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Warsaw, Poland's cutting-edge grindcore squad ANTIGAMA this week entered the studio to record their sixth full-length album, the follow-up to 2009's "Warning" as well as last year’s "Stop The Chaos" EP. According to founding ANTIGAMA guitarist Sebastian Rokicki: “This is going to be the most mature, and at the same time most diverse album in the band’s whole career.”

The recording sessions are taking place for the third time at Progresja Sound Studio with producer Pawel "Janos" Grabowski and will last through the end of January. The current band lineup enlists guitarist Sebastian Rokicki, vocalist Lukasz Myszkowski, bassist Michal Zawadzki, and drummer Pawel Jaroszewicz. This is the first studio session in ANTIGAMA’s history to without Szymon Czech, who passed away in November 2012 due to illness.

ANTIGAMA has completed an arsenal of new tracks for the album, now with the confirmed title, "Meteor". A release date late in the Spring via Selfmadegod Records will be made available soon, along with an avalanche of updates as the details on this anticipated, sure to be explosive and devastating release become apparent.


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Portuguese extreme progressive metallers MALEVOLENCE are proud to press forward that DEVOURED UNLIMITED, the 2nd single extracted from their upcoming 3rd album ANTITHETICAL will be available on Friday, January 25th.

DEVOURED UNLIMITED draws a parallel on wars linking the precedent atrocities known to men with the present state of destruction and the pandemonium that is about to come.

The audio episode verses about solid facts and renders the ironic ARBEIT MACHT FREI statement amongst the flagellation brought to the world by the Nazi regime.

The artwork for the brand new single (on attachment) was once more propelled ahead by the design bureau KKSTRUCTURES.


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San Diego based death metal band PATHOLOGY have inked a deal with Sevared Records. The band is working on its seventh studio album for a tentative summer release.

Current Line-up:
Vocals: Matti Way
Guitar: Tim Tiszczenko
Lead Guitar: Kevin Schwartz
Drums: Dave Astor

"Those Having Been Hidden Away", a brand new song from the South Carolina-based extreme metal band LECHEROUS NOCTURNE, can be streamed below. The track comes off the bands third album, "Behold Almighty Doctrine", which will be released on March 19 via Unique Leader Records. The CD was recorded at SoundLab Studio in Lexington, South Carolina with longtime engineer Bob Moore.

01. Intro 
02. Ouroboros Chains 
03. Bring The Void 
04. Archeopteryx 
05. Those Having Been Hidden Away 
06. Prelude #2 
07. Judgments And Curses 
08. Lesions From Vicious Plague 
09. Caustic Vertigo 
10. Creation Continuum


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Swedish black metallers WATAIN entered Necromorbus Studio (UNANIMATED, DESTRÖYER 666) in Alvik, Sweden on January 3 to begin recording their fifth full-length album for an August release via Century Media Records.


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The first in a series of webisodes featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the making of "Conceived In Sewage", the fourth album from Dallas, Texas-based death metallers DEVOURMENT, can be seen below. The CD will be released on February 19 in North America, February 22 in Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Finland, and February 25 in the U.K. and rest of the world via Relapse Records. 

Captured at Mana Recording Studio in St. Petersburg, Florida with producer Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL, MORBID ANGEL), "Conceived In Sewage" proves to be DEVOURMENT's most eviscerating release yet, gushing with over thirty-three minutes of the band's hate-fueled, monstrous brutality. 

01. Legalize Homicide
02. Fifty Ton War Machine
03. Conceived In Sewage
04. Fucked With Rats
05. March to Megiddo
06. Today We Die, Tomorrow We Kill
07. Heaving Acid
08. Carved Into Ecstasy
09. Parasitic Eruption

Commented DEVOURMENT frontman Mike Majewski: "This will be the deepest album we have done, for sure. Definitely expect the intensity, but also more thought-out song structures. I would say a bit of a throwback to old-school brutal bands, but with the signature DEVOURMENT elements."

DEVOURMENT's calling card is absolute brutality, and the band's three previous albums and international touring and festival appearance have made them one of the more-talked-about acts in the worldwide death metal underground.

"Conceived In Sewage" studio webisode #1:

"Fifty Ton War Machine" lyric video:

Source: Blabbermouth.net


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Finnish melodic death metallers MYGRAIN will release their fourth album, "Planetary Breathing", on April 26 via Spinefarm Records. The CD was recorded during August and September at Sound Supreme studio with Janne Saksa, who previously worked with the band on their first two albums. The mixing and mastering was again handled by Dan Swanö (EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH, NIGHTINGALE) at Unisound studios in Örebro, Sweden.

01. Incantation
02. Waking Up The Damned
03. Ambivalentine
04. Black Light Supernova
05. Dreamscape
06. Rats in The Cradle
07. The Ghost in Me
08. Mechanimal Instinct
09. The Final Skyline
10. Planetary Breathing

Argentina's MORTUORIAL ECLIPSE has inked a deal with Art Gates Records.

According to a press release, the three-piece from Cordoba, which has been in existence since 2007, "combines blackened death metal with symphonic compositions and ancestral resemblance, extended through dark and intense passages occasionally assembled into exquisite dramatic sections." 

MORTUORIAL ECLIPSE's debut album, "The Aethyrs' Call", was recorded at Anger Vision and Vermin Studios in Cordoba. The CD was produces by Nefass, co-produced by Matias Takaya and mix and mastered by Arek Malczewski (DECAPITATED, BEHEMOTH) in Poland. It was released by Ishtar Gate Productions.

