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My Dying Bride

Mystis - 03/05/2007 Top

As announced this week,My Dying Bride is playing in Donington's Download Festival!
My Dying Bride is playing on Dimebag Darrell stage on Saturday.


Mystis - 03/05/2007 Top

Saturnus will take stage in Moscow's Doom Festival Chapter II on 12nd May.
Peter told about the gig as below;
"Can't read nor understand the address or price... But I guess it cost something and the venue is located in Moscow... Hehe.."

The Eternal

Mystis - 01/05/2007 Top

Australian dark melodic metal band The Eternal announced their upcoming European Tour.
Click here to see the tour days.


Bleeding Poet - 01/05/2007 Top

INSOMNIUS DEI, the australian band made by Mark Kelson (vocals in THE ETERNAL) and Terry Vainoras (Damaged, Earth), have announced the signature with Firebox/ Firedoom Records.

The release of their debut album "Illusions of Silence" is expected in June.


Bleeding Poet - 30/04/2007 Top

The drummer that will be part of Austrian extreme black/death metal band BELPHEGOR this summer in their appearances, is Tony Laureano (NILE, ANGELCORPSE, DIMMU BORGIR).

The band has arranged appearances in a European tour with UNLEASHED.
Following that there is a festival date and moreover they will be in the U.S. with SIX FEET UNDER, MALEVOLENT CREATION and others in a tour which will take place from mid June to mid July.


Bleeding Poet - 30/04/2007 Top

The new NILE album, entitled “Ithyphallic” will be released by Nuclear Blast on the 20th of July in German and on the 23rd of July in the rest of Europe.
The cd was recorded at Sound Lab Studios in Colombia, South Carolina with Neil Kernon being the producer (also known for his work with NEVERMORE, CANNIBAL CORPSE and DEICIDE).

According to the announcement on the band’s page:
"We have finished the mixes and Mastering on the new NILE album, entitled 'Ithyphallic', our first album for Nuclear Blast [Records]. So far we have been nothing but thrilled to work with the entire cast at Nuclear Blast; they have treated us exceptionally well and have given the band a ferocious and inspirational new lease on life. Dallas [Toler-Wade, guitar/vocals], George [Kollias, drums] and I are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that this new record contains our best material yet, and Neil Kernon [producer] worked overtime to ensure that every single blasphemous note is heard in all its primal savagery."

"There are nine songs and one short acoustic piece, two of which are epic length songs, yet overall a wide range of tempos, some doomy, exotic elements as well as some unbelievably fast and catchy metal.

A few songtitles: 'Language of the Shadows', 'Even the Gods Must Die', 'The Infinity of Stone', 'Ithyphallic', 'Papyrii Containg the Spell to Preserve its Possessor Against Attacks from He who is in the Water'.

"We are, as could be expected, very much looking forward to our upcoming Australian tour. Our last trip down under went exceptionally well and we can't wait to play again for the rabid Aussie metal fans.

We will also indeed be bringing the NILE brand of Ithyphallic metal to the uninitiated masses at the summer Ozzfest, and, quite welcomely, playing our own NILE headlining shows for the off Ozz days.

We are also anxious for the European NILE fall tour that is in the works where we will finally be able to play a nice long NILE set covering a wide range of material from all our albums."


Bleeding Poet - 27/04/2007 Top

Canadians CRYPTOPSY are looking for a new singer.
Here’s the announcement as posted on their official site:
Cryptopsy is currently looking to audition candidates to fill the positions of Singer/Frontman and Keyboardist/Sampler. Singers must be able to sing in clean voice, on pitch, and also be able to scream/growl. If you are motivated and would like to try out please e-mail the band at
If you have a criminal record please don’t bother contacting the band, this means you can’t tour.

When e-mailing us YOU MUST tell us your age, the city you are from and your experience.
Afterwords send CDs of you singing or playing the keyboard at this address.

