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Beneath The Massacre

Liova - 21/07/2010 Top

After 2008’s Dystopia, Beneath The Massacre announced an ep coming. Vocalist Elliot Desgagnes said “It’s going to be two years since our last album and we had the idea of a short release while we keep writing for the next full length. We picked five songs to go on the EP and I feel like these are by far the best songs we’ve ever written. Nothing that different from our other releases but we’re always getting a little closer to the sound we want. So we’re all satisfied with the result and are looking forward to share it.”


Liova - 21/07/2010 Top

Mike Majewski – vocals, Ruben Rosas – guitar, vocals, Chris Andrews – bass and in drums Eric Park’s cult underground death metal band Devourment signed to Relapse Records. Majewski commented: “We are extremely excited to be a part of the amazing Relapse roster! To be alongside the list of past and present Relapse bands that we hold in such high regard is truly an honor for us.”

Death Angel

Liova - 21/07/2010 Top

San Francisco bay area thrash legends, Death Angel finished their new album Relentless Retribution’s cover art. You can see the cover on bands Myspace page which made by Brent Elliot White(Job For A Cowboy, Carnifex, Whitechapel).



Goremented - 17/07/2010 Top

Swedish black metallers ARCKANUM will release their new album, "Sviga Læ", later in the year via Regain Records.

01. Læ Elr
02. Gylðir Algørir
03. In Følva Felr
04. Goðin Eru Blekkt
05. Gramr Girnisk
06. Andskoti Ferr Austan
07. Múspellzheimr Kemr
08. Røk


"Slaughterhouse", a brand new song from Florida-based death metallers MALEVOLENT CREATION, is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page. The track comes off the group's eleventh album, "Invidious Dominion", which will be released on August 24 in North America via Nuclear Blast Records (three days later in Europe through Massacre).

Dagor Dagorath

SkullCrusher - 16/07/2010 Top

The symphonic black/death metal band Dagor Dagorath, has released a new video for the song "Maze of Madness" from the debut album "Yetzer Ha'Ra".

The video was taken during the presentation of the album, which was released in Januray 2010 by the german label Twilight Vertrieb.

At this time, the band is working on new material, which is planned to be recorded next summer.

Also Dagor Dagorath is looking for a lead guitar player;
Requirements: You must be a good musician, serious, after the army duty.

More info can be found on the official MySpace: www.myspace.com/dagordagorath


Nokitokashi - 15/07/2010 Top

Swedish death metallers DEMIURG will release its third album, "Slakthus Gamleby", on July 30 via Cyclone Empire Records.

01. Life Is A Coma
02. Death Grasp Oblivion
03. Travellers Of The Vortex
04. The Cold Hand Of Death
05. Cold Skin
06. From Laughter To Retching
07. Slakthus Gamleby
08. World Burial

The song "Travellers Of The Vortex" is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.


Goremented - 15/07/2010 Top

Turkish one-man depressive black metal project VALEFOR released his debut album "Screams Of Suicide" via Rigorism Productions.

For more information, visit:



Goremented - 15/07/2010 Top

"Death Rattle", a new song from Finnish black metallers CAVUS, is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page. The track comes off the band's full-length debut, "Fester And Putrefy", which will be released later this year via Listenable Records.

01. A Sea Of Tongues
02. Fist Of A Titan
03. Discovering Through Suffering
04. Horns Of Gold
05. Death Rattle
06. The Eyeless Gaze
07. Scorched Flesh, Ravaged Souls
08. Sacred Profane
09. Posessed By The Devils Blood
10. Worship And Rot


Goremented - 15/07/2010 Top

Norwegian psychedelic post-black metal band ENSLAVED has set "Axioma Ethica Odini" as the title of its new album, due in Europe on September 27 and in North America on September 28.

Goat The Head

Goremented - 15/07/2010 Top

Norwegian death metallers GOAT THE HEAD will release their second full-length album, "Doppelgängers", on September 13 via Aftermath Music.

01. Neolithic Rocket Science
02. Uncanny Valley Clan
03. This Tube Is The Gospel
04. Salt
05. Bestial Domestication
06. The Hunt Is On (Sexy Son)
07. Reveille
08. Stirring The Enigmatic Appetite
09. The Ubiquitous Cube
10. Primal Caveman Death Metal


Goremented - 15/07/2010 Top

Swedish grime-Metallers INTERMENT's much anticipated full-length album "Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy" has set the official street release dates as 2nd August and 31st August for European and North American territories respectively.

01. Eternal Darkness
02. Torn From The Grave
03. Dreaming In Dead
04. Stench Of Flesh
05. Where Death Will Increase
06. Sacrificial Torment
07. Night Of The Undead
08. Morbid Death
09. The Pestilence

You can watch the 45-second video teaser for "Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy" below.


Nokitokashi - 14/07/2010 Top

German extreme metal outfit NEAERA have finished recording their fifth album, "Forging The Eclipse", for an October 22 release via Metal Blade Records.


Nokitokashi - 13/07/2010 Top

The latest Swedish spawn CRUCIFYRE, which features members from veterans Morbid, Crematory and Afflicted, have announced the debut album title as "Infernal Earthly Divine". The visual direction and album artwork (shown below) for "Infernal Earthly Divine" was designed by both CRUCIFYRE and graphic artist Stefan Hansson.

A two-minute preview sample of the opening track "Born Again Satanist" is now available at the CRUCIFYRE Official Myspace page, Pulverised Records Official Myspace page and also on the Pulverised Records Official Facebook page.

01. Born Again Satanist
02. Kiss The Goat
03. Hellish Sacrifice
04. Majestical / Sadistical
05. Witch Hammer
06. Thessalonian Death Cult
07. A.W.W.S / ...Of Hell
08. Hail Satan
09. The Fetching

A further announcement on the official release date will be made soon.

Debt Of Nature

Nokitokashi - 13/07/2010 Top

Yesterday Düsseldorf, Germany based Thrashing Death Grind outfit DEBT OF NATURE's new album "CRUSH, KILL AND BURN" released by Netherlands based label DEITY DOWN RECORDS. Band have posted the album track 'EISENFRESSER' on their Myspace page. The song also appears on a cd sampler, available with the current issue of the German LEGACY magazine.

"CRUSH, KILL AND BURN" was recorded at CKB studios in Essen, Germany, and was mixed and mastered at ANDY CLASSEN's STAGE ONE studio. 

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