Source: Blabbermouth.net


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A nine-minute teaser for "Solarflesh", the new album from Polish extreme metallers HATE, can be seen below. The CD will be released in North America on February 5 via Napalm Records. The follow-up to 2010's "Erebos" was recorded at Sound Division Studio in Warsaw with Filip "Heinrich" Halucha (VESANIA, DECAPITATED) and Arek "Malta" Malczewski (BEHEMOTH's sound guy). The effort was mixed at Hertz Studio in Bialystok, Poland with producers Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawski (DECAPITATED, VADER).

01. Watchful Eye Of Doom
02. Eternal Might
03. Alchemy Of Blood
04. Timeless Kingdom
05. Festival Of Slaves
06. Sadness Will Last Forever
07. Solarflesh
08. Endless Purity
09. Mesmerized
10. Hatehammer (limited-edition bonus track)
11. Venom (limited-edition bonus track)
12. Fall Of All Icons (limited-edition bonus track)


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German melodic folk/death metallers SUIDAKRA entered the studio to begin recording their new album, "Eternal Defiance", for a mid-2013 release.

Arkadius Antonik: "As on the previous two releases, it will be a concept album again, created by [famous Belgian graphic artist] Kris Verwimp in cooperation with us. Our new concept includes a lot of new elements and suprises which will be reflected in the music as well."

Imperium Dekadenz

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German black metallers IMPERIUM DEKADENZ will release their new album, "Meadows Of Nostalgia", on March 15 in Europe and March 19 in North America via Season Of Mist.

Tthe follow-up to 2010's "Procella Vadens" will feature the following track listing:

01. Durch Das Tor 
02. Brigobannis 
03. Aue Der Nostalgie 
04. Ave Danuvi 
05. Memoria 
06. Aura Silvae
07. Der Unweg 
08. Striga 
09. Tränen Des Bacchus

Commented the band: "A travelling salesman, marked by a hard life, wanders lost in his thoughts over the high passes of the Black Forest. Despite all, he follows his path without hesitation through harsh landscapes and yet the mountains stand proudly and the epic scenery might even be called romantic. This cover reflects all the emotions, impressions and facets of IMPERIUM DEKADENZ. It is an imperial Black Forest symphony!"

Source: Blabbermouth.net

Rotten Sound

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"Species At War", the new EP from Finnish grindcore maniacs ROTTEN SOUND, is available for streaming in its entirety using the SoundCloud player below (courtesy of Inferno). Due on January 18 on CD, etched vinyl and digital via Season Of Mist, the effort was recorded at Nordic Audio Labs last summer and was mixed and mastered by drummer Sami Latva at Latva Studios. 

01. Cause
02. The Game
03. War
04. The Solution
05. Salvation
06. Peace

"Finding a strong label to release the EP and next full-length in Europe was our priority for [2012]," ROTTEN SOUND vocalist Keijo Niinimaa said. "We are very excited about this deal with Season Of Mist and we can't wait to get back on the road with the EP. Take a deep breath, get exhausted with 'Species At War' and see you at the shows!"

Source: Blabbermouth.net


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Thrash metal combo from Albacete (Spain) "Toxovibora" reveal the artwork cover for their debut album. The artwork is an adaptation of the graphic designer "Lemut".

It was selected to represent the ancestral fear of the man, the snake. The futuristic influences are linked to the concept of the new wave of metal music. In this album there is a combination of the legendary thrash metal sounds of the '90 and modern influences such as the Groove.

The tittle of the album is "Primer Ataque" (First Attack) and represents the first impact of the band in a professional recording process. This name comes from the fact that this is the first full length from "Toxovibora", represented as the first attack of a snake.

In words of the band: "In our opinion, we reflected perfectly the sound that characterizes the band, a strong base, addictive and sharp guitar riffs, combined with a raw voice that spits conscious lyrics".

"Primer ataque" has been recorded in "La guarida de Kreggor" Studios, in Hellín, Albacete (Spain), by Pablo Alcazar.

The spanish release date is fixed for the 18th of February of 2013, and the 1st of March the album will be released in Europe and rest of the world through Code 7 and PHD Distribution.


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Danish thrash metal band ESSENCE has returned from the studio presenting you their brandnew album "Last Night Of Solace". The winner of the Rock The Nation Award 2012 was working inside the infamous Abyss Studio with the legendary Swedish producer and multi-instrumentalist Peter Tägtgren - hailed by many as the "Rick Rubin of Scandinavian Metal". With „Last Night Of Solace“ ESSENCE made a major step forward, both sound- and songwriting wise. With every song the band deliver a very fierce mix between Destruction and Sodom. It´s a thrash metal bombshell par excellence!

ESSENCE comment on the new album: "Last Night Of Solace is very different from our last album. We have matured in our songwriting, our abilities and our expression. It is difficult to describe the album with words, but ‘enormous’ covers a lot of what the listener will hear on the record. We needed to make this album the way it is today, because it is a statement and it will serve as a point of reference in the future. Also, we did what came naturally and ‘all by itself’ to us. There is nothing ‘forced’ on this album and it is just our clean personal energy captured on in 10 tracks. You can hear that the album is recorded in extreme sub-zero temperatures and in the middle of a frozen Swedish winter."

Now the band has unveiled the album cover of „Last Night Of Solace“

01. Intro
02. Final Eclipse
03. Arachnida
04. For the Fallen
05. Children of Rwanda
06. Gemstones
07. Dark Matter
08. Last Night of Solace
09. Opium
10. Fractured Dimension (bonus track)

"Last Night Of Solace" will be released on March 29th via NoiseArt Records and will be available as limited CD in slipcase incl. bonus track!


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Brutal Western Canadian death metallers XUL have posted a lyric video for their track 'Mastication Of Putrescent Empyrean Remains' from their debut full length 'Malignance' released earlier this year, which they are also offering as a FREE DOWNLOAD as they currently work on their follow up EP.

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