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INTERNAL NIGHTMARE has inked a deal with the Australian record label High Voltage Records (BLOODDUSTER, EARTH, SIN CITY).

Band's upcoming debut EP, "Segregation" is due for release late May/early June.

For more information, visit:

The Funeral Pyre

Goremented - 30/03/2010 Top

Los Angeles-based black metal band THE FUNERAL PYRE has completed work on its new album, "Vultures At Dawn", for a late spring release via Prosthetic Records.

For more information, visit:


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Stockholm’s blackened death metal warriors NECROPHOBIC have just launched a brand new video for the song “Revelation 666” taken from their latest record Death To All.


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Polish extreme metallers MORD'A'STIGMATA will release their sophomore album, "Antimatter", on June 3 via Lilith Productions.
01. Blood of the Universe
02. Kinetic Dogma
03. De Magnum Opus Solis
04. Antimatter
05. Metatron and the Waters
06. Serpent Salvation
07. ...It Writes the Names of Ghosts
08. Theophagia
09. Eternity is Pregnant

Two tracks from "Antimatter" are being streamed on MORD'A'STIGMATA's MySpace profile.

Enochian Crescent

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Finnish black metallers ENOCHIAN CRESCENT will release their new album, "NEF.VI.LIM", in May via Woodcut Records. A free, Internet-only single of the song "Lyijysiipi" (Wings of Lead) was released on March 23.

01. Lyijysiipi (Wings of Lead)
02. Mato musta maanalainen (Black Wyrm Below)
03. Muisto sorkasta (Memory of a Cloven Hoof)
04. Ystävämme nukkuu (Our Friend Sleepeth)
05. Golgotha
06. Omega Nefilim

Daylight Misery

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Greek death metallers DAYLIGHT MISERY will release their debut album, "Depressive Icons", in early April.

A track from the CD entitled "Infinity" - featuring a guest appearance by Sakis Tolis of ROTTING CHRIST - is available for streaming on the DAYLIGHT MISERY MySpace page.

01. Intro
02. Meadows Of Desire
03. Depressive Icons
04. Miserablia
05. Infinity
06. Endless Fairytale
07. Stealing Flowers From A Grave
08. Soul Embraced
09. Mind Games


Liova - 27/03/2010 Top

Canadian band Annihilator’s 13th album ‘Annihilator’ is coming from Earache Records on May 17 in Europe. The frontman of the band Jeff Waters explained that the artwork of the album is belong to Gyula Havancsak like the last 4 ones. Jeff said that ‘The consept was mine, just like a nightmare I thought like Alice (Alice In Hell) is coming out from her grave’.


Liova - 27/03/2010 Top

Melechesh who is going to record their 5th unnamed album on April 10, has chosen İstanbul to record the new album because of its impressive sorroundings and the meeting point of east and west, in an unprecedented move in metal. By the elite sound engineers in Turkey, Babajim Studios, the album is ready to be recorded. Also the album is expected to come out in 2010 summer from Nuclear Blast.


Liova - 27/03/2010 Top

Canadian death-black metal band Necronomicon have signed to Napalm Records. The band that has been on stage since 1991 but only could release 4 albums, finally ready with their 5th album called ‘The Return Of The Witch’ in early June. Rob ‘The Witch’, vocal and the lead guitar player of the band, said that they are really excited with the happiness of the signing to Napalm Records and with the voices of the fans around the world.

Germany's doom metal kings MIRROR OF DECEPTION will enter Soundmann Studio in Stuttgart, Germany on April 1 to begin recording their fourth album, entitled "A Smouldering Fire". A late 2010 release is expected. 

The Sorrow

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Austrian metallers THE SORROW will enter Principal Studios  (DIE TOTEN HOSEN, IN EXTREMO) in Senden, Germany in early May with producer Toni Meloni to begin recording their third album set for a late fall release via Drakkar Records.


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Turkish one-man depressive black metal project VALEFOR will release his debut album "Screams Of Suicide", on April 26 via Rigorism Productions.
01.Silent Melancholy 08:14
02.Screams of Suicide 08:52
03.Lifes Belongs to Darkness 08:16
04.The Tears of Isolation 11:30
05.Death Smelling Loneliness 06:54
06.Cursed Ceremony 07:10


Goremented - 26/03/2010 Top

TEXTURES has announced that Daniel De Jongh, former frontman of the Dutch metal band CILICE, will replace Eric Kalsbeek who left the band earlier this year.


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French one-man pagan metal band BELENOS have announced the new album Yen Sonn Gardis should be finished soon. A tentative release is set for the summer on Northern Silence Productions, with limited edition. All songs are exclusively sung in Breton language, English translations will be present in the booklet.

01. Aspedenn
02. Hollved Hirisus
03. Ene Kelt
04. Skorn Ha Tan
05. Baleerien An Are
06. Gorsedd
07. Mestr Ar C'Hoad
08. Taol-Digoll
09. En Argoll


Goremented - 26/03/2010 Top

Ventura, California death metallers FATALIST have recruited Sean Jessel (MENTACIDE) on drums, Matt Drexler on lead guitars, and Mike Deity (CARNAL DEITY) on main vocals. The group's new lineup recently recorded a cover version of DEATH's 'Beyond The Unholy Grave' for the soundtrack to "After Party Massacre".

You can now stream the song online at

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