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Nokitokashi - 26/11/2010 Top

"Last Fight", the new video from Hungarian extreme metal band EKTOMORF, can be viewed below. The song comes off the band's new album, "Redemption", which will be released on December 17 via AFM Records.

01. Last Fight
02. Redemption
03. I'm In Hate
04. God Will Cut You Down
05. Stay Away
06. Never Should
07. Sea Of My Misery
08. The One (feat. Danko Jones)
09. Revolution
10. Cigany
11. Stigmatized
12. Anger
13. Kill Me Now (limited-edition digipak bonus)


Nokitokashi - 25/11/2010 Top

Death metallers DEFILED will be back on Season of Mist on next January 17th, 2011 (January 25th in the US) with "In Crisis". Check out the cover artwork and tracklist of the Japanese's fourth full-length.

01. From Alpha
02. Lethal Agitator
03. Retrogression
04. Unconscious Slavery
05. Paradoxical Chaos
06. In Crisis
07. Behind You Pray
08. Resentment Without End
09. Intolerant
10. Maze of Nescience
11. Revelation of Doom
12. To Omega


Farm School Holocaust actually presents their new album NO HUMAN INVOLVED, produced by Mario Jezik 2010 at Noisehedstudios Austria, ready now to spread their music and craziness everywhere!“No Human Involved” is the first release of these 4 crazy young Spanish guys. This brutal mix between highly energetic hardcore and technical mathcore is going to shake as well ears and stages. 12 songs especially interesting for fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Red Chord, Ion Dissonance or Psyopus...

01. After The Spark
02. A Gorgeous Rainbow …Smile…Destroy
03. Cake And Zombies On A Saturday Night
04. The Lion
05. Looks Like A Big Mechanical Penguin
06. You Are Laughing At Me
07. Mindgame
08. A Perfect Night
09. 35mm
10. No Human Involved
11. Epic Fail
12. Iron Storm



Cenk A. - 23/11/2010 Top

Norwegian black metal band ISKALD will release their third album, "The Sun I Carried Alone", on January 17, 2011 via Indie Recordings. The CD was mixed and mastered at 210 Studios in Berlin by producers Stamos Koliousis and Vangelis Labrakis.

01. Alucinor
02. Under the Black Moon
03. Natt utover Havet
04. Forged by Wolves
05. I Lys av Mørket
06. The sun I Carried Alone
07. Rigor Mortis
08. These Dreams Divine
09. Burning Bridges


Cenk A. - 23/11/2010 Top

Swedish death metal band VOMITORY have entered Leon Music Studios outside Karlstad, Sweden with producer Rikard Löfgren to record their eighth full-length album for a spring 2011 release via Metal Blade Records. The drum tracks to two songs have been laid down so far.


Cenk A. - 23/11/2010 Top

Swedish death metal masters DIABOLICAL have signed with Abyss Records for the worldwide release of their upcoming full-length album, "Ars Vitae". Due out in February 2011, The CD consists of 17 tracks of both new studio recordings produced earlier this year at Necromorbus Studio (WATAIN, UNANIMATED, DESTRÖYER 666) in Alvik, Sweden and previously unreleased recordings.


Cenk A. - 23/11/2010 Top

Celebrarating their 25th anniversary of all original members, Chicago's murder metal pioneers MACABRE unleash their brand new studio album, "Grim Scary Tales", in Europe on January 31, 2011 via Hammerheart Records and in North America on February 8, 2011 through Willowtip Records.

01. Locusta
02. Nero's Inferno
03. The Black Knight
04. Dracula    
05. The Big Bad Wolf
06. Countess Bathory
07. Burke and Hare
08. Mary Ann
09. The Bloody Benders
10. Lizzie Borden
11. The Ripper Tramp From France
12. Bella the Butcher
13. The Kiss of Death
14. The Sweet Tender Meat Vendor


Cenk A. - 23/11/2010 Top

Drummer Dimitri "Dimman" Jungi of Swedish death/black metallers SPAZMOSITY was recently involved in a motorcycle accident. As a result, all of the band's remaining concerts in 2010 have been canceled. SPAZMOSITY will return to the live and festival scene in early 2011.


Cenk A. - 23/11/2010 Top

Tommy Talamanca, guitarist and keyboardist of the Italian prog/death band SADIST, will guest on OBSCURA's forthcoming album, "Omnivium". Tommy will contribute a guitar solo to the track "Euclidean Elements"."Omnivium" will be released in March 2011 via Relapse Records...

Aggregate Pain

Goremented - 23/11/2010 Top

Turkish death/black metal band Aggregate Pain signed MICELI RECORDS for their debut album. "Hereafter" the new video from Aggregate Pain's last EP "Hereafter Revelations" can be viewed below.

All Shall Perish

Liova - 21/11/2010 Top

All Shall Perish have started to work on their new album. After the 2008’s Awaken The Dreamers, the band parted ways with their drummer Matt Kuykendall. Now for their upcoming album, Italian guitar virtuoso Francesco Artusato will accompany the band.


I Declare War

Liova - 21/11/2010 Top

I Declare War have found their new vocalist: For about five years Jamie Hanks was the vocalist of a Seattle deathcore band, Those Who Lie Beneath but now he’s a part of the I Declare War.


As They Sleep

Liova - 21/11/2010 Top

Technical death metal band As They Sleep prepared a trailer about their upcoming album ‘Dynasty’, which is going to release on November 22th from Solid State Records.


Goremented - 17/11/2010 Top

German Black/Death/Viking Metal band OBSCURITY has just launched a brand new video for the song "Bergischer Hammer", taken from their upcoming CD "TENKTERRA". The video can be viewed below.

"TENKTERRA" will be released this Friday at November 19, 2010 through SMP/TROLLZORN RECORDS.

01. Keltilwald
02. Tenkterer
03. Keldagau
04. Blut für Blut
05. Raubzug der Sugambrer
06. V Legion
07. Germanicus' Rache
08. Brukterer
09. Grenzland
10. Bergischer Hammer


Goremented - 17/11/2010 Top

Reactivated Swedish death metal greats DESULTORY are set to release their long-anticipated new album, Counting Our Scars, through Pulverised Records this winter.

The full-length — their first since 1996’s Swallow The Snake — was recorded, mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Unanimated, Deströyer 666 etc.) in Alvik, Sweden and features the meticulous cover art and concept  by legendary graphic designer Travis Smith (Nevermore, Opeth, Amorphis, King Diamond, etc.).

In addition, the record will be available with an alternate slipcase cover  to truly showcase Smith’s elaborate concept.


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