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Supreme Death/ Black Metallers BELPHEGOR are proud to reveal the cover artwork for their upcoming opus „Blood Magick Necromance" (release dates: January 14th in Europe, February 8th in the U.S.)! It was designed by renowned Austrian artist Joachim Luetke (DIMMU BORGIR, ARCH ENEMY etc).

Keep an eye on the band`s websites and expect mp3 samples, studio/ video trailers, worldwide tour campaign dates within the next few weeks!


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Swiss band SAMAEL want to give their fans a taste of what`s to come with their „Antigod" EP (released November 19th) and the 2011 studio album!

You can check out the track „Antigod" at THIS location!

01. Antigod
02. Into The Pentagram (2010)
03. Reign Of Light (Live)
04. Slavocracy (Live)
05. Antigod (Dark Night Remix)
06. Ten Thousand Years 


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The last album of ECLECTIKA called “Dazzling Dawn” (2010) is now available in Digifile size, limited to 50 copies, hand-numbered, with a unique artwork for each Digifile made with paint spray with possibility of customisation. Click here for more information.

Calm Hatchery

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CALM HATCHERY, death metal quintet from northern Poland, featuring past and present members of Dead Infection or Tehace has finished putting final touches on their new, second album, entitled „Sacrilege Of Humanity”. The band signed worldwide deal with Selfmadegod, and the album shall hit the stores on 15th November 2010. ). Cover artwork was designed by Mentalporn (Deathstars, Behemoth). On band’s Myspace page ( third song – “We Are The Universe” - from new album was made available for streaming.

Band’s guitar player, Huzar, comments on the content of new release: „Our new album is quite diverse. We tried to combine technically advanced parts with some kind of simplicity and directness to get better contrast and avoid being monotonous. There are also some solutions that put more space into music – just to step aside for a moment from death metal standards. There is also lots of melodies , but the album is still uncompromising. “Sacrilege Of Humanity” doesn’t promote hate, but is rather cumulating some form of cosmic energy flowing from minds of five people. We are aware that everything surrounding us is cosmic, and we’re just a small part of it…”  

„Sacrilege Of Humanity” is technical, brutal death metal inspired by such genre leaders as Nile, Morbid Angel, Decapitated or Immolation. Flawless sound of second Calm Hatchery is guaranteed by Hertz Studio, Bialystok where the album was recorded and supervised by Wiesławscy Bros (Behemoth, Vader, Hate).

01.Rattlesnake’s Dream
02.Sea Of Truth
04.We Are The Universe
05.Mirror Giants
06.Hymn Of The Forgotten
08.Lost In The Sands
09.Those Who Were
10.Shine For The Chosen One
11.The Blood Of Stalingrad

Calm Hatchery debuted 4 years ago with „El Alamein” album. Recently the band achieved quite big success wining on 20th August Rock Generacja festival and having the opportunity to present itself next day in Koszalin Amphitheatre together with Vader and Napalm Death. 

"4 Ways Of Eastern Brutality" split between 2 Turkish bands -MAKATTOPSY & REKTAL TUŞE- and 2 Indonesian bands -CRANIAL SCHISM & REVER- is out now via Extreminal Productions & Total-Death Productions!!!

Cranial Schism (
01. Konspirasi Monotheisme
02. Shitting on a Crucifix
Rever (
03. Understand Death Has No Use For Time
04. You Killed Yourself
Makattopsy (
05. Proctology Process
06. Cockless
Rektal Tuşe (
07. Zile Basar Gibi
08. Analitik Geometri

You can buy it from our distro section.


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"Permitting The Noble Dead To Descend To The Underworld", the new video from South Carolina-based technical death metal band NILE, can be viewed below. The clip was filmed, edited, produced and directed by Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez of D.O.W. Studios.


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Reactivated German thrash metal band ASSASSIN have set "Breaking The Silence" as the title of their new album, due in February 2011 via SPV/Steamhammer Records. The label will also reissue the band's classic LPs, 1987's "The Upcoming Terror" and 1988's "Interstellar Experience".


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French extreme/progressive metal band GOJIRA will enter a Los Angeles, California-area studio next week with producer Logan Mader (ex-MACHINE HEAD/SOULFLY guitarist) to begin recording a new four-song EP.


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A 40-second video teaser for Swedish old-school Death Metallers CRUCIFYRE is now available below.

"Infernal Earthly Divine" is CRUCIFYRE's debut full-length album, which includes some of Swedish Extreme Metal veteran musicians in line-up, featuring TG (ex-Morbid) on guitars, Yasse Hillborg (ex-Afflicted) on drums, Urban Skytt (ex-Crematory) on guitars, Erik Tormentor Sahlström (General Surgery) on vocals and Henrik Doltz Nilsson (Dobermann Cult) on bass.

An announcement on the official North American and European release dates for "Infernal Earthly Divine" will be made soon.

01. Born Again Satanist
02. Kiss The Goat
03. Hellish Sacrifice
04. Majestical / Sadistical
05. Witch Hammer
06. Thessalonian Death Cult
07. A.W.W.S / ...Of Hell
08. Hail Satan
09. The Fetching


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Brazilian raging thrashers DEATHRAISER, who already inked a deal with XTREEM MUSIC in mid 2008 under their previous moniker of MERCILLESS, have finished the recording process for their debut full length album entitled "Violent Aggression" which will see the light in February 1st, 2011.


Nokitokashi - 23/10/2010 Top

German thrash metal band SODOM's new digipack "In War And Pieces" will be released in North America on January 11, 2011 and in Europe on November 22, 2010 via SPV/Steamhammer.

CD 1: the studio album
CD 2: bonus live CD (Wacken 2007)
16-page booklet

01. In War And Pieces
02. Hellfire
03. Through Toxic Veins
04. Nothing Counts More Than Blood
05. Storm Raging Up
06. Feigned Death Throes
07. Soul Contraband
08. God Bless You
09. The Art Of Killing Poetry
10. Knarrenheinz
11. Styptic Parasite

The "In War And Pieces" track is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.


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Danish modern melodeath thrash metal band PITCHBLACK have posted 30-second audio samples of all the songs that will appear on their second album, "The Devilty", tentatively due in early 2011 via an as-yet-undetermined record label.

01. Replacing God
02. Defriended
03. You're Fucking Below Me
04. Don't Make Me Mad
05. The Siren Song
06. I Return
07. One Day We'll Break Them
08. Bandido
09. Revenge (…Injustice For All)
10. Slow The Hate


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Austrian blackened death metal band BELPHEGOR has set "Blood Magick Necromance" as the title of its ninth full-length studio album, due on January 14, 2011 in Europe and on February 8, 2011 in the U.S. via Nuclear Blast Records.

German grindcore/death metal band MILKING THE GOATMACHINE will release their new studio album, "Seven… A Dinner for One", on November 26 via the NoiseArt Records.

01. Seven
02. Beware Of The Wolf
03. Crunchy & Tasty
04. In Woods Of Unsuspected
05. Here Comes Uncle Wolf
06. The Black Paw
07. Ding Dong
08. Clockbox
09. The Wolf Is Dead
10. Down The Brook
11. Like A Goatmachine
12. Milk Me Up Before I Go Go
13. Cemetary Goats
14. Last Caress
15. Black Horn Sun
16. Goat On The Water

"The Wolf Is Dead" trailer can be viewed below.


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Punishment 18 Records announced the deal with Italian thrash metal act INJURY, recently born to headbang in a violent way, in the vein of Exodus, Testament, Overkill, Forbidden and other Bay Area heroes; the release of their debut album is scheduled for april, 2011.

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