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Joel Grind

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Today, Hells Headbangers/Hammerheart Records announces May 28th as the international release date for the CD version of Joel Grind's The Yellowgoat Sessions debut. The solo project of the selfsame Toxic Holocaust founder/frontman, Joel Grind's The Yellowgoat Sessions bears many similarities to the early days of Toxic Holocaust - especially the Critical Mass demo - but goes down a darker, dirtier, decidedly more primitive route. The (toxic) result is 10 tracks of raw and fuzzed-out rock 'n' roll / metal / punk in the vein of the first Bathory album and early Motorhead. Says JJoel Grind, "If you are looking for over-produced shit that passes as 'metal' today, this is NOT for you!".

01. Ascension
02. Hell's Master of Hell
03. Vengeance Spell
04. Foul Spirit Within
05. Cross Damnation
06. Grave Encounters
07. Black Order
08. The Eternal One
09. Hail to Cruelty
10. Descension


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Today, Hells Headbangers/Hammerheart Records announces May 14th as the international release date for GRAVEWÜRM's brand-new album, Infernal Minions. The American band's ninth full-length overall, Gravewürm's Infernal Minions "represents our continued path of worshipping the ancient gods of black metal," says founding vocalist/guitarist Funeral Grave. With cover art done by Massacre's Kam Lee, Infernal Minions indeed pays respect to the blackened altar of Hellhammer and Venom, Burzum and Beherit, Goatloard and Grand Belial's Key. Obstinate in their refusal to compromise, dedicated to the bitter end: For 23 years now, Gravewürm have been their own masters, and Infernal Minions is the aggregate accumulation of their arcane wisdom.

01. Nocturnal Inquisition  
02. The Evil Within  
03. Master of the Dark  
04. Dominion of Lost Souls  
05. The Beast of the Abyss  
06. I Die for Hell  
07. Crown of the Fallen  
08. Mistress of Blood and Fire

Magenta Harvest

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Magenta Harvest, started as a two-man project in 2005, when former ...and Oceans members Timo K (Havoc Unit, O, ex-...and Oceans) and Janne (MyGrain, ex-...and Oceans) wanted to continue making early ...and Oceans kind of music. Years later the project has been transformed into a full 5-piece band, when bassist Jonas (Chthonian, The Iniquity Descent), Guitarist Timo H and latest addition singer Mathias (Finntroll, Chthonian, The Iniquity Descent) joined in the  line-up.

After two well-received EP's: a Familiar Room (2011) and Apparition Of Ending (2012), the band is ready to enter studio (SoundSpiral Audio) in May and record as yet untitled full-length album with Juho Räihä. The release date is planned for the summer/fall 2013 according to finnish label Inverse Records.


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South American Black Metal horde Patria recently unleashed a new album teaser for 'Nihil Est Monastica'. The trailer was created by Swedish producer Håkan Sjodin, who previously worked for Marduk on their latest official video for 'Souls For Belial'. The band have now released a new track from the album 'Ascendant of Darkness' in advance of it's release via Drakkar Productions on 13th March 2013.

Mantus comments on the release as a definite step forward for Patria, adding that "'Nihil Est Monastica' is an album going through a bit fresh musical conception if compared to our previous releases. There's no walls at all concerning our creativity on this record. We just decided to do what we had to do, naturally, without any worries about labels or rules. Something that would pleasure our own ears as real Black Metal fans, you know. We're also mixing different influences and elements. It also has a little better production, but even still keeping that necro and lowfi characteristics of the early Black Metal sound. The cover art was signed by the great artist Costin Chioreanu (Darkthrone, Ulver, Aura Noir, Absu, etc.)"


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Details of "Dirty", the 6th full-length album from Italo-Norwegian hard-industrial-electro extreme metallers ABORYM have been announced.  The 10-track double album (cover below), which will be available in digipak, jewel case and gatefold double LP formats,  is set for release on Agonia Records on the 28th May in Europe and the 11th June in the USA/North America.

