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Rest In Gore

Fleshcrawl - 19/03/2005 Top

Sevared Records is pround to announce the signing of REST IN GORE (Japan) for a split CD release sometime in 2005. Ultra-Brutal Death Metal. Be prepared!!!!

Source: Sevared Records


Fleshcrawl - 19/03/2005 Top

JASAD has entered the studio to record their new CD "Annihilate The Enemies" for Sevared Records. Look for this massive Brutal release in about 2 months!!!!

Source: Sevared Records

''We have the honour to inform, that 12 March in hall the "Spodek" in Katowice will take the place 19 the edition of the largest festival the heavy metal of Eastern Europe - METALMANIA, which will last 25 hours and it will step out it will play on him 25 bands. In this year Conquer Records will be represented by HELL - BORN, SUPREME LORD, QUO VADIS and DEAD BY DAWN. They will play at side so well-known bands as: CRADLE OF FILTH, APOCALYPTICA, TURBO, NAPALM DEATH, ARCTURUS, METAL CHURCH, KATATONIA, DARK FUNERAL, PAIN and AMON AMARTH. In second scene will play different bands also: DIES IRAE, ABUSED MAJESTY, PYORRHOEA, MESS AGE, NAUMACHIA, DARZAMAT, HERMH, VALINOR, ANJ and THUNDERBOLT.''



Fleshcrawl - 17/03/2005 Top

INCINERATE continues to write material for their long awaited second release. The band plans to record this year for a late 2005 release date.

Source: Brutal Bands


Fleshcrawl - 17/03/2005 Top

Vocalist Uffe has joined forces with Stabwound once again! The 5 piece is currently working on their second full length release with the working title - "Gasoline Therapy".

Source: Brutal Bands

New signs and updates on Extreminal Productions...
Greek Pure Black Metal band Burial Hordes's demo "Mors Luminis" and the Lebanon extreme metal band Kaeton's demo ''Provenance of Hatred'' are due to released in Turkey by Extreminal Productions.

Impaled Nazarene

Fleshcrawl - 12/03/2005 Top

IMPALED NAZARENE live album ready!!!
Finally folks. IMPALED NAZARENE celebrates 15 years of chaos and drunken mayhem this year.

For details please go to band page or Osmose Productions webpage.

Source: Osmose Productions

Black Witchery

Fleshcrawl - 12/03/2005 Top

American Black Metal band Black Witchery's new album ''Upheaval Of Satanic Might'' is completed to release due to by Osmose Productions.
Note: Cd and Lp is limited 500 copies.

1. Blood Oath
2. Heretic Death Call
3. Profane Savagery
4. Baphomet Throne Exaltation
5. Holocaust Summoning
6. Hellstorm Of Evil Vengeance
7. Darkness Attack
8. Scorned And Crucified
9. Upheaval Of Satanic Might

Source: Osmose Productions


Fleshcrawl - 12/03/2005 Top

Belphagor has completed ''The Goatreich-Fleshcult'' to be release by Napalm Records. This album is going to be another strong death/black metal massacre.
On a different note, BELPHEGOR's tour with Marduk has been postponed, but the Austrians have confirmed their second leg of the tour with Arkhon Infaustus.

1. The Cruzifixus – Anus Dei
2. Bleeding Salvation
3. Fornicationium et Immundus Diabolus
4. Sepulture of Hypocrisy
5. The Goatreich – Fleshcult
6. Swarm of Rats
7. Kings Shall Be Kings
8. The Crown Massacre
9. Festum Asinorum
10. Heresy of Fire

Source: Napalm Records


Fleshcrawl - 12/03/2005 Top

Swedish Power Metal band Sabaton's second album is released due to by Black Lodge Records on March.
Sabaton's first release on the Swedish Distribution Company Sound Pollutions own label Black Lodge.


1. Primo Victoria
2. Regin Of Terror
3. Panzer Battalion
4. Wolfpack
5. Counterstrike
6. Stalingrad
7. Into The Fire
8. Purple Heart
9. Metal Machine

Source: Black Lodge Records


Fleshcrawl - 12/03/2005 Top

Finnish Black Metal band Horna's new album ''Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne'' is out now.Limited vinyl version will be released through Blut&Eis prod in March 2005 with different bonustrack.Should be available from most places soon... if not, try Grievantee. Also, Horna will be doing a few shows in Europe again.

