DESTINITY ''XI Reasons To See''   SUICIDAL ANGELS ''Sanctify the Darkness''   GENERAL SURGERY ''Corpus In Extremis Analysing Necrocriticism''   BE'LAKOR ''Stone's Reach''   FAQ ''The Future''   SIX FEET UNDER ''Graveyard Classics 3''   THE SICKENING ''Death Devastation Decay''   NECRONOMICON ''Revenge Of The Beast''   HELLWITCH ''Omnipotent Convocation''   ANAAL NATHRAKH ''In the Constellation of the Black Widow''   SERPENTOR ''Privación Ilegítima De La Libertad''   BLEEDING FIST ''Bestial Kruzifix666ion''   SKULL OF DOOM ''Execution''   DEFECT DESIGNER ''Wax''   OBSCURA ''Cosmogenesis''   DARK FUNERAL ''Angelus Exuro pro Eternus''   GRIMNESS 69 ''Ill Heaven Hells''   EVOKEN ''Shades Of Night Descending''   ANESTHESIA OF BEER ''Reign in Beer''   FERMENTING IN FIVE-WAY FILT SPLIT   ARTERY ERUPTION ''Driving My Fist Through Her Chest''   AMPUTATED GENITALS ''Family Bloodbath''   AMPUTATED GENITALS ''Human Meat Gluttony''   INTERNAL SUFFERING ''Awakening of the Rebel''   INTERNAL SUFFERING ''Chaotic Matrix''   EXQUISITE PUS ''Dead [Forgotten]''   DIKTAT ''II''   LIQUID GRAVEYARD ''On Evil Days''   AVULSED ''Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-mutilation)''   IGNIVOMOUS ''Death Transmutation''  

SHRAPNEL Röportajı


NEUROSIS Interview
GORGASM Interview

A Forest Of Stars - Drawing Down The Rain  Sleeping Pulse - War   Angel of Sodom - Righteous Kill  ABBATH - Nebular Ravens Winter (Live)  Ahab - Like Red Foam (The Great Storm)  Soulfly - Archangel 

Spanish Funerotting Doom/Death Metal band FAMISHGOD have launched an awesome live video taken from their so far only live show earlier this year. Recorded with three cameras and edited by DP Rey, it's accompanied by great visual effects that gives an utter phantasmagorical feel to the already impactant stage presence of the band.

     The video contains 100% live ambient sound without any kind of overdubs or re-mixing, showing the fucking heavy, deep and dark sound of FAMISHGOD. Sound is not taken from soundboard, but from ambient microphone, which in fact that's what public really hears, so even though the quality isn't the best, every instrument can be heard perfectly and retains the dirty and rotting sound of FAMISHGOD so this is the nearest sound experience of the show. We could have used nice & polite soundboard mix or even an album song, but wouldn't be the same...

HAIDUK, the Calgary, AB one man thrashing black and death metal project fronted by Luka Milojica is proud to officially unleash as of September 9th his latest concept album 'Demonicon' where each song pertains to the nine demons on the releases front cover. 

"It's a crusher! This album has some of my best riffs. I don't waste my time, I don't waste your time. This is true Haiduk the way it was meant to be: cold, evil, blasting arrangements featuring some unique guitar work. 9 songs, 9 demons, risen from the volcanic underworld of Octavia in the realm of Callost - a fantasy world setting, which serves as the basis for the map, lyrics, and short stories contained in the CD booklet." comments  Luka Milojica. 

Three years in the making, 'Demonicon' follow 2012's break through debut full length 'Spellbook' and once again is completely written and produced by Luka Milojica along with mastering by Robert Kukla (Arbitrator) plus album artwork done by Gragoth of Luciferium War Graphics.

