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Goremented - 15/01/2008 Top

Danish extreme metallers ILLDISPOSED have set "The Prestige" as the title of their 10th album, due on March 28 via AFM Records.
01. Let Go
02. The Tension
03. Weak Is Your God
04. Working Class Zero
05. A Song Of Myself
06. Like Cancer
07. Love Is Tasted Bitter
08. She Knows
09. A Child Is Missing
10. The Key To My Salvation
11. ...Your Devoted Slave
12. Ich Bin Verloren In Berlin


Goremented - 15/01/2008 Top

Brutal death metal metal band TERRORDROME from Thessaloniki, Greece have signed with UK label Grindethic Records to release their debut full length album "Vehement Convulsion ".
Tracklist:01. 2000 Volts Fat Burning
02. Exposed To Life's Integration
03. Disputing The Throne
04. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
05. Eradicate The Indigence (mp3)
06. No Oral Hesitations
07. Infected Fornication (Inception Of Carnal Enslavement)
08. Privileges Of Slime
09. Revile The Vagary
10. Inhibit The Discord
11. Festivity Of Clitoris Licking


Bleeding Poet - 26/12/2007 Top

DRACONIAN's brand new album "Turning Season Within" will be released the 29th of February (4th of March in the US) through Napalm Records.
The band's fourth effort contains the following nine tracks:
1. Seasons Apart
2. When I Wake
3. Earthbound
4. Not Breathing
5. The Failure Epiphany
6. Morphine Cloud
7. Bloodflower
8. The Empty Stare
9. September Ashes


Bleeding Poet - 26/12/2007 Top

Danish doomsters announced that they split ways with their bassist Lennart Jacobsen.
Their bassist from now on will be the well known from his previous cooperation with the band, Brian Hanssen.
The band's next appearance live is scheduled for 19th of January 2008 in Athens (Underworld Club).
More news regarding their next album to follow...


Goremented - 21/12/2007 Top

Debemur Morti Productions have announced that they will release "Antikosmos", the forthcoming new album from Sweden's one-man black metal act ARCKANUM, next year.
The album is on schedule to be completed in early 2008. Further updates will be available shortly at the Arckanum website.


Brain Drill

Goremented - 21/12/2007 Top

California-based death metallers BRAIN DRILL will release their new album, "Apocalyptic Feasting", in Europe on on February 25, 2008 via Metal Blade Records (February 22 in Germany). The CD will arrive in the U.S. on February 5.

01. Gorification
02. The Parasites
03. Apocalyptic Feasting
04. Swine Slaughter
05. Forcefed Human Shit
06. Consumed by the Dead
07. Revelation
08. Bury the Living
09. The Depths of Darkness
10. Sadistic Abductive


Goremented - 10/12/2007 Top

Legendary thrash metal band TESTAMENT will release their new album, "The Formation of Damnation", in North America on April 29, 2008 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Morbid Angel

Goremented - 10/12/2007 Top

Legendary death metal veterans MORBID ANGEL are currently in an undisclosed studio in Tampa, Florida recording their nineth full length album.


Goremented - 10/12/2007 Top

Swedish black metal band BLODSRIT fifth album is out soon. The booklet has 24 pages and was made by Lorenzo Mariani (1349, Darkthrone, Marduk, Mayhem, Thyrfing etc...) and the tracklist is as follows:
01. Intro-Illusion
02. Hinterland
03. Revolutionary Warfare
04. Sverige
05. Serving The Harlot
06. Rasa
07. The Last Moans Of Hope
08. Skymningsdyster
09. Jordisk Dvala Och Andlig Död
10. Outro-Disillusion

Listen on a sample from their upcoming album on their myspace (click here)


Goremented - 10/12/2007 Top

On January 29th Roadrunner Records will issue a Best Of compilation featuring New York death metal powerhouse SUFFOCATION. The album will contain some of the more popular and influential songs from the band's nineteen year career. The tracklisting is as follows:
'Liege Of Inveracity', 'Infecting The Crypts', 'Effigy Of The Forgotten', 'Seeds Of The Suffering', 'Jesus Wept', 'Marital Declimation', 'Prelude To Repulsion', 'Anomalistic Offerings', 'Breeding The Spawn' (re-recorded version), 'Pierced From Within', ''Thrones Of Blood' and 'Brood Of Hatred'.

Decrepit Birth

Goremented - 10/12/2007 Top

Unique Leader Records report that California death metallers DECREPIT BIRTH's new offering Diminishing Between Worlds will hit stores on January 29th.


Mystis - 14/10/2007 Top

Sagaris has been released their video 'pain & hate' from their debut album .You can reach to the video from these adresses www.myspace.com/sagariszone and www.youtube.com/sagarisofficial
Also,Sagaris ramped up their second album rehearsals.New album is planned to be recorded in the next spring,the album title and details are coming soon.


Bleeding Poet - 19/09/2007 Top

Danish Goth Metallers NIGHTLIGHT uploaded recently a new song on their MySpace page, entitled "Funeral of love" in which Thomas A.G. Jenssen (Saturnus Vocalist) is participating.
In the band also participates Anders Ro Nielsen (Saturnus keyboardist).
You can liste the song here

Cannibal Corpse

Mystis - 19/08/2007 Top

According the band's post,Cannibal Corpse's Colombia gig cut short by police.Before the show Alex was very ill with food poisining but that couldnt stop the band to play live.On the show after performing 11 songs,Cannibal Corpse was told to stop by the promoters beacuse the reason was the police.Cannibal Corpse excused about this situation on their report.


Bleeding Poet - 16/08/2007 Top

The traditional heavy metal band HEREGE finished the recordings of their debut, "Herege", which lyrics are about marking historical facts of 20th and 21st Century, following a chronological order, from the end of Second World War, passing through Cold War, Latin America dictatorships, untill the present, with themes about globalization and terrorism.

It was recorded in Nitro Sound Solutions studio, being produced by Roger Fingle, who worked with several South-American metal bands and is also known as Earth, vocalist and multi-instrumentist of the bands Seduced by Suicide and Blood Tears.

Actually the cd is being mixed, and the track list will be:
01. Blitzkrieg
02. Last Day of the Führer
03. Bear Versus Eagle
04. Congress Cellars
05. Warfare
06. Turn off the TV
07. Plastic Flowers
08. Free Yourself
09. Limit
10. The Letter

The whole recording process was registered and posted online by the band, as the songs of the EP "Bang Your Heads" and several live videos.
They are available in the band's website www.herege.com and MySpace www.myspace.com/heregemetal

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