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Squash Bowels

Goremented - 13/06/2013 Top

Polish goregrind butchers SQUASH BOWELS (Andy – guitar, Arthur – bass, vocals, Marius – drums) are back with their 6th full length and brand new album “Grindcoholism”.

“Grindcoholism” features 14 hyper fast, unrelenting grindcore songs filled with old school sound and fueled by gore approach.

The follow up to 2009’s “Grindvirus” was recorded and mixed at world famous Hertz Studio (BEHEMOTH, VADER, DECAPITATED, DEAD INFECTION…) in Bialystok, Poland by Wieslawscy brothers.

The album is set for release on July 2nd 2013 on Selfmadegod Records.

01. Tastelessness
02. Trap
03. The Theater
04. Surrender?
05. The Second…
06. Inclinations To…
07. Grindcoholism
08. Steering
09. Naked Positive Act
10. La Mienta
11. Compassions
12. Litany Of Hungry
13. Foreign Will
14. Stigmatizing


Goremented - 13/06/2013 Top

UK death thrashers Arceye have posted part 1 of a 2 part studio blog which takes the viewer behind the scenes of 'At First Light', the bands upcoming new album.

Part 1 of the blog shows footage of drums being tracked at Foel Studios in Wales with renowned producer Chris Fielding (Napalm Death, Cerebral Bore, Darkest Era). "We had previously mixed the first album 'The Divide Between Chaos & Order' there and enjoyed working with the engineer Chris Fielding so it was a good option to use this time round", states drummer Craig Mackay. "We also know a lot of bands (Xerath, Envy Of The State, etc.) who have used the same studio and have gotten some great results."

View 'At First Light' Studio Blog Part 1 below:

‘At First Light’ is the second full length from Arceye and will be released worldwide on August 7th via Hostile Media. Commenting on the album the band said: “This album we feel we have really trimmed the fat on our songwriting and made it the best it could be! If we didn’t think that it kicked ass it didn’t make the cut! We also stepped up the production value and worked with Scott Atkins (Sylosis, Cradle Of Filth, Amon Amarth, Gama Bomb) on the mix and master. The meaning of ‘At First Light’ is a representation of where we felt we were as a band when we were writing the album. Since our last release we have gained two new members, both with a writing influence and we’ve developed more of a vision of the music we wanted to play.” ‘At First Light’ is the follow up to Arceye’s highly acclaimed debut album ‘The Divide Between Chaos & Order’ which saw the band appear in pages of Terrorizer and Metal Hammer and was hailed as “hard-hitting” and “balls out thrash.”

Last week the band posted 'Since The Divide' a clip revealing behind the scenes footage of the writing process and some pre-production work on the album.

Watch Since The Divide' below:

The album art was created by none other than Craig Mackay of the band himself.

“The album artwork, title and first track tie in together as we wanted this to be our opening statement, with the theme running through the album. The idea behind the name/artwork is that the wolf climbing the mountain is always hungrier than the wolf on top. We feel we have gone through a rebirth as a band and this album is all about the climb to get us on to the next run of the ladder. Our Drummer Craig Mackay did all of the artwork for the album including painting the front cover and all the band portraits in the booklet.”

01. At First Light 
02. The Storm 
03. The Longest Drive 
04. I Silently Wait 
05. Sirius 
06. Brother Disarmed 
07. Prey Forgiveness 
08. Damage Done 
09. The Thirst 
10. Dusk 

Deadly Carnage

Goremented - 12/06/2013 Top

The Italian band Deadly Carnage (Post-Black/Doom) entered in studio to record their third album entitled "Manthe". The album will be released in the coming months for the Italian label ATMF (www.atmf.net). Soon the band will release the official video (now in progress) of one of the tracks, "Dome of the Warders", the director will be Danilo Montagna, collaborator of the band since the beginning. Deadly Carnage have announced the tracklist and the cover of the new work.

01. Drowned Hope
02. Dome of the Warders
03. Carved in Dust
04. Beneath Forsaken Skies
05. Il Ciclo della Forgia
06. Electric Flood
07. Manthe 

Deadly Carnage Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/deadlycarnage


Goremented - 11/06/2013 Top

PEST has premiered the third song from the new full-length album entitled "The Crowning Horror", coming out June 18th in Europe and 9th of July in North America on Agonia Records. The song "Devil's Mark" is streaming exclusively at CVLT Nation.


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Contemporary extreme metallers from Italy "Secretpath" reveal the official video-teaser for their expected debut opus, entitled "Wanderer and the choice". 

The video contains artwork from the album designed by Dantemanuele de Santis and audio from the album not revealed before.

"Wanderer and the choice" combines all the diverse influences from Secretpath giving as a result the personal and unique sound of the band, not categorized in any specific genre.

Spanish Release Date: 07/06/13
Europe & Worldwide: 28/06/13


Goremented - 11/06/2013 Top

Sardinian black/thrashers Necromessiah has inked a deal with Punishment 18 Records.

The band's third full-length album is scheduled for release before the end of September 2013.


Goremented - 10/06/2013 Top

ASKARIS (death metal – France) began the recording of its 2nd album called ‘Neuronal corruption’, the release is planned for September. The album will contain 11 tracks and will be available in digital format.

