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Goremented - 01/10/2010 Top

A six-minute trailer for "Contagion", the new album from Chicago deathcore band OCEANO, can be viewed below. Album will be released on November 9 via Earache Records.

01. Precursor To Enslavement
02. Viral Re-Animation
03. Regulated Disposal Of Life
04. Quarantine
05. The Contaminated
06. Exist In Confinement
07. Persuasive Oppression
08. Weaponized
09. Sadistic Experiments
10. Remnants Aflame
11. Ending Intellect

Fuck The Facts

Goremented - 01/10/2010 Top

Canadian grind band FUCK THE FACTS has announced the addition of guitarist Johnny Ibay (PARTY TANK, DRUDGERY) to the bands ranks.


Goremented - 01/10/2010 Top

Jason "Plunger" Sica, vocalist of the New Jersey death metal band ABACINATE, was found dead this past Tuesday, September. He was 25 years old.


Goremented - 01/10/2010 Top

Selfmadegod Records will release "This is Not a Threat, It's a Promise", the new album from Belgian grindcore band AGATHOCLES, in mid-October.

01. Black Tea
02. Houses Of Fraud
03. Straight Lane
04. Bits And Chips
05. Reduce The Pain, Refuse The Gain
06. People's Property
07. Gaszilla
08. Soap And Joke
09. Hyvää Paivää
10. Financial Cris-Ass
11. Motherfucker (Swing That Axe)
12. Go With A Blow
13. Monkey Business
14. Troops Of Rhumania
15. Cut Off
16. God Save The Real Green Crocodile
17. Fangs Feasting On Funds
18. Cleptocracy
19. De Kiezer Heeft Nooit Gelijk
20. Aside
21. Ulkopuolinen
22. Stuck@Dumb.Com
23. More Patches Than Brains
24. Gallows Eve
25. After The Battle
26. Will Gone, Lobotomy Done
27. Manipulotiek


Goremented - 01/10/2010 Top

French-Canadian technical death metal band MARTYR are working on material for the follow-up to 2006's "Feeding The Abscess", tentatively due next year.

Tuck From Hell

Goremented - 01/10/2010 Top

A two-minute audio sample of the song "Death Before Disco" from Swedish thrash metal band TUCK FROM HELL is available for streaming on their MySpace page. The track comes off the bands debut album, "Thrashing", which will be released on November 12 via Metalville.


Dagor Dagorath

Goremented - 29/09/2010 Top

Dagor Dagorath has announced recently about the leaving of Larion, who's been their vocalist for two years.

They are now looking for a new singer and currently working on their 2nd album.



Nokitokashi - 27/09/2010 Top

German thrash metal legends SODOM have completed work on their new album, "In War And Pieces", for a November 23, 2010 release (one day earlier internationally) via SPV/Steamhammer. 

Non Opus Dei

Nokitokashi - 27/09/2010 Top

Polish black metal band NON OPUS DEI have just released their sixth album, "Eternal Circle", via Witching Hour Productions.

01. Woda Dla Umarlych
02. The Prisioner Of The Worlds
03. Demon Nietzschego
04. Dark Nebula
05. Przystrojona Sloncem
06. Death Hussar Legions
07. Point Zero
08. Galaxy In Her
09. Until The Wheel Stops


Goremented - 27/09/2010 Top

"Shades Of Black", new song from up-and-coming Aalborg, Denmark-based thrash metal band ESSENCE, is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page. The track comes off the band's upcoming debut album, "Lost in Violence", which is tentatively due before the end of the year via an as-yet-undetermined record label.

01. Allegiance
02. Unlimited Chaos
03. Pestilence
04. Blood Culture
05. Night's Destruction
06. Oblivion
07. Shades of Black
08. Trace of Terror
09. Lost in Violence
10. Aggressive Attack



Goremented - 27/09/2010 Top

The Spanish extreme metal band NOCTEM's new video "Divinity" is now released (can be viewed below); with the collaboration of Christos Antoniou (Septic Flesh) in the orchestral arrangements and a team formed by more than 80 people, the third video from the Noctem's debut album "Divinity" (Noisehead Records.2009) is the last and most epic visual opus from the Spanish extreme metal band.

Band also announces their signing with "The Flaming Arts", well-known Booking and Management agency in the international metal scene (Septic Flesh, Hate, Blood Red Throne, Sybreed, Cattle Decapitation and more).
In Noctem's own words: "We're really satisfied with this next step in our career; working with a so professional agency like The Flaming Arts is a real honor for us".

In the words of "The Flaming Arts agency": "We've worked already couple of times together and it was always a pleasure to see such serious and hard working band. I really like the way Noctem is taking care of their career. We are happy to announce them in our roster and help them to achieve new level".

We are very happy to announce releasing the new "4 Ways Of Eastern Brutality" split between 2 Turkish bands -MAKATTOPSY & REKTAL TUŞE- and 2 Indonesian bands -CRANIAL SCHISM & REVER-

The all-new CD consists of unrelenting, brutal songs by the Turkish and Indonesian bands.

"4 Ways Of Eastern Brutality" split will be released in October 2010 via Extreminal Productions & Total-Death Productions.

Cranial Schism (www.myspace.com/cranialschism)
01. Konspirasi Monotheisme
02. Shitting on a Crucifix
Rever (www.myspace.com/reversounds)
03. Understand Death Has No Use For Time
04. You Killed Yourself
Makattopsy (www.myspace.com/makattopsy)
05. Proctology Process
06. Cockless
Rektal Tuşe (www.myspace.com/rektaltuse)
07. Zile Basar Gibi
08. Analitik Geometri


Goremented - 23/09/2010 Top

Norwegian black/folk metal band Faanefjell have announced the release of their debut album, Trollmarsj, for October 16, 2010. Album will be released MayhemMusic and distributed by Indie Distribution worldwide. You can watch "Hedningens Time" songs video below.

God Dethroned

Cenk A. - 22/09/2010 Top

Dutch death metal band GOD DETHRONED have finished recording their ninth album, "Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross", at the Soundlodge Studios in Leer, Germany.

Comments singer/guitarist Henri Sattler: "Just like with our two previous albums, we've been recording at Soundlodge with producer Jörg Uken"


Cenk A. - 22/09/2010 Top

Swedish death metallers VOMITORY have posted their cover version of NAPALM DEATH's "Mass Appeal Madness" on their MySpace page.


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