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Misery Index

Goremented - 28/04/2010 Top

A brand new MISERY INDEX track, "Heirs To Thievery", is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page. The song is the title cut of the group's new album, "Heirs To Thievery", which is set for a May 11 North American release via Relapse Records.

01. Embracing Extinction
02. Fed To The Wolves
03. The Carrion Call
04. Heirs To Thievery
05. Spectator
06. The Seventh Cavalry
07. Illuminaught
08. Plague Of Objects
09. You Lose
10. Sleeping Giants

The band also recorded a bonus song for the Japanese edition of the album.


Goremented - 27/04/2010 Top

Swedish death metal legends GRAVE will release their new album, "Burial Ground", on June 14 via Regain Records.

01. Liberation
02. Semblance In Black
03. Dismembered Mind
04. Ridden With Belief
05. Conquerer
06. Outcast
07. Sexual Mutilation
08. Bloodtrail
09. Burial Ground

The album's cover artwork was created by Costin Chioreanu of Twilight13 Media.


Goremented - 27/04/2010 Top

Finnish death/black metallers COPROLITH have inked a deal with Violent Journey Records. The band's full-length debut, "Cold Grief Relief", will be released in the summer.

Los Angeles underground black metal act LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH  has revealed the track listing and cover art for its upcoming album "The Extra Dimensional Wound". The album will be out on May 25 via Metal Blade.

01. The Extra Dimensional Wound
02. Nihilistic Stench
03. Invoke the Desolate One
04. Zwartgallig
05. Damnation Pentastrike
06. Venter of the Black Beast
07. Vortricating into Scars
08. Paths to Chaos


Goremented - 26/04/2010 Top

Swedish death metallers EVOCATION have set "Apocalyptic" as the title of their third album, tentatively due in in October via Cyclone Empire Records.


Goremented - 26/04/2010 Top

Swedish Thrashed Death Black metal band DEVIAN have uploaded 3 New (Pre-Production) tracks exclusively to satisfy worldwide fans curiosity on the new material and to give a taste of what will become the future sound for Devian.
Be sure to check "I am the Serpent", "Victimized" and the epic heresy "Forever Crowned in Blasphemy" on the bands Official MySpace.


Goremented - 26/04/2010 Top

Italian thrash-death metallers SAWTHIS (formerly SOTHIS) have inked a deal with Scarlet Records. Band's new album, "Egod", will be released on May 17.

Keep Of Kalessin

Goremented - 26/04/2010 Top

Norwegian extreme metal veterans KEEP OF KALESSIN will release their new album, "Reptilian", in North America on June 8 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD will be made available in Europe (except Germany, Austria and Switzerland) on May 10 through Indie Recordings.

01. Dragon Iconography
02. The Awakening
03. Judgement
04. The Dragontower
05. Leaving The Mortal Flesh
06. Dark As Moonless Night
07. The Divine Land
08. Reptilian Majesty

The song "The Awakening" is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.


Goremented - 25/04/2010 Top

TRIDENT, the Swedish death metal band formed by guitarist Johan Norman (DISSECTION, SOULREAPER), released its long-awaited debut album, "World Destruction", on March 22 via Regain Records.

01. The Trident
02. Jaws Of Satan (Spawns Of Hell)
03. Nemesis
04. Black Velvet Wings
05. Stockholm Bloodbath
06. Luciferian Call
07. Blackened Souls
08. Slaves To Anguish
09. World Destruction
10. Mephisto

A trailer for the album can be viewed below:

Czech Republic death metal band DESTROYING DIVINITY have recently signed a multiple album contract with Brutal Bands. After releasing both "Created" and "Hell Unleashed" through Grodhaisn Records, DESTROYING DIVINITY will release their third album "Dark Future" through Brutal Bands on June 25th.

Insidious Torture

Goremented - 25/04/2010 Top

Sevared Records has announced the signing of Melbourne, Australia-based brutal death metal band INSIDIOUS TORTURE for the release of the band's debut EP "Lust And Decay".

The cover artwork for "Lust And Decay" has been done by Studio Phlegeton and is by the label described as "amazing sick". The album will be out somewhere in Summer 2010 with a full length to follow in 2011.

Goregrind legends HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL have inked a deal with Metal Age Productions for the release of the band's fourth album, tentatively due before the end of the year.

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL is also working on its first DVD, tentatively titled "Vulgore Video".

IMMORTAL bassist Iscariah's speed/thrash/black metal project DEAD TO THIS WORLD has posted a new song, "Sacrifice", on the band's MySpace page. According to the band, It is taken from their upcoming album which will be released by Vàn Records this year.


Goremented - 24/04/2010 Top

"Weed Out The Weak", the new video from Swedish metallers HYPOCRISY, can be viewed below. The clip was directed by Denis Goria.

Mekong Delta

Goremented - 24/04/2010 Top

AAARRG Records has set a June 10 release date for "Wanderer On The Edge Of Time", the new album from the legendary German progressive thrash outfit MEKONG DELTA.

01. Intro - Concert Guitar
02. Ouverture
03. "A Certain Fool"
04. Interlude 1 - Group
05. "The 5th Element"
06. Interlude 2 - Group
07. "The Apocalypt - World In Shards"
08. Interlude 3 - Concert Guitar
09. "King With Broken Crown"
10. Intermezzo (Instrumental)
11. Interlude 4 - Group
12. "Affection" (L' Amoureux)
13. Interlude 5 - Group
14. "Mistaken Truth" (Le Hérétique)
15. Finale

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