Track Listing: Demonicon
1. Syth (3:31)
2. Nazon (2:45)
3. Deamris (4:04)
4. Azyr (2:43)
5. Sarxas (3:30)
6. Corloch (4:13)
7. Nergion (3:33)
8. Vordus (3:20)
9. Xhadex (4:33)
Total running time: 32:28

After critically acclaimed "IV: Arrow In Heart" record took its toll on black metallers in 2013 and left an imprint on a great deal of year-end lists (inc. CVLT Nation, Stereogum, Popmatters, Heavy Magazine or, the French sewers of intelligent dark art, AOSOTH, are coming back with a new EP, "IV", slated for an October 23rd release on Agonia Records.

Side A: "Broken Dialogue"
Side B: "Appendix C"

On September 25th, 2015 Cuban Black Metallers NARBELETH will release their third album via Folter Records. "Through Darkness, and Remote Places" ties in with the precusor albums - traditional Black Metal which is presented with a passionate dedication that ist rarely seen today. Now another song is online. Listen to "Delivering The Very Soul" here:

Since the release date of the KAECK debut album "Stormkult" had to be postponed to September 25th 2015, the band and Folter Records decided to give the chance to listen to the full album as a stream.


1. De kult
2. De heerser wederkeert
3. Holenmuur
4. Akolieten van de nacht
5. Afgod
6. Wormvloed

Time to get into some more melancholic autumn mood after this long hot summer with a another brand new track off HANGING GARDEN's forthcoming album "Blackout Whiteout".


German female extreme metal force, NYX, has inked a record deal with Agonia Records. The band's debut album, "Home", is expected to drop on October 30th, 2015. In anticipation, the duo has revealed a trailer for their upcoming effort, which is available for viewing at this link:

"Home" will be available in CD and digital formats. More information will follow soon.

1. Beyond
2. Chaos Pt. 20 - Black Isle
3. Chaos Pt. 38 - Metastases
4. Prelude
5. S.ave O.ur S.ouls
6. Deep
7. Going On
8. Home
9. Swallowed Screaming

 Producing technical groovy death metal rooted in musical duality and lyricism, Winnipeg, MB's INVERTED SERENITY are streaming their new single 'Elemental Abyss' off their upcoming album 'Integral' due out on October 9th to follow up their 2013 debut 'Manifestation of Eternity In A World of Time'. 

The band comments about the track:

"Perhaps our most mature and technically structured songwriting on the record can be found in Elemental Abyss. This song comes out of the gate with a full speed technical thrash pace that unfolds itself into larger layered riffs all while maintaining a mid-paced headbanging groove underlying the majority of the song. Heavy and polyrhythmic riffs are explored akin to the sounds of bands like Decapitated and Meshuggah. A 7/4 time signature is played while Marcos vocals push the thickness of the song along. Tomas' massive sounding screams lead you into the auditory abyss we specifically placed as the final stretch of the album. The themes explored lyrically are tied into the unknowing of our oceans on Earth, which can be paralleled to the unknown depths of our emotions inside of us. While we are immersed in this material world structured by the elements, through discernment and letting go of the weight of physical reality, we are immersed in the fractal nature of reality and its infinite depth."

Finnish occult black metal juggernaut SATURNIAN MIST will be heading towards Eastern European Tour (Chaos Is The Law Tour) in November 2015.

During the tour SATURNIAN MIST will be supported by Au-Dessus (LIT), Nagual (POL), Claymore (BUL), Dark Æclipse (ROM), Svoid (HUN), Nevaloth (SLO) & Rawcvlt (SLO).

06/11 - SZEGED, Hungary (Live Music Club)
07/11 - ORADEA, Romania (Abyss)
08/11 - BUCHAREST, Romania (Fabrica)
09/11 - RUSE, Bulgaria (Metal Legacy Club)
10/11 - SOFIA, Bulgaria (Tri Ushi)
11/11 - NIŠ, Serbia (Black Stage)
12/11 - OSIJEK, Croatia (Exit)
13/11 - BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (Klub U Ocka)
14/11 - TARNOW, Poland (Garage)

Epic Celtic Death Metal Combo Steignyr strike back with the release of the official video-teaser for their new LP, which will be entitled "The Prophecy of the Highlands" and will be released next year through Art Gates Records.