P.O.Box 37534
159, 25th Avenue
St-Eustache, PQ
J7P 5N2


Bleeding Poet - 26/04/2007 Top

Polish extreme metal band BEHEMOTH, have uploaded a live video clip of their new song ”Christgrinding Avenue”.

Check the clip here.


Bleeding Poet - 26/04/2007 Top

A very professional video showing the entire HATEBREED’s appearance in 2006 Download Festival is now available on line.

Check it here.


Bleeding Poet - 26/04/2007 Top

EPICA,the new band created by ex AFTER FOREVER guitarist Mark Jansen, have signed a contract with Nuclear Blast Records.

The band is currently working on their next album, the production of which will be made by Sascha Paeth.


Bleeding Poet - 26/04/2007 Top

SODOM’s album “Code Red”, was printed in blood red viny by Night Of The Vinyl Dead.

The album had been released by Drakkar in 1999.

The vinyl track listing is the following:

Side A:
01. Code Red
02. What Hell Can Create
03. Tombstone
04. Warlike Conspiracy
05. Spiritual Demise
06. Liquidation

Side B:
01. The Vice of Killing
02. Visual Buggery
03. Cowardice
04. Book Burning
05. The Wolf and the Lamb
06. Addicted to Abstinence

For more information check here.


Bleeding Poet - 26/04/2007 Top

British metallers AKERCOCKE offer their entire new album “Antichrist” for online listening through Earache. Listen here.
The album will be released on the 28th of May by Earache Records and the track listing is the following:
01. Black Messiah
02. Summon The Antichrist
03. Axiom
04. The Promise
05. My Apterous Angel
06. Distant Fires Reflect The Eyes Of Satan
07. Man Without Faith Or Trust
08. The Dark Inside
09. Footsteps Resound In An Empty Chapel
10. Epode


Bleeding Poet - 23/04/2007 Top

Doom/death French metallers ATARAXIE have posted the following announcement regarding their new album:
”Next album's music is composed. We are now working on lyrics and vocals, and have scheduled our return in the studio for September 10-17th.
The new Ataraxie's album will be again recorded with Kris Belaen in the CCR Studio (Belgium)”.
The band that is also making a split with IMINDAIN announced the following:
”Recordings takes for the split with Imindain are now over. Guitars and bass were recording in Fred's home studio, and drums and vocals were recorded in Solid Studio.
Mixdown & mastering are scheduled on april 28th at the Walnut Groove Studio (Carnival in Coal, DSK, Wormfood, Funeralium...) “


Mystis - 23/04/2007 Top

Obituary signed with Candelight Records.About the subject bassist Frank Watkins said;
"We are very excited to be part of Candlelight Records. This will mark a new chapter in death metal history." Vocalist John Tardy adds, "We are really looking forward to having a record company that wants to work with us. We feel rejuvenated and this new album is gonna be sick!" Drummer Donald Tardy comments, "We couldn't be more pumped about teaming up with Candlelight. It is an unbelievable feeling to know that a record company cares about our music as much as we do."


Bleeding Poet - 22/04/2007 Top

Dutch death metal band SEVERY TORTURE are currently in the studio preparing their next release.
Here’s the announcement on their official website:
Hey folks! A short update here.... We are momentarily right in the middle of recording of our new, as yet untitled, album. Seth already did an amazing job on drums and created an ultra tight foundation for the new songs. Marvin and I finished recording all the guitars last week and it turned out heavy as hell.

All the leads were finished last sunday and yesterday Pat finished his bass tracks and thusfar all the stuff sounds absolutely killer! Next weekend Dennis will start recording the vocals.

The new record will feature 10 new songs and we recorded 3 special suprises to be used for bonus tracks etc.. Also a big chance that there will be some special guests on the album, but more about that later! So look out for new updates over the next couple of weeks as we will be announcing the album title, the tracklist and all other kinds of cool stuff!

Cheers Thijs

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