More info on www.askaris-metal.com

Hate Handles

Goremented - 07/06/2013 Top

razilian death/thrash metal band HATE HANDLES posted three songs from the forthcoming album on their SoundCloud page. "Die In Hands of Believers", the band's debut album, is being recorded in Estśdio Nitro, and being produced by the band along with Roger Fingle (Blood Tears, Seduced by Suicide).

About the recordings the guitarist Maicon Dorigatti comments: "These three songs show our rhythmic and melodic approach. They also represent our ideology, which goes against political and religious repression. This work speaks for itself but we emphasize that every riff was recorded with a purpose, to bring a certain energy or transformation to each listener! Each piece was well thought in order to bring all the aggressiveness and musicality that Hate Handles has to offer and add to the metal scene."
To check out the tracks "Keep The Disease", "Deceived" and "Bring You Back", visit HATE HANDLES' page on at http://soundcloud.com/hate-handles

Broken & Burnt

Goremented - 06/06/2013 Top

Brazilian BROKEN & BURNT released a video for "Tell Me No Lies", track from "Let The Burning Begin", the band's debut album released in 2012.
The video was recorded by Thais Carletti and Marcelo Abelha, director who worked with the group before on "The New Me" video. About the partnership the members commented: "Again we had the opportunity to work with Marcelo Abelha, a great friend who is extremely professional and knows how to capture our feeling on stage and shows perfectly our 'keep breaking and burning' attitude. We loved the result and we hope you guys enjoy it too."

Spanking Hour

Goremented - 06/06/2013 Top

Spanking Hour announced the release of their second full-lenght album. After “Revo(so)lution” and more than two years touring and perfecting their sound and songwriting, Spanking Hour  release “Divination”.  While “Revo(so)lution” had a major and raw trash and groove metal influence, “Divination” instantly appears as the outcome of an accurate refining process, with its longer tracks and its sound that adds a little progressive metal flavour to it.

The southern rock influence that made them one of the most interesting Italian metal bands of the hour is there as well and the whole mix of genres makes “Divination” their most complete effort so far. The four Spanking Hour members had room to add all of their different musical cultures in the writing and recording process and this, among with a superb artwork, will certainly make the record trustworthy.

Spanking Hour are currently planning a promotional Italian and European tour in support of their latest release. 

Wormholedeath Records announced that on June the 17th Azylya's "Sweet cerebral Destruction" and Worstenemy's "Revelation" will be available in stores!


Goremented - 05/06/2013 Top

The new album from NECROMASS, "Calix. Utero. Babalon.", will be released on June the 30th, 2013.

Recorded at Nadir Music Studios and produced by Funeral Industries, it represents the official comeback for the black metal cult band, 17 years after the last full lenght "Abyss Calls Life" (1996). An evocative portrait of Tilla Durieux as Circe, made by German symbolist painter Franz von Stuck in 1913, has been chosen as album cover. In the meantime, the band is planning next gigs to present  their new evil compositions and to kick asses in the International scene.

NECROMASS - "Calix. Utero. Babalon." Preview can be seen below.

Temple Of Baal

Goremented - 03/06/2013 Top

French death/black metallers TEMPLE OF BAAL are currently giving the final touches to their fourth album. The recording sessions are taking place in Hybreed Studios with Andrew Guillotin (Glorior Belli). More details after the jump.

The new recording will consist of ten tracks with a running time of about one hour, and shall be released by Agonia Records in the fall of 2013. The band describes the effort as "a blend between Lightslaying Rituals' (sophomore release) aggression, and the last split CD The Vision Of Fading Mankind's epic atmospheres."

TEMPLE OF BAAL is recommended for fans of old Vader, Destroyer 666, Razor of Occam and similar.  A track off band's latest split CD, "The Vision Of Fading Mankind" (2012), can be streamed below.


Goremented - 03/06/2013 Top

"Blood Libel" is the new official video from Belgian melodic black metallers SAILLE.

The video was directed by Nicolas Daenens, who previously worked with the band on the "Plaigh Allais" video two years earlier. The video was shot in the region known as "Meetjesland" in Belgium, both in the woods and in an abandoned church.

A synopsis of the "Blood Libel" by SAILLE frontman Dennie Grondelaers : "The video of "Blood Libel" is a somewhat liberal interpretation of the track on our latest album. It tells the story of William of Norwich, a young kid from the 12th century (°1132 - †1144) that was found murdered in cold blood. A murder for which the Jews were falsely accused. "

 "Blood Libel" is also the opening track for SAILLE's second album, “Ritu”, which was released January 18th, 2013 on Code666 Records. This sophomore album to 2011's "Irreversible Decay" was produced and mixed by Reinier Schenk (GORATH, FLESHMOULD) and mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll (1349, DIMMU BORGIR, KEEP OF KALESSIN). Cover art comes courtesy of Polish digital landscape artist Michal Karcz.


Goremented - 01/06/2013 Top

The new EP  of the italian thrashers BLINDEATH  is available from today. The first studio-release of the band, recorded at RECLAB STUDIOS in Milan (Italy)  contains 6 TRACKS and is published by the ItaIian MY GRAVEYARD PRODUCTIONS.

01. Intro
02. Fury Of The Damned
03. Keep Pushing
04. Dawn Of disease
05. Headshot
06. Kill The Brave

The band is as young as aggressive. They have in fact benefit the age that makes them brazenly spontaneous and direct, showing a 'attitude worthy of the band from the early '80s, offering a rocky sound made even more effective by a
modern recording.

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