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Goremented - 30/01/2011 Top

It's been a year since death 'n' roll band FOE released their album called "Madness". Now you can see a brand new video for the title track from this album...

Arch Enemy

Liova - 30/01/2011 Top

Swedish melodic death masters Arch Enemy’s new album which is going to be released in 2011, will be named as ‘Khaos Legions’.


Goremented - 28/01/2011 Top

U.S.A. based label Death Agonies and Screams released split 12'LP MOLOCH / WYQM.

Moloch side is a 3 tracks of Raw Cold Black Metal from Ukraine and WYQM side is a 3 tracks of Occult raw black metal.

LP comes in 5 different colors: glow in the dark, black/gold and various marble shades colors + 2 patches.


Goremented - 26/01/2011 Top

Debut album of Russian Black Metal band Lycanthropy "Black Christmas"originally recorded in 2008 is going to be re-released. Exclusive Digi-pak CD will be out on March via Glorious North Records. This is THE FIRST OFFICIAL CD release!



Goremented - 26/01/2011 Top

Blackened Death Metal Emperors Mighty IMPIETY, which currently consists of Shyaithan on bass and vocals, Guh Lu (Xeper, Divine Codex,) on guitars, Eskathon on guitars and Atum (Malfeitor, Divine Codex), have set the upcoming mini-CD as "Advent Of…".

01. Advent Of The Nuclear Baphomet
02. Ave Satanas
03. Blood Ritual Defamation

"Advent Of..." was recorded, mixed and mastered at Music City Studios in Montebelluna, Italy on January 2011. The cover artwork for "Advent Of..." was designed and done by renowned Thai artist Lord Sickness. All songs crafted and written by Shyaithan once again!

The pre-orders for "Advent Of…" is currently available, so place your advance orders now!


Goremented - 19/01/2011 Top

BENIGHTED's sixth album will hit the stores on March 21st (March 29th in the US), in a digipak edition limited to the first pressing. The French death metallers' new opus is entitled "Asylum Cave" and tells the story of a schizophrenic man and the abysses of his delirium about Josef Fritzl.

01. Asylum Cave
02. Let the Blood Spill between my Broken Teeth
03. Prey
04. Hostile
05. Fritzl
06. Unborn Infected Children
07. The Cold Remains
08. A Quiet Day
09. Shadows Descend
10. Swallow
11. Lethal Merycism
12. Drowning

* There will also be a special edition exclusively sold in France.


Goremented - 19/01/2011 Top

Dubai based death-thrashers NERVECELL have set “PSYCHOGENOCIDE” as the title of their long-awaited new album, due for release late March 2011 in Europe through Lifeforce Records and Spellbind Records for the Middle East.



Goremented - 17/01/2011 Top

Polish Death/Thrash Metal band Vader will spend four weeks at Hertz Studio in Bialystok, Poland starting on March 15 recording their new album, "Welcome To The Morbid Reich"


"My Bitterness", the new video from Koblenz, German extreme metal band SIX REASONS TO KILL, can be viewed below. The track comes off the band's fourth album, "Architects Of Perfection", which is scheduled for release on January 28 via Massacre Records.

01. Welcome To Forever
02. My Bitterness
03. False Absolution
04. Perfection
05. Awaken
06. My Poison
07. Day Of The Apocalypse
08. Scum Belongs To Scum
09. Wandering Stars
10. Buried To The Sea


Goremented - 17/01/2011 Top

Swedish death metal band INSISION will release their new EP, "End Of All", later in the year via the U.S. label Sevared Records. The CD was recorded at Off Beat Studio in Stockholm with engineer Anders Eriksson.

01. Expire
02. Curvature
03. Descend
04. Beckoning (Listen)
05. Ex Oblivione

Rotten Sound

Nokitokashi - 17/01/2011 Top

"Plan", a brand new song from Finland's ROTTEN SOUND, is available for streaming on the band's MySpace and Facebook pages. The track comes off the group's new full-length album, "Cursed", which will be released on March 15 via Relapse Records (except in Finland, where it will arrive on March 16 through Fullsteam Records).

"Cursed" is currently available for pre-order at this location.

Six Feet Under

Goremented - 17/01/2011 Top

Florida-based death metal band SIX FEET UNDER's "Wake The Night! Live In Germany" DVD will be released on January 31 in Europe (three days earlier in Germany) and February 1 in North America via Metal Blade Records. The set features footage from the band's August 8, 2009 performance at the b>Party.San Open Air in Bad Berka, Germany. The gig was filmed by Roax Films with nine cameras and recorded in 5.1 Surround Sound, picture size 16:9.

01. No Warning Shot
02. Silent Violence
03. Revenge Of The Zombie
04. Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane
05. The Day The Dead Walked
06. Seed Of Filth
07. Shot In The Head
08. Torn To The Bone
09. Suffering In Ecstasy
10. The Enemy Inside
11. The Evil Eye
12. Victim Of The Paranoid
13. Human Target
14. Deathklaat
15. Ghosts Of The Undead
16. Shadow Of The Reaper
17. Beneath A Black Sky

Turkish thrash/death metal band Rotten Dogs changed their name as Soul in Torment. Also tha band have a new bass player in line up.

New Line up:
Vocal:Aydın ÖZCAN
Guitar : Mehmet Emin DİVİTÇİ
Guitar:Cemil KURALAY
Bass Guitar:Burçin BÜLBÜL
Drums:Mehmet AKÇAY

The band is working for their new EP and gigs.


Nokitokashi - 14/01/2011 Top

Turkish one man dark ambient project Zabb released his new album, "Soguk" via Extreminal Productions/Arizali Notalar Records.

01. Soguk
02. Gun Yuzunde Derin Korku
03. Gok Karanlik
04. Uzak
05. Sabah
06. Usume!
07. Cocuk
08. Son Nefes
09. Topraktan Gelen
10. Soguk: Ruzgar
11. Son Nefes: Yagmur


Click here
to buy this album (Extreminal Distro).


Goremented - 14/01/2011 Top

Ukrainian one man raw black metal band Moloch released his new album, "Isolation der Essenz" via SABBATHID Records.

Cold raw hypnotic Black Metal sound, like a thousand blades in a dance of winter blizzard leave thousands of cuts, digging into the body. Heart-rending screams of freezing flesh, summon the death, dissolving with echo in the mountains..

01.Depressive Visionen eines sterbenden Horizonts
02.Wenn der Herbsthimmel ergraut ist
03.Die letzten Strahlen der Sonne verblassen in der Kälte der Apathie
04.Ferne Wälder gehen im tiefen Herbstnebel verloren
05.Das Leben ist wie ein verwundeter Vogel der langsam vom Himmel fällt    
06.Isolation der Essenz

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