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Goremented - 30/06/2010 Top

Dutch death/thrash metal act OBSIDIAN will release its new album, "Point Of Infinity", on September 20 via Candlelight Records.

OBSIDIAN's new CD was recorded at Excess studios in Rotterdam.

A trailer for the album can be viewed below.


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Florida's INFERNAEON has completed recording its second full-length album for a late summer release via Prosthetic Records. The CD was recorded at Erik Rutan's Mana Recording Studios in, Florida with producer Brian Elliott.

Insidious Disease

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INSIDIOUS DISEASE will release its debut album, "Shadowcast", on July 12 in Europe and July 27 in the U.S. via Century Media Records. The bloodsoaked cover artwork was created by Kjell Ivar Lund. The limited-edition first-pressing CD will include two bonus tracks ("Insomaniac" and a blistering cover of DEATH's classic "Leprosy").

A trailer for the album artwork can be viewed below.


Goremented - 30/06/2010 Top

Swedish death metal masters DERANGED have inked a deal with U.S. label Sevared Records. The band is currently working on material for its eighth full-length album. The band will enter the studio this winter.


The Crown

Goremented - 30/06/2010 Top

Reunited Swedish death/thrash metal act THE CROWN has inked a worldwide deal with Century Media Records. The band's new album, "Doomsday King", is scheduled for release in September.


Stillness Blade

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Punishment 18 Records announced the deal with Italian death metallers STILLNESS BLADE, for the release of their second full length. Stillness Blade play old school death metal, taking inspiration from the most representative acts, and characterizing their sound with technical solutions. More news, artwork and tracklist in the next weeks.


We are very happy to announce releasing the great split "2 Bone Chilling Shockers" between BRUTALCORE and GORE OBSESSED.

The all-new CD consists of unrelenting, brutal songs by the Turkish death metallers, BRUTALCORE, and GORE OBSESSED, the Dutch one-man death metal band.

01. Collapsed Towers  
02. Zombie Mater  
03. Carrion Kind Of Society  
04. Dead & Buried (Mortician Cover)  
Gore Obsessed
05. Rotting Cunt Of A Dead Whore  
06. Four Teenage Fucks & A Maniac  
07. A Case Of Medical Malpractice  
08. Bathroom Molester  
09. I'm a Necrophile  
10. Driller Killer  
11. Slaughterhouse (Mortician Cover)

The split will be out @ 30th of June. In the meantime, please visit bands' MySpace pages to listen to selected tracks:


Preorders available : distro.extreminal.com

Cephalic Carnage

Goremented - 28/06/2010 Top

Denver, Colorado-based technical death/grind metallers CEPHALIC CARNAGE have set "Misled By Certainty" as the title of their new album, due on August 31 via Relapse Records.

Morbid Angel

Goremented - 24/06/2010 Top

Florida-based death metal veterans MORBID ANGEL entered Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida on June 22 with engineer Erik Rutan (former MORBID ANGEL guitarist and producer for such bands as CANNIBAL CORPSE, MISERY INDEX and GOATWHORE) to begin recording their ninth full-length album. Due late 2010/early 2011 via Season Of Mist, the new CD will be the band's first to be recorded without longtime drummer Pedro "Pete" Sandoval, who recently underwent back surgery for a deteriorating disc problem. Filling in for him on a temporary basis is Tim Yeung, who has previously played with DIVINE HERESY, ALL THAT REMAINS, NILE, HATE ETERNAL and VITAL REMAINS).


Goremented - 23/06/2010 Top

"Forgiveness Denied", the new video from Swedish technical death metallers AEON, can be viewed below.

"Forgiveness Denied" comes off AEON's third album, "Path Of Fire", which was released on May 25 (one day earlier internationally) via Metal Blade Records. 

Ion Dissonance

Goremented - 23/06/2010 Top

Montreal extreme metal purists ION DISSONANCE will release their new album, "Cursed", for an August 24 North American release via Century Media Records.

A trailer for the album can be viewed below.

The cover artwork for "Invidious Dominion", the forthcoming eleventh album from Florida-based death metallers MALEVOLENT CREATION, can be viewed below. The art was created by renowned artist Pär Olofsson (THE FACELESS, IMMORTAL, ABYSMAL DAWN).

Dead Infection

Goremented - 23/06/2010 Top

Selfmadegod Records announced the re-issue of the debut Surgical Disembowelment LP by the cult goregrind band DEAD INFECTION from Poland.

Selfmadegod, also based out of Poland, will release the vinyl version of this album consisting of 10 classic songs recorded back in 1993 at PR Studio, Olsztyn, Poland. The line-up for the session was: Cyjan - drums, Tocha - guitar, Maly - guitar, Kelner - bass, vocals.

Surgical Disembowelment was originally released as a CD/LP in 1993 by the now-defunct Morbid Records from Germany. The re-issue is strictly limited to 500 gatefold copies, with 100 on red vinyl and 100 on green.

The release date will be set for early July 2010. You can pre-order the LP now at www.selfmadegod.com.

A special combo package, including the record and a shirt, are available exclusively at selfmadegod.com.

01. Maggots In Your Flesh
02. Pathological View On The Alimentary Canal
03. Torsions
04. Undergo An Operation
05. After Accident
06. Xenomorph
07. Let Me Vomit
08. Spattered Birth
09. Start Human Slaughter
10. Deformed Creature


Goremented - 23/06/2010 Top

A brand new track premiere entitled "Night Of The Undead", which comes off from cult Deathmasters INTERMENT's debut album "Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy", is now available online.

Check out the full track of "Night Of The Undead" at the Pulverised Records Official Myspace page, Pulverised Records Official Facebook page and also the INTERMENT Official Myspace page.

An official album release date for "Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy" will be announced soon.

01. Eternal Darkness
02. Torn From The Grave
03. Dreaming In Dead
04. Stench Of Flesh
05. Where Death Will Increase
06. Sacrificial Torment
07. Night Of The Undead
08. Morbid Death
09. The Pestilence


Goremented - 21/06/2010 Top

German death metal lunatics HACKNEYED have parted ways with bassist Alex Büttner and have replaced him with "a longtime friend of the band" named Tini.

HACKNEYED's latest album, "Burn After Reaping", was released on August 14, 2009 via Nuclear Blast Records.

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