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The recording sessions of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN's upcoming album "Option Paralysis" being just over, vocalist Greg Puciato keeps himself busy.

On last Thursday, November 19th, he stepped on stage with THE DEFTONES for a benefit show at the Avalon in Los Angeles, in order to help raise money for the rising medical costs for bassist Chi Cheng, who remains trapped in a coma after a car accident last year.

Rotting Christ

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Season of Mist Records set for a February 15th release, ROTTING CHRIST's upcoming album is entitled "AEALO", correlatively with the band's will to delve deeper than ever before into their Greek roots.

Frontman Sakis explains: "AEALO is the transcription of the ancient Greek word ΕΑΛΩ into the Latin alphabet. It means thrashing, catastrophe or destruction and reflects the musical and lyrical content of the album. The concept of 'AEALO' deals with the feelings of a warrior during a battle, therefore the album's title bears this sense of anger, fear and grief."


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Those were the times that I was feeling thrilled when I first met Sepultura.As I go mad they made me feel more mad. At the end of 1980’s; two brothers ,in a perfect band, included the Brazilian ethnic musical ınstruments they had reached the top of thrash…But the case moved on and Max Cavalera took his wife ,also the manager of the band, Gloria and left the band… Soon Max created his new band SOULFLY. Cavalera who has succeeded in many Works, started a new album record in Los Angeles. I believe that he won’t make us feel disappointed about the new album and make us go mad again.About the recent Sepultura is, unfortunately still counting at the same point… I don’t like introducing the band with its only member, but the Sepultura ; who had made albums like Roots that changed my life, is only about Max Cavalera..and It’s was something that I really don’t want to say…


Liova - 22/11/2009 Top

The Finnish band Kalmah is going to be with us in 2010… Album titled as ‘’ 12 Gauge’’ ; was recorded in 2009-summer at Tico Tico Studio,Finland and mastered at Cutting Room in Sweden. In the 6th album of Kalmah, there will be 9 new songs and a cover. From the explanation of band members, ’12 Gauge’ is a totally Kalmah album but could be found as new taste. So all we have to do is, sit and wait for it…

Dimmu Borgir

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Bassist Vortex and keyboardist Mustis who have been playing with the band, explained that they had left the band because of personal reasons. Nevertheless band pronounced that they keep on banging and these breakups won’t change a thing.


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Veteran death metallers IMMOLATION have finished recording their eighth album Millbrook Sound Studios in New York with longtime producer Paul Orofino for an early 2010 release via Nuclear Blast Records.
The upcoming album will be the third consecutive release featuring IMMOLATION's current lineup
Ross Dolan - Bass, Vocals
Robert Vigna - Guitars
Bill Taylor - Guitars
Steve Shalaty - Drums

Morbid Angel

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The whole Season of Mist staff is immensely proud to finally confirm the rumour and announce that the label has inked a worldwide deal (outside of Japan) with cult death metal band MORBID ANGEL! Season of Mist will release the Floridians' ninth album in 2010.

Rotten Sound

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Relapse Records is proud to announce the signing of Finland’s ROTTEN SOUND.

ROTTEN SOUND (Keijo Niinimaa – vocals, Mika Aalto – guitars, Sami Latva – drums, Toni Pihlaga - bass) formed in 1993 and have released a series of full-lengths and EP’s since their formation. ROTTEN SOUND’s latest album, Cycles, was released in January of 2008 and debuted at #12 on the Finnish charts.

ROTTEN SOUND are currently writing for their follow-up to Cycles but will first see an EP release early next year. The EP, Napalm, is scheduled for a March release via Relapse. Additional details on this release will be announced soon.

ROTTEN SOUND’s Niinimaa commented on the recent signing; “Relapse Records has been a strong label for grindcore since they started, which is one of the reasons that made us want to re-release our "Murderworks" album through them in 2005. We will fit to their roster like a fist to an ass. Being along the same line with other label-mates is very important for us because we want to tour all over this planet with bands we like ourselves. The upcoming “Napalm” EP and the next full-length album will start a new and (even) more aggressive era for Rotten Sound. Doing it together with Relapse Records will make this period more grind than any of our phases before.”


