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Goremented - 07/07/2010 Top

Spanish veteran Thrashers TANATOSSIS have reach an agreement with XTREEM MUSIC for the release, promotion & distribution of their 3rd album "The Darkest Reflections" which is currently on the pressing plant for an immediate release in July 15th. 

You can actually hear some advance tracks from the new album on the band's official MySpace at:


Goremented - 07/07/2010 Top

Devian Swedish Thrashed Death Black Riders of the Apocalypse have uploaded 3 New  (Pre-Production) tracks exclusively to satisfy worldwide fans curiosity on the new material and to give a taste of what will become the future sound for Devian.
Be sure to check "I am the Serpent", "Victimized" and the epic heresy "Forever Crowned in Blasphemy" on the bands Official MySpace and give your comments about. They want to know what you think!


Liova - 07/07/2010 Top

Metal Blade Records have been added a new experimental death metal band in it’s family: Navene Koperweis from bay area grind band Animosity as a former drummer and present work Animals As Leaders, with Jonny Davy from Arizona’s band Job For A Cowboy’s vocallist. Navene handled all the instruments on the debut album as Jonny Davy handles the lyrics and vocals. The album called Dementia/Dyslexia will be released in 3rd August. So we say good luck to the band…

01.Mental Illness
02. Inner Thoughts
03. Programming the Herds
04. Weeping Hallucinations
05. Conceptual Flesh
06. State of Desolation
07. Dyslexic Interlude
08. Self-Destructive Loathing
09. Relevant Intoxication
10. Final Nausea


Liova - 07/07/2010 Top

From German death metal Mandatory, have been working on the ‘Adrift Beyond’s mixing in the first half of 2010 with Tomas Skogsberg in Sunlight Studio’s in Sweden. The band, who had signed with Xtreem Music in 2009 fall, have just finished working on their first album after 4 demos.

01. The Calling
02. Adrift Beyond
03. Into Eternal Sleep
04. Evocation of the Dead
05. Nevermore
06. Torn
07. Impurity of Thoughts
08. Cursed Astray
09. Execution
10. Silent Dementia
11. Crypta Crawler
12. Silenced
13. Enter the Crematorium
14. Toxic Mutilation
15. A Hallowed Sacrifice
16. Passing...

The album whose cover made by SV Bell, is about to release in June 1st.

Death Angel

Liova - 07/07/2010 Top

Productive name of the 2009, Death Angel, have been with Jason Suecof (Trivium, August Burns Red, The Black Dahlia Murder, All That Remains, White Chapel, Devildriver) in Sanford-Florida in Audio Hammer Studios and working for the 2010 September’s release. The band who is on the tour with Soilwork this summer, has their 5th video blog as online.

Embryonic Devourment

Liova - 07/07/2010 Top

Northern California’s Embryonic Devourment have just revealed their new album ‘Vivid Interpretations Of The Void’s cover art by Remy Cuveillier. The album that coming from Deepsend Records, will be in our hands within the next comİng months. Austin Spence (Bassist/vocalist) says that he loves Remy’s abstract style which is also how they like to think of their music.

Napalm Death

Liova - 07/07/2010 Top

Napalm Death just released their new video ‘On The Brink Of Extinction’.


Goremented - 07/07/2010 Top

Denmark-based thrashers ESSENCE have completed work on their debut album, "Lost in Violence".

01. Allegiance
02. Unlimited Chaos
03. Pestilence (Listen)
04. Blood Culture
05. Night's Destruction
06. Oblivion
07. Shades of Black
08. Trace of Terror
09. Lost in Violence
10. Aggressive Attack


Goremented - 06/07/2010 Top

Spanish band Noctem will be composing new material this summer 2010, creating the songs that will appear in the successor album of “Divinity”.

The logical progression of the last album, full of new nuances and based in a darker sound and a more complex composition.

This will be the second part of the trilogy that started with "Divinity".

The tittle of the album, lyrical content and cover of it will be revealed in a near future.

Mastic Scum

Goremented - 06/07/2010 Top

"Construcdead", the new video from Austrian extreme metallers MASTIC SCUM, can be viewed below.

"Construcdead" comes off MASTIC SCUM's latest album, "Dust", which was released on November 13, 2009 via Twilight Distribution.

Loch Vostok

Goremented - 06/07/2010 Top

Swedish melodic death metallers LOCH VOSTOK have entered the studio to begin recording their fourth album, "Dystopium". A late 2010 release is expected.

Carnal Forge

Goremented - 06/07/2010 Top

"Blood War", the new video from Swedish thrashers CARNAL FORGE, can be viewed below.

"Blood War" was written, recorded and produced by CARNAL FORGE  in the band's own studio in Sala, Sweden. The track was mixed by guitarist Dino Medanhodzic. The song will appear on the band's next album, which is tentatively due to be recorded this winter for an early 2011 release.

Cephalic Carnage

Goremented - 06/07/2010 Top

Colorado-based technical death/grind metallers CEPHALIC CARNAGE have announced the addition of guitarist Brian Hopp to the group's ranks. 


Goremented - 05/07/2010 Top

German black metallers ENDSTILLE have set "Infektion 1813"  as the title of their new album, tentatively due before the end of the year. The first song from the song, "When Kathaaria Falls", will be made available online within the next weeks.

Daylight Misery

Goremented - 05/07/2010 Top

"Meadows Of Desire", the new video from Greek death metallers DAYLIGHT MISERY, can be viewed below. The song comes off bands debut album, "Depressive Icons", which came out in early April.

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