01. Vihan Tie
02. Musta Temppeli
03. Vala Pedolle
04. Kirous ja Malja
05. Saastainen Kaste
06. Kuoleva Lupaus
07. Zythifer
08. Kuilunhenki (Bonus)Track

Source: Official Horna

Source: Woodcut Records


Goremented - 03/08/2005 Top

Departed NASUM frontman Mieszko Talarczyk, a victim of the December, 2004 Thailand tsunami disaster, will be honored on Sirius Satellite Radio's "Bloody Roots" program this Sunday, March 6th beginning at 2:00 PM EST.

"Bloody Roots" host Ian Christe will pay tribute to the fallen Talarczyk by dedicating this week's program to his memory and the ten successful years of Mieszko's band NASUM. The show will also feature a host of current day Swedish acts, many of whom Talarczyk produced, and will also detail Swedish hardcore pioneers that helped pave the way, including bands such as Rattus, Anti Cimex, and Black Uniforms. The episode will rebroadcast on Tuesday, March 8th at 9:00 PM EST.

"Grindcore is a very democratic world, nobody asks to be a rock star," Christe states. "But NASUM were basically Grindcore 2.0, and when you listen to their huge back catalog, and the multitude of ripping side projects, the bands Mieszko himself produced -- good god, there's a huge sense of loss. A central chunk of the heart of Swedish grind has just vanished."

The Relapse Records family is extremely saddened by Mieszko's passing and sends condolences to Talarczyk's bandmates and family as well as to all of those worldwide who lost a loved one in the tsunami tragedy.

Additional NASUM-related messages / information will be posted at
Additional information on Sirius Satellite Radio can be found at

New Album 1349.

Cenk A. - 03/08/2005 Top

1349 are currently writing/rehearsing material for their 3rd full-length album and will enter the studio first time in march. The album, which will be titled "Hellfire", is sheduled to be released autumn/fall 2005.

It´s with great pride and joy, that we announce that Enslaved is honoured with a Grammy Award for their latest masterpiece, ISA. The Norwegian Grammy ceremony was held in Oslo Spectrum for the 33rd time on Saturday the 26th of February, and was broadcasted live on national TV. This is was the band´s third Grammy nomination. So it´s safe to say that is was well deserved. The other nominees in the metal genre was Mayhem and domestic phenomenon Black Debbath. Enslaved was not able to attend the actual ceremony as they are currently touring Europe, but we´re thrilled when the received the news. Ivar Bjørnson had the following comment: This Grammy Award means very much to the band and reflects the recognition of our efforts not only for this record alone, but for years of hard work. After two nominations, it felt extremely good to get the recognition from the mainstream music circus and to finally finish first for a change. Ivar Bjørnson´s father took the stage, and received the Award on the band´s behalf with the following statement: There is more to the picture, than meets the eye...Rock´n´Roll will never die! Enslaved has also received the independent Alarm Award for best metal album in 2004. Enslaved was nominated for their latest studio album, Isa, in the metal genre. The other nominees was: Susperia, Khold, Red Harvest and Mayhem. Enslaved is the first Norwegian band to be confirmed for this years Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Enslaved will also play the Fury Fest in France and Graspop in Belgium this summer. You can still catch Enslaved on tour at the following venues in Europe:

2005.03.03 Antidox Torino Italy 2005.03.04 La Gabbia Bassano del Grappa Italy 2005.03.06 Gaswerk Winterthur Switzerland 2005.03.09 Black Pes - Prague (Czech Republic) 2005.03.10 Arena - Wien (Austria) 2005.03.11 Mostovna Nova Gorica Slovenija 2005.03.12 Mochavara - Zagreb (Croatia) 2005.03.13 E-Klubb - Budapest (Hungary) 2005.03.14 Stara Pekaren Nitra Slovakia 2005.03.15 Underground Cologne Germany 2005.03.16 Voxhall - Aarhus (Denmark) 2005.03.20 Folken - Stavanger (Norway)

Label mates Vreid are providing more than a worthy support to these fine Norse boatmen in Europe. More and updated info on Enslaved and other Tabu artists will be posted here on this site frequently.

Source:Tabu Records


Fleshcrawl - 03/12/2005 Top

Detonation, Holland's masters of melodic and intense death/thrash return with their blasting 2nd full-length album "Portals to Uphobia" under the market of Osmose Productions.

1. Into Sulphur I Descend
2. Portals To Uphobia
3. Structural Deceit
4. Chaos Banished
5. End Of Sight, End Of Fears
6. Lost Euphoria part III
7. The Loss Of Motion Control
8. Solitude Reflected
9. Beyond the Margin
10. The Source to Delve

Source: Osmose Productions

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