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Guitarist Waclaw "Vogg" Kieltyka of Polish extreme metallers DECAPITATED has announced the band's brand new lineup, which will hit the road starting in February 2010. It is as follows:

Waclaw "Vogg" Kieltyka - Guitar
Kerim "Krimh" Lechner (THORNS OF IVY, TONE INTIMACY) - Drums
Rafal Piotrowski (KETHA, FORGOTTEN SOULS) - Vocals
Filip "Heinrich" Halucha (VESANIA, ROOTWATER, UNSUN, MASACHIST) - Bass

De Profundis

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London, UK-based progressive extreme metal band DE PROFUNDIS have inked a deal with Kolony Records to release their second album “A Bleak Reflection” in Europe. The album was recorded in June/July 2009 with producer Fernando Pereira Lopes (MISANTHROPE, ORAKLE) and mastered by Tim Turan (EMPEROR, OPETH, MOTORHEAD).
"A Bleak Reflection" will be released in Europe in the first week of February 2010 via Kolony Records and will come with a 12 page booklet, created by artist Darryll Jones, that hints at the concept behind the album’s lyrics. DE PROFUNDIS guitarist Roman Subbotin commented, "[the new album] represents a significant moment for our musical evolution. We've all worked really hard and, in my humble opinion, achieved rather spectacular results."

"A Bleak Reflection" track listing:
01. The Ephemeral Burden
02. Ablaze In Autumn’s Fire
03. Nocturnal Splendour
04. Cease To Be
05. Crimson Black Bleeding
06. Cold Is The Grave
07. Longing
08. The Mourner

Turkish death metal band Suicide's new video "bone collector city" is now online. Song download will be available soon in online stores below. iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3

The eight-song "Despertar Dos Chacais; O Outono Dos Povos" album by brazilian black metallers BRUTAL MORTICÍNIO,originally released in 2008 and rereleased in 2009, has been made available for download. The effort presents a sonority influenced by "old school" bands like Sarcófago, Hellhammer and Darkthrone.

"Despertar Dos Chacais; O Outono Dos Povos" has the following tracks:

01. A Escuridão Me Conforta
02. Banho de Sangue
03. A Eterna Marcha da Devastação
04. Estúpido e Podre Homem Branco Cristão
05. Embarcações da Morte
06. E a Morte Triunfa...
07. Batalhão de Extermínio
08. A Longa Noite dos Corvos (Civilização Cristã)

Download is available at

Suicidal Angels

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Greek thrash metallers SUICIDAL ANGELS have posted their first video clip from their upcoming album "Sanctify the Darkness", which will be out on November 20 via Nuclear Blast.

Watch the video for "Apokathilosis" here:

The band will go on tour in January / February 2010 alongside the likes of KATAKLYSM, BELPHEGOR and DARKEST HOUR!

Noctis Imperium

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Venezuelan black/death metal horde Noctis Imperium are now streaming their brand-new Imperium EP on their Myspace page. Including a killer Morbid Angel cover (“Maze of Torment”) and four original compositions of vicious extreme metal, Imperium is a harbinger of war and a venomous taste of what fans can expect from their upcoming full-length.


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Australian metallers BE’LAKOR have inked a deal with Italy’s Kolony Records for the European release of their 2nd album ‘Stone’s Reach’. The release of the album will be 30.11.2009.

Quickly come to be regarded as one of Australia’s most promising and creative metal acts, BE’LAKOR has recently ventured across Australia for the first time, taking in performances in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane & Sydney.

BE’LAKOR can be described as melancholic and epic melodic death metal done in right Scandinavian fashion.
Album track listing:
01. Venator
02. From Scythe To Sceptre
03. Outlive The Hand
04. Sun's Delusion
05. Held In Hollows
06. Husks
07. Aspect
08. Countless Skies

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