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Greek old-school thrashers SUICIDAL ANGELS have revealed the final track listing for their debut album, "Eternal Domination", due on July 16 via OSM Records.

"Eternal Domination" track listing:

01. Quench Your Thirst With Christian Souls
02. Evil Attack
03. The Prophecy
04. Crematory
05. Slaughtering Christianity
06. Sacred Prayers To Expiation
07. Demon's Bloodwrath
08. Armies Of Hell
09. Screams Of Homicide
10. Vomit On The Cross
11. Eternal Darkness

Source: Xtreem Musick SUICIDAL ANGELS' last release was a four-song mini-CD, "Armies of Hell", which came out in 2006.

Dutch death metallers THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT have scrapped their previously announced deal with Mascot Records and have signed with Twilight-Vertrieb. The band will enter Ground Zero studio with producer Pascal Altena to begin recording its new album, "Triumvirate", tentatively due in January/February 2008. Mixing and mastering duties will be handled by Guido Aalbers.

According to a press release, "heavy speculation has commenced on several Internet forums about which image the Dutch death metal chameleons will adopt this time."

Commented vocalist/bassist Robin: "After the politically incorrect Islam-slamming NILE clones on our catastrophic debut 'The Apotheosis' and our fasco-communist warmongering on the equally disastrous second album 'The White Crematorium', we'll be shape shifting into a different image. We'll have to do some research and find out where the money is these days. I bet groups of people are already collectively clenching their assholes as we speak."

"Triumvirate" track listing:

01. Androgynous One
I. The Tempelbuilder
II. Rex Ivdaeorvm – Eater of Worlds
III. Wrath of the Double Serpent
02. Kinderreich
03. Wrath of the Ba'ath
04. Laeodecian Hunger
05. Triumvirate
06. Master of the Bryansk Forest
07. Demigod
08. Den ensomme Nordens Dronning
I. Lonely Queen of the North
II. The Cellaring
III. She Who Reigns the Drowned Throne of the Tromsøfjord
09. Crucify (ARMY OF LOVERS cover)
10. Re-Desecration of the Black Stone
11. The Malleus Maleficarum Manuscript

Source:Xtreem Musick


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New York-based death metal band MALIGNANCY has posted two tracks from its upcoming album, "Inhuman Grotesqueries", at www.willowtip.com.

Due on August 7 via Willowtip, "Inhuman Grotesqueries" was recorded by MALIGNANCY at the band's own Malignant Studios, with the mixing and mastering having been handled by MALIGNANCY bassist Lance Snyder. "Inhuman Grotesqueries" will contain 12 tracks of what the band promises to be their "most accomplished, complex, and overall, most brutal work to date." The artwork, which you can see here, was created by Tony Koehl.

"Inhuman Grotesqueries" track listing:

01. Inhuman Grotesqueries
02. Neglected Rejection
03. Indigenous Pathogen
04. Skeletal Integrity
05. Predicated Malformations
06. Embryological Teratomas
07. Benign Reabsorption
08. Organic Machinery
09. Genital Hemangioma
10. Xenotransplantation
11. Pathological Imperative
12. Outro

Source: Xtreem Musickl

Morbid Angel

Grinder - 11/07/2007 Top

Legendary extreme metal band MORBID ANGEL is currently working on material for the group's first studio album since 2003's "Heretic". The upcoming CD will mark the group's first release to feature vocalist/bassist David Vincent since 1995's "Domination". Commented guitarist Trey Azagthoth: "We are currently heavy with band rehearsals. Things are going really awesome, lots of exciting and inspired material. I'm damn ready to get this new release cranking!!"

MORBID ANGEL is presently unsigned, having parted ways with Earache Records following "Heretic"'s release.

Although MORBID ANGEL's upcoming album does not currently have a name, its title will likely begin with the letter "I", in keeping with the band's tradition of titling their albums in alphabetical order beginning with 1989's "Altars of Madness", and continuing through "Heretic". MORBID ANGEL's current lineup includes Vincent, Azagthoth and drummer Pete Sandoval.

Source: Xtreem Musick


Mystis - 07/07/2007 Top

Draconian is currently working on pre-production for their upcoming album which will be recorded in September in Fascination Street Studios.On the other side,they have no idea when Napalm Records intend to release the album.As it seems it will be out in December or January.


Mystis - 03/07/2007 Top

Catamenia has announced their new drummer "Mikko Nevanlahti".Click here to read Mikko's biography.

Swallow The Sun

Mystis - 28/06/2007 Top

Spain and Portugal gigs are confirmed.Check the dates below;
31.10.2007 Ritmo y Compas, Madrid, Spain
1.11.2007 Nautico, Valladolid, Spain
2.11.2007 Sala Culto Bar, Lisbon, Portugal
3.11.2007 Sala Capitol, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
4.11.2007 Sala Paraninfo, Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Spain

Norwegian deathsters BLOOD RED THRONE uploaded their song "Taste of God" in their MySpace page here.
The song will be included in their new album entitled "Come Death" which will be released on the 25th fo August by Earache Records.


Bleeding Poet - 24/06/2007 Top

MACHINE HEAD are going to tour Europe together with bands such as TRIVIUM, DRAGONFORCE, ARCH ENEMY and SHADOWS FALL.
The tour will be entitled"The Black Crusade".
Date coming soon...


Bleeding Poet - 24/06/2007 Top

Attila Csihar (MAYHEM - Vocals) will participate in the vocals of the debut album of the new band of Maniac (ex-MAYHEM), SKITLIV.
The song where he will participate is "Amfetamin" and you can check it here.


Bleeding Poet - 24/06/2007 Top

The new video clip of AKERCOCKE for their song "Axiom" taken from their new album"Antichrist" can be watched here.


Bleeding Poet - 24/06/2007 Top

The entire appearance of ENSLAVED in Norwegian Wood Festival, which took place on June 15th, can be watched here,

Amon Amarth

Mystis - 20/06/2007 Top

Another touring news confirmed today by the band Amon Amarth that they will be touring Europe with Dimmu Borgir.
Band added as below;
"We're really glad to be a part of that package and look forward touring with our fellow Scandinavians. The tour starts in late September and runs until beginning of November. For dates, check dates on myspace, or our homepage www.amonamarth.com"

Unearthly Trance

Goremented - 18/06/2007 Top

UNEARTHLY TRANCE has debuted the first video from their recent album The Trident, for the track “Permanent Ice“, exclusively via Singingfool.com. The video was shot and directed by Josh Oliver for Graveyard Machine Films.

UNEARTHLY TRANCE has also announced a couple of local New York shows before embarking on their month-long European tour with special guests RAMESSES (ex-ELECTRIC WIZARD). The band’s European tour will kick-off in September in Antwerp, Belgium and is being sponsored by Ashdown Engineering and Jagermeister. A listing of UNEARTHLY TRANCE tour dates can be found here with more to be announced shortly.

Death metal juggernaut DYING FETUS have begun the first North American run of their “War of Attrition Tour”. This portion will cover ground all across Canada and into the Northern U.S. Joining DYING FETUS on various dates of the tour are DAATH, PSYOPUS, COVENANCE, BLOODSHOTEYE and more.

DYING FETUS has recently concluded a headlining European tour in support of their new album, War of Attrition. The band will later return to mainland Europe for a summer festival tour with CEPHALIC CARNAGE. A listing of tour dates can be found here with many more to be announced soon.

Additionally, DYING FETUS has posted the first video from War of Attrition, for “Homicidal Retribution”, at this location. A media player for War of Attrition featuring video track “Homicidal Retribution” as well as “Fate of the Condemned” can be viewed at this here.

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