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Petar Mrvic - 09/10/2012 Top

The Romanian Dordeduh (from 2 ex Negura Bunget members) released their first album "Dar De Duh" over the German label Prophecy Records. This album will be their first sign of life after their Mini CD "Valea Omului" a couple of years ago. Now, they are going on tour and on that tour, they will also visit Belgrade/Serbia on the 02.12.2012. in the Club GUN. This concert will be organized by AWAKEN BOOKING and the entry will cost 8 EURO's and on the day of the concert 10 EURO's. You will be able to read a live report from the concert here on EXTREMINAL. 

Ex Dementia

Goremented - 07/10/2012 Top

New Jersey based death metal band Ex Dementia have revealed the artwork for their forth coming EP release entitled "Crack the Coffin"

- There will be 6 or 7 tracks
- There will be a Post Mortem cover song
- The artwork is done by Jeff Zornow
- It will be released on HPGD Productions
- The release date is TBA...


Goremented - 07/10/2012 Top

Extreme metal warriors HATE have just finished recording their new opus entitled Solarflesh. The follow-up to highly acclaimed Erebos (2010) will be released early next year via Napalm Records. 

The band’s front-man ATF Sinner comments: "We have just done mixes and Mastering on the new material; our first album for Napalm (Records). I believe Solarflesh is the most insane and haunting record we’ve done thus far. It’s nothing but pure darkness… We’re extremely satisfied with this 61 minutes’ monster (12 songs) that we’ve put to life. Now we’re working on a documentary about creation of Solarflesh, its ideological sides, the band’s history, touring etc. It’s going to be much more than just a studio report. We want it to be an in-depth interview revealing some unknown facts, hidden meanings etc. I’m sure people will find it interesting."

More info on the upcoming album will come very soon. 

Eisenwald uploaded a trailer from the upcoming self-titled album of german black metallers SILENT LEGES INTER ARMA. This album will be available on October 12th in Germany, October 15th in Europe and October 30th in the United States as deluxe Digipack CD and Ltd. Slipcase 2CD.

Scar For Life

Goremented - 02/10/2012 Top

"3 Minute Silence", the third full-lenght of portuguese act SCAR FOR LIFE, is now available for download via iTunes
The album was released on September 10th via Infektion Records.

Suspiria Records presented the final tracklist that include the expected tribute to the masters Dark Tranquillity, "The Final Resistance". Fifteen featured national and international bands who have reflected with respect and professionalism fifteen of the best songs of the Swedish band.

01. Serenity In Murder: Edenspring 
02. Darkness By Oath: Dreamlore Degenerate 
03. Suru: Therein 
04. Dawn Of Tears- The Wonders At Your Feet 
05. The Descent: Final Resistance 
06. Skydancer: The Treason Wall 
07. Erling Solem: Ex- Nihilo 
08. Mind Holocaust: The New Build 
09. Agónica: Nothing to no one 
10. Fallen Sentinel: Terminus (Where death is most alive) 
11. Apotheus: Misery´s Crown 
12. Shadowsphere: Focus Shift 
13. Thee Orakle: Dream Oblivion 
Bonus Tracks
14. The Agonist: Monochromatic Stains 
15. Slaughter Of The Bluegrass: Punish My Heaven 


Goremented - 30/09/2012 Top

On Friday, September 21, extreme progressive metallers MALEVOLENCE unleashed in straight cooperation with DECIBEL MAGAZINE (USA) the first single from upcoming 3rd full length effort ANTITHETICAL. 

One week later (Friday, September 28) MALEVOLENCE advanced the audio single S L I T H E R I N G available via PUREGRAINAUDIO (CANADA) for direct download under exclusivity (here).

Omnium Gatherum

Goremented - 27/09/2012 Top

OMNIUM GATHERUM, who are currently in the mixing process with the mighty Dan Swanö for their upcoming 'yet untitled' new album, are proud to announce Erkki Silvennoinen as their new bass player.

Here the official statement from the OMNIUM GATHERUM camp:
"We're glad to finally make it official and announce that OG is a real 6-piece troop again - we welcome Erkki Silvennoinen as a new bass player to Omnium Gatherum. Erkki is a die-hard pro dude with a warm nice attitude, just the way we like it, and we know him well from sharing same stages than us since almost ten years ago. He used to play in Amoral as well as in Finnish Idols winner Ari Koivunen's band back in the day. At the moment he is also playing in awesome brutal tech death metal band De Lirium's Order."

Here's what Erkki has to say about his new vocation:
"I'm very excited to join Omnium Gatherum. I already know most of the guys from way back when I was playing warm-up gigs for them. I have seen them grow and evolve into the tight unit they are today and hire Jukka as their front-man, who also happens to be one of my best friends. It's an honor to get to play with such talented musicians. The previous bass players have left some big shoes to fill... I hope they fit."

At the same time we say huge thanks to Eerik Purdon who was filling the low-frequence spot almost one year as a session member on stage and in studio - thanx mate and we owe you a big one!