The song is taken from SKYFORGER’s new album "Senprūsija", which means "Old Prussia" and is dedicated to the Prussians, the now extinct third Baltic nation, the other two being Latvians and Lithuanians. Old Prussian tribes lived around the current territory of Kaliningrad (Russia), which formerly was known as Königsberg. This region is located between Poland and Lithuania next to the Baltic Sea.
This video transports you back into the grim times of the Great Northern War (1700-1721), when several plague outbreaks hit Europe, especially around the coast of the Baltic Sea. The plague spread from Central Asia via Constantinople into Poland as it followed the Swedish army route.

Resurrecturis release new videoclip for "06:30 The Alarm" off work-themed imminent album "Nazienda".

Here's the story:  New videoclip by Italian Extreme Metal Monsters!
The song "06:30 The Alarm"  is a outtake off work-themed album "Nazienda" out on September 25th on Mighty Music (Denmark).
In the video, actor Roberto Marinelli is subjected to a brutal awakening treatment by members of Resurrecturis who chase him and scream at him during the early morning preparation before going to work!

"For sure the video is pretty funny and ironic, but is built upon a bitter reflection on today's suffocatingly tightening time use schedules and the ever increasing stress at work... Preoccupations don't leave us even in the privacy of our bedroom or in the toilet!
The song 06:30 The Alarm occupies an important position in the economy of Resurrecturis' Nazienda since it marks the abrupt transition from the comfort we experience at home with our dears to the stress-filled time of the working day.
Significantly the lyrics end saying The working day has begun, and it is pretty crazy since the character is still in the stairs at home, but his mind is already filled by anxiety." (Carlo Strappa / Resurrecturis)

An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for "Suicide Society", the fifteenth studio album from Canadian thrash/heavy metal masters ANNIHILATOR, is available below. The CD will be released on September 18 via UDR Music. As he has in the past, guitar wizard Jeff Waters handled all songwriting duties, played all guitar and bass, engineered, produced, mixed and mastered "Suicide Society", and he is also back commanding lead-vocal duties, as he did on the critically acclaimed "King Of The Kill" (1994), "Refresh The Demon" (1996), "Remains" (1997) and other ANNIHILATOR albums over the years.

"Suicide Society" track listing:

01. Suicide Society
02. My Revenge
03. Snap
04. Creepin' Again
05. Narcotic Avenue
06. The One You Serve
07. Break, Enter
08. Death Scent
09. Every Minute

Watch the new video  Suicide Society 

"The Book Of Sand (The Abomination)", the new video from Swedish melodic death metal pioneers AT THE GATES, can be seen below. The clip was created by Costin Chioreanu, who was already responsible for the challenging artwork concept of the band's comeback album, "At War With Reality", as well as the creation of the animated video for the song "Heroes And Tombs".

"The Book Of Sand (The Abomination)" video consists of performance footage shot at the Rockstadt Extreme Fest in Romania on August 15:

Comments AT THE GATES guitarist Anders Björler: "Costin has been a huge part of 'At War With Reality' every step of the way. He did the magnificent album art and artwork as well as the impressive animated video for 'Heroes And Tombs'. Now, he captures the magic of our visit in Romania a couple of weeks ago. A festival situated on the grounds of Transylvania.

"Cast The First Stone", a brand new song from SLAYER , can be streamed using the SoundCloud widget below. The track is taken from the band's eleventh studio album, "Repentless", which will be released on September 11 via Nuclear Blast.

"Repentless" track listing:

01. Delusions Of Saviour
02. Repentless
03. Take Control
04. Vices
05. Cast The First Stone
06. When The Stillness Comes
07. Chasing Death
08. Implode
09. Piano Wire
10. Atrocity Vendor
11. You Against You
12. Pride In Prejudice

Listen online ! ! !

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