"Dirty"  was recorded at the Fear No One Studios in Italy with Emiliano Natali, reprising his Sound Engineers role from the band’s "Psychogrotesque" album, and it is helmed by Marc Urselli of New York’s Eastside Sound Studio who has worked with the likes of Mike Patton and Lou Reed. The electronic part of the album is engineered by D. Loop (Kebabtraume, Limbo). R.G. Narchost (Stormcrow, Demon's Shade, Drowning Ashes) created "The Spiral shaped chamber" custom sounds library for the band.  Artwork for the album is by ABORYM’s Fabban.

The first CD of the album features new material, whilst the second CD featu res two tracks from previous albums, which have been completely re-arranged and re-recorded, covers of tracks by Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails, and a previously unreleased track performed by both musicians such as Agonia BV, Tamara Picardo, Samuel Heru Ra Ha MK, Hostis, Ulven, Mike Bizzini, David Cholasta, Tobias Dünnebacke, Jonathan Butcher, Jessy Lavallee, Thomas Hochstetler, Mary J. Rooks, Amanda Neilson and Mark Llewellyn, as well as several fans. The song was written by Alberto Penzin (CO2, ex-Schizo) and was spliced together from all the different sources. 
CD 1:
01. Irreversible Crisis
02. Across the Universe
03. Dirty
04. Bleedthrough

06. I don’t Know05. Raped by Daddy
07. The Factory of Death
08. Helter Skelter Youth
09. Face the Reptile
10. The Day the Sun Stopped Shining

01. Fire Walk With Us (new version originally released on “Fire Walk With Us”)
02. Roma Divina Urbs  (new version originally released on “Kali Yuga Bizarre”)
03. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden Cover)
04. Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd Cover)
05. Hurt (Nine Inch Nails Cover)
06. Need for limited loss (new track)


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Swedish Black Metal metallers SVARTSYN have revealed details of their forthcoming full-length album entitled "Black Testament". The release will hit the shops on the 28th of May in Europe and 11th of June in North America.

According to the band founder and mastermind - Ornias -  "Black Testament" can be described as a "sinister m ix between Destruction Of Man (2003) and Timeless Reign (2007) releases." He also added: "it's a journey through my spiritual darkness and death."

The album was recorded at Mortsella Studio, Sweden. A short series of video clips* documenting the recording process (vocals, guitars and drums) can be viewed below.




"Bla ck Testament" will consist of 7 original tracks and be available on CD, LP (first 100 copies available on a coloured vinyl) and digital.

01. Revelation in the waters
02. Venom of the underworld
03. Demoness with seven names
04. Carving a temple
05. Eyes of the earth
06. Rising beast
07. Black testament

Psychotic Despair

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Brutal/grinders PSYCHOTIC DESPAIR have found an agreement with Nadir Promotion in order to promote their new album "Words for Empty Spaces". The new work from the Czech Republic band will see the light on digital and standard market on the incoming 6th of March.

The upcoming full-length is described as a mix of grindcore in the Napalm Death/Terrorizer vein, with death metal influences  (Dying fetus/ misery Index above all).


Liova - 04/03/2013 Top

Swedish death metal legends Hypocrisy have uploaded a video of the title-track from their upcoming masterpiece ‘End Of Disclosure’.


Liova - 04/03/2013 Top

Check out a ‘making of’ an official video of ‘Enduring The Eternal Molestation Of Flame’ taken from the bands’ latest release ‘At The Gate Of Sethu’. Watch as the group provides a behind-the-scenes impression of last year’s intense video shoot in Greece. The clip was directed by Jon Simvonis (Septic Flesh, Devil’s Train).

Six Feet Under

Liova - 04/03/2013 Top

Six Feet Under have posted a lyric video from their 10th album for the song ‘Zombie Blood Curse’, the first track to be loosed from ‘Unborn’.


