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Limb for a Limb

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After numerous demos, the debut album of the Hungarian gore/grind pack known as Limb for a Limb is out. Entitled "Abberation Complete", the disc contains 19 skullcracking, brain-boiling and ultra brutal gore/death/grind putrefactions, complete with a kick-ass cover of Marduk’s „Panzer Division Marduk”. The familiar growls are spewed forth by Sándor Hajnali from Gutted. Intensity, neckbreaking rythms and furious blastbeats for over 30 minutes.

Critical Solution

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The Norwegian Thrashers from CRITICAL SOLUTION have released today the single from their upcoming album. The single "Wallace Green" can be listened below.

CRITICAL SOLUTION's debut CD is titled "EVIL NEVER DIES" and the release date has been set for May 16, 2013!

Dismail Faith

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Dismail Faith debut album "Morph" will be out on May, 13th for Nadir Music. Recorded at Nadir Music Studios by metal-guru Tommy Talamanca (Sadist’s Mastermind). 

The upcoming full-lengh has been crafted to fully reproduce the "sonic wall of aggression" that the band unleash on the crowd during their live shows, making them in a short span of time, one of the most interesting acts of the whole underground scene. 

Dismail Faith have succeeded in melting the most disparate influences like Death, Black, Thrash, Nu, HC, Groove and Metalcore. 

The work features nine killer songs: prepare your ears to sharp guitars, war-sounding drums and merciless vocals. To be noticed the apperance of Cafa (from Kiju) in two songs, result of a long time artistic partnership between the two bands consolidated during the "Steel & Marble tour". 

Promotion and press office will be entrusted to Nadir Promotion. More news are coming soon!

Hypnotic Dirge Records announced the release of a free digital download split album between three atmospheric black metal bands from Russia - Depicting Abysm, Windbruch, and Gmork. The album is entitled "Silentium!" and features three brand new tracks from each of the bands! 

"Silentium!" is now available for free streaming and download from the Hypnotic Dirge bandcamp page, youtube channel, and HDR Downloads' section! Since this is a free digital release, we are also encouraging reuploads on metal blog sites, and 'zines to help spread the word on these bands.

"Silence – it is a pause between two emotional strikes, but even there a “scream” can take place." In this case, the choice of the song order is not accidental:

Depicting Abysm: I, II, III
Windbruch: IV, V, VI
Gmork: VII, VIII, IX 


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Swedish DEATHENING return with a brand-new album in may 2013!
DEATHENING is a Swedish death metal band from Malmö and Gothenburg, Sweden, with the goal set to create a brutal and melodic mix of death metal and thrash.

Their second album “Chained in Blood”, is a twelve track piece on the brutalities and atrocities caused by man as empathy is suppressed.

"Chained in Blood" will be released through Rakamarow Records on CD, Vinyl and Digital on May 15th – 2013.

Listen to one new track called ”Terminal Retribution” below.


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The album cover artwork for Swedish Grind-guerillas EXHALE's third full-length effort "When Worlds Collide" is now complete and the band has chosen the emphatic Dutch illustrator Dennis Sibeijn (Slayer, Exodus, Aborted, Job For A Cowboy, etc) to put their visual aspect of "When Worlds Collide" into the most twisted and modernistic form possible.

01. Wrath Unleashed
02. Avsky
03. Apocalypse
04. Machinery
05. Barriers Of Blood
06. Monuments Of The Dead
07. Concealed Within
08. Till Slakt
09. Glorify The Dumb
10. Vigilante
11. In This Valley
12. Etiketter
13. Illusions
14. Left Inside

"When Worlds Collide" was recorded, mixed and mastered at Hoborec Studios (Inevitable End, We Are The Damned, etc) with Ulf Blomberg at the production desk.

Raging Age

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After months of hard work italian brutal combo Raging Age unleashes the first song from their upcoming album “Regions Of Sorrow”. 

The album is being completed now at Realsound studio.


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WORSTENEMY‘s vocalist/guitar player Mario Pulisci stated: “While we are all waiting the album “Revelation” you can listen to V.I.T.R.I.O.L. on our soundcloud page!” 

UK Melodic Death Metallers ENGRAVED DISILLUSION have released their first music video ‘Fragments of a Memory’ from their current studio album ‘Embers Of Existence’.


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SVARTSYN revealed the first track from the new full-length album entitled "Black Testament"!

The song "Demoness With Seven Names" can be streamed below.

The album is coming to shops on the 28th of May in Europe and 11th of June in North America. 


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German gothic death pioneers ATROCITY have unveiled the cover artwork and track listing for part one of their album trilogy, "Okkult". The CD will feature a three-continent treasure hunt where the band will hide a track for one fan to find for each of the three releases, the first in Europe this year (first evidence and code of the treasure hunt are hidden in the booklet of the limited-edition digipak and in the iTunes version). 

"Okkult" will be released via Napalm Records on the following dates:
April 24: Spain/Sweden/Norway
April 26: GAS/BeNeLux/Finland
April 29: Rest of the world
May 7: USA/Canada

The album was produced by vocalist Alexander Krull at Mastersound Studio. The cover art (see below) was created by Stefan Heilemann. 

01. Pandaemonium
02. Death By Metal
03. March of the Undying
04. Haunted By Demons
05. Murder Blood Assasination
06. Necromancy Divine
07. Satan's Braut
08. Todesstimmen
09. Masaya (Boca Del Infierno)
10. When Empires Fall to Dust
11. Beyond Perpetual Ice
12. La Voisine

The song "Pandaemonium" can now be streamed in the YouTube clip below.

Source: Blabbermouth.net

Dead Samaritan

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The Finnish Thrash/Death Metallers from DEAD SAMARITAN have uploaded an Official Lyric Video for the song "Royally Fucked". The video can can be view below.

The song is taken from the debut-album "The Only Good Samaritan...", which was released in December 2012 through UK's Casket Music.

01. Prelude to Perdition
02. The Monster to Create
03. Laid to Waste
04. Royally Fucked
05. Hell If I Care
06. Bleeding Ground
07. Thunderbolt
08. DB13
09. River Runs Red
10. In the Shadows of the Mind
11. Welcome to the Death Zone
12. Into the Stellar Night 


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The Italian Death Metal band Hateful will release their new studio album before end of June by The Spew Records (a Punishment 18 Records sub-label). The new album will be mixed at Soundbusters Studios in Modena, Italy, by Hateful and will be mastered by famous Dan Swanö, owner of Unisound studios (Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath, Cronian, Evergrey, Lay Down Rotten, Marduk, Opeth).

Hell’s Domain

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Danish thrashers Hell’s Domain have signed with Italian label Punishment 18 Records for the release of their self-titled debut album. The album is due in September on Cd and Lp. Band was formed by guitarist Bjørn Bihlet (ex-KOLDBORN, BOIL) and bassist Lars Knudsen (ex-CRIONIC) in 2007 with the intention of churning out some catchy Bay Area inspired thrash metal. Soon joined by Anders Gyldenøhr (ex-HATESPHERE, ARTILLERY) on drums and Alex Clausen (MONSTAH) on vocals, the band completed its line-up in 2011 with the addition of former EXMORTEM axeman Andreas Schubert. 

Doom's Day

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DOOM'S DAY's currently in pre-production mode for its second album to be released in october of 2013 on PRC MUSIC.

The new material, going for a little more Doom and traditional Metal, is darker and a bit more aggressive while keeping the band's original signature sound of the previous album THE UNHOLY.

“With the next album, we’re going one step further. Everything you know about Doom’s Day will be there, but expect to get an extra kick in the ass.” -Doom (Vocals)

The new album will be available on CD and in digital formats.

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