/12/2010 Top

Wretched have just finished shooting the video for ‘Cimmerian Shamballa’ track from their latest album, Beyond The Gate, directed by Thorin Thompson, via Victory Records.


Liova - 21/12/2010 Top

Technical death metal band Neuraxis have unveiled the upcoming album Asylon’s cover art, which will be released in 15th February, by Dennis Sibeijn of Damnengine Artwork who have worked with the band earlier. Also the album produced by Chris Donaldson(Cryptopsy, The Last Felony, The Agonist) and recorded at Wildsound Studio.

Death Angel

Liova - 21/12/2010 Top

San Francisco’s band Death Angel have shot a video for ‘Truce’ from their last full lenght Relentless Retribution. Robert Sexton(Soulfly, The Dwarves, Mondo Generator, Amen) , who have also worked with the band on their Dethroned track, directed the video.

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