Liova - 04/03/2013 Top

Swedish melodic metal band Soilwork’s new upcoming, first dual-disc album ‘The Living Infinite’ scheduled for release on February 27 in Asia, in Europe on March 1, and in North America on March 5 via license to Marquee Records. And now ‘Long Live The Misanthrope’, a new track from  ‘The Living Infinite’, is available for streaming on YouTube.

We Are Legion

Liova - 04/03/2013 Top

We Are Legion are currently tracking their new album ‘Exit Humanity’ at 14:59 Studios with producer Will Maravelas (Shadow Society, Plague Of Stars).  Mixing and mastering the album will be from the famed engineer J-F Dagenais (Kataklysm, Ex-Deo, Despised Icon). The band has also commissioned renowned Minnesota-based tattoo artist Dan Dittmer to design exclusive artwork, merchandise, and promotional materials for ‘Exit Humanity’.


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Norwegian/Polish blackened death metal act NAUMACHIA is currently recording new album. At the beginning of this year in Hertz Studio (Behemoth, Vader) Naumachia recorded drums, bass and rhythm guitar parts for their upcoming yet-untitled fourth album. You can already check the first studio report with new music in the background here:

The band is going to return to Hertz Studio in April to finish the recordings and focus on post-production. Lyrics for the new album will be written by Marcin Urbas (ex-Sceptic) who will also record vocal parts to one of the songs.

“The final outcome will be strong and clear. We’ve changed completely our sound of bass and guitars. Rhythm section sounds perfectly already at this stage. We’re having some surprises here and there – music sounds very fresh and vivid, has lots of melodies, blastbeats can be hardly spotted – seems like we’ve slowed down a bit. Almost everything was composed live. For many people is may be surprising album, but that’s exactly what we had expected. The compositions are great and we have no doubts that this will be the most mature effort of Naumachia. We’ve worked hard and long to achieve the sound we finally have”. – conclude Naumachia musicians.

Latest Naumachia album is “Black Sun Rising” released in 2009 via Witching Hour Productions. 


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Swedish black metal outfit PEST has inked a record deal with Agonia Records. Band's fourth full-length album, entitled "The Crowning Horror",  is tentatively slated for June 2013 release.

The album will be preceded by an EP featuring two new tracks, which will be released this April. It will be available on a 7" vinyl and titled "Black Oath c/w Morbid Revelations". More news will follow shortly. The band commented: "After years of silence a new wave of black death will finally strike the world. The plague is upon us. Bring the darkness!"


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"Stop The Chaos Remixes" is an exclusive release for ANTIGAMA's 13th anniversary and undisputedly their most experimental album. 8 song remixed by the band's befriended fans, artists and producers from Poland: LXMP - PIOTR ZABRODZKI & MACIO MORETTI (ex-Antigama, Starzy Singers, Mitch&Mitch), PRISM - ROBERT GUŁA (Schismopathic), TOMASZ MADRY & KRZYSZTOF LENARD, FILIP SZYSZKOWSKI (21 Grams), BOGDAN KONDRACKI (Kobong, Neuma, Sweet Noise, Nyia, Maryla Rodowicz, Justyna Steczkowska, Edyta Gorniak), ANNA ZARADNY and ANTIGAMA's very own LUKASZ MYSZKOWSKI.

Recently released on Selfmadegod Records, the CD comes in a deluxe digipak limited to 500 copies only, this is mandatory release for every fan ANTIGAMA and experimental music.

01. Łukasz Myszkowski – The End
02. LXMP – E Conspectu
03. Prism – The Law
04. Tomasz Mądry, Krzysztof Lenard – Stop The Chaos
05. Filip Szyszkowski (21 Grams) – Find The Function
06. Tomasz Mądry – The Law
07. Bogdan Kondracki – Intricate Trap
08. Anna Zaradny – Stop The Chaos

Official album teaser:

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