The follow up to OMNIUM GATHERUM's critically acclaimed and by fans very well received Lifeforce Records debut "New World Shadows", which also marked the band's highest chart entry at #5 in their home country Finnland, is set to be released on February 25th, 2013 in Europe and February 26th, 2013 in North America.

DESERT BENEATH THE PAVEMENT will release their debut TRANSIT on the 26th of October. From now on you can find a new song on their website every week. Today the band started to broadcast the last track "Do you feel it when I google you?"


Goremented - 26/09/2012 Top

The Italian Death Metal band Phobic has just gotten done with mastering their new studio album "The Holy Deceiver". The album is scheduled to be relased this fall by Punishment 18 Records. The album was mastered to Stefano Morabito @16th Cellar studio, Roma.

The New World Black Metal visionaries NIGHTBRINGER are currently recording two exclusive tracks for an upcoming split release with Norwegian illuminaries DØDSENGEL which is set to be released by the end of 2012 via Daemon Worship Productions. 

The conceptual split will be based upon the esoteric doctrines of the four quarters of the journey of the "sun" from death, through the underworld, to rebirth and ascendance. Prepare for the mind-twisting experience of boundaries-breaking black gnosis!

Right To The Void

Goremented - 26/09/2012 Top

French extreme deathcore band Right To The Void entered MathLab Recording studio in Italy a few days ago to record their debut album "Kingdom Of Vanity" with producer Jonathan Mazzeo.

Straight after the album production/tracking the band will fly to Canada to mix and master the songs with devastating producer Christian Donaldson (The Agonist, Beneath The Massacre, Cryptopsy). The record will feature the following tracks: Like A Disease, Phoenix, World Decay, A Black Conclusion, War Of Glory, In Oblivion, Reborn From Ashes, Again And Again... Until The End, Kingdom Of Vanity, Stay, We Have Failed it's going to be an outstanding mixture of brutality and melody.

Wormholedeath will release the album world-wide through Aural Music Group and the release date is due at the beginning of 2013 and still to be scheduled.


Goremented - 26/09/2012 Top

The new Chton album "The Devil builds" has been delayed from the pressing plant. The album was set to be released September 15 via GodEater Records, but due to unforseen delays at the pressing plant the digipack CD has suffered a delay. The album will ship out in week 40. The digital version of the album was released on time September 15, and can be found now at all major digital stores like iTunes, Spotify, WiMP etc.

A video teaser featuring excerpts of several songs from the new album "The Devil builds" can be watched below.

Poema Arcanvs

Goremented - 26/09/2012 Top

TRANSIENT CHRONICLES  is the title of the fifth studio album that chilean Doomsters POEMA ARCANVS will release on October 10th, this time under AUSTRALIS RECORDS.

The full length consists of 9 tracks of the signature sound developed by POEMA ARCANVS through all their previous productions, and in the words of singer-frontman CLAUDIO CARRASCO: "this album collects everything Poema Arcanvs has created during our 20 years career, from the darkest and rawer sounds to the more atmospheric passages, achieving a synthesis of everything we’ve done before"  TRANSIENT CHRONICLES was recorded and mixed at the ATOMIC NOISE STUDIOS Studios by guitar player and founding member IGOR LEIVA, achieving a unique sound: clear, powerful and elaborated, yet organic at the same time. 

TRANSIENT CHRONICLES is also the introduction card that the band will bring on their first tour through Europe; where they will share the stage with renowned bands such as Master, Sinister, Celestial Season among others; on what is expected to be the prelude to a new era for POEMA ARCANVS and their long overdue and deserved exposure within the International scene.

01. Us, Those Half Dead 
02. Stream of Debris 
03. Fugitive
04. Inquilinos
05. Fading
06. Omniscient Opponent
07. Lambs
08. Default Song
09. Our Little Blood
The sleek digipack edition artwork was designed by ENZO TOLEDO, a designer-illustrator with a vast experience into the Chilean doom scene; with evocative images and symbols that reinforce the concepts behind the album lyrics; and that will certainly bring this recording to a masterpiece status within the collection of every Poema Arcanus fan.

TRANSIENT CHRONICLES  will be available from October 10th directly through Australis Records.

Omniscient Opponent is the first single, click here to listen it.


Goremented - 26/09/2012 Top

Frantic thrash metallers from Catalonia (Spain) Vivid Remorse announced the cover of their new and second album of studio, which is going to be entitled "Down to the wire".

The cover has been designed by Maite Ramis ("Nad"), which also designed the artwork for the previous album of the band, "The seed of Malaise" (2010).

01. Biopiracy (The seed of my land)
02. Imaginary actress
03. Theory of fear
04. Overdosed
05. Involution
06. Nobody answers
07. Seize the death
08. Seven days of fire
09. L'angoixa de l'existència
10. Stop on time
11. The never falling cries.

Spanish release date: 15th of October.
Europe and rest of the world: November 2012 aprox.
Release date show: 19th of October. BeGood venue (Barcelona, Spain)

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