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Maldives-based death/black metallers NOTHNEGAL have entered Vakaruge Studio in Malé to begin recording their as-yet-untitled second album. The follow-up to 2012's "Decadence" is being produced by Matt Hyde (SLIPKNOT, MACHINE HEAD, AS I LAY DYING), with vocal production by Paul Reeve, who co-produced five tracks on MUSE's acclaimed debut album, "Showbiz". Additional production/engineering will be handled by longtime NOTHNEGAL producer Mohamed Shamheed. NOTHNEGAL's longtime guitarist Fufu will not be part of the recording of the new CD, but remains a member of the band. Chippe (SERENITY DIES) will be filling in for Fufu on the album, which will mark the first NOTHNEGAL recording since vocalist Affan joined the band as an official member (Affan made a guest appearance on NOTHNEGAL's last album, "Decadence").

Commented NOTHNEGAL guitarist Hilarl: "Its been almost a year since the release of our debut album, 'Decadence', and we have already come up with enough demos for a new album. 

"We have toured South Asia, South Asia and the Middle East since the release of 'Decadence', [and] whenever we meet somebody who knows that we are from the Maldives and when we go through the reviews, we get the same question about why we sound like a European or American band and nothing like a band thats coming from these islands.

"The new music will be different and [will] feature ambient sounds and exotic instruments from the Maldives. We [will] also be doing a couple of songs entirely in our native language, 'Dhivehi.' The songs [will] be heavier but far from our previous death metal sound."

"We will be launching a studio diary and update it by posting videos/photos of the recording sessions. We [will] also be travelling to different islands of the Maldives to capture the sounds and the exotic instruments we plan on using in our music."



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GORTAL's new album "Deamonolith" will be released on December, 6th2012, under the flag of Pagan Records. Major, the guitarist, commented the forthcoming stuff: "We are devoted to classic death metal genre and we ignore trends and fashion. If You expect modern plastic production and arrangements, just do not listen to us. If You still read it,and expect merciless blast beats, crushing tempo shifts, thrilling riffs & solos inspired by ghosts ov early 90ties. Everything emphasised by powerful furious growls! Check out our first blow and stay watchful for another deamon to be unleashed within few days!" 
Premiere track from the upcoming album is streaming now on YouTube.

01. D.F.C.
02. Crimens Sollicitationis
03. Doombringer
04. Deliver Into Suffering
05. Deamonolith
06. Dreaming of Being Dead
07. Supernal Refuse
08. Cult of The Cloth
09. I Come in Peace

Hanging Garden

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Finnish dark / doom metal upcomers HANGING GARDEN have revealed a teaser for their forthcoming Lifeforce Records debut "At Every Door".

The silence is over. Hanging Garden are back with their 3rd studio album “At Every Door”, which is the band’s most ambitious work so far. Musically the album has much more variety than the previous two, combining influences from Cult of Luna all the way to Sigur Ros.When it comes to lyrical themes, Hanging Garden has always been about dystopic visions of the ouroborean fate that quite likely awaits man. Before, Matti Reinola was mostly responsible for the lyrics, but on this album they were mostly done by Toni.

Toni: "Continuing the lyrical themes that have been prevalent on the first two albums came quite naturally for me. This album concentrates on different stories, protagonists and viewpoints of what might come after, should our future take a turn for the worse and end in cataclysmic consequences that spring from our actions."


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Deathbound Records announced the signing of WOCCON. Founded in Athens, Georgia by multi-instrumentalist, Tim Rowland (Sholfrost, ex-Peregrine), Woccon released an EP in the summer of 2011 titles, Through Ancestral Fires, which featured guest vocals by Ryan Morgan of Misery Signals. After self-releasing the EP Tim was joined by guitarist, Tiler Kuykendall and drummer, Wade Jones, to embark on a new musical direction in which they all shared influences and visions.

From blackened death metal to melodic doom, The Wither Fields will be availble as a limited physical release through Deathbound Records. Copies will be numbered and include two bonus tracks. The album will also be available digitally through all digital outlets.

You can listen to their track “Lament”, on Soundcloud.


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Punishment 18 Records announced the signing of the Italian Speed Metal band “Hammered”. 

The band released its first demo “2010... Live the Terror” in 2006 and is currently working on its first full length album. 

The album is planned to be released in 2013. More info will follow soon.


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ECLECTIKA (Metal – France) has just released its third album called “Lure of Ephemeral Beauty” via Asylum Ruins Records.

01. Through the Supernova Remnant 
02. Lure of Ephemeral Beauty 
03. Cyclic Anagnorisis 
04. Room Nineteen 
05. Sophist’s Death: Legacy and Bitter Tears 
06. Trauma 835 – 7. Sweet Melancholia 
08. Les Sept Vertus Capitales 
09. Handicapped Sex in a Mental Orgy 
10. Aokigahara.

The album is available for purchase as well as streaming via Deezer at


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Punishment 18 Records has announced the signing of Azrath-11, the italian blackened metal band featuring former members of Morning Dew, Eterna Scomunica, Lost Soul, Naer Mataron, Handful of Hate, Infernal Angels, Karnak, Black Raven. The group's second full-length, "Ov Tentacles and Spirals", will be released in March 2013.

Ultra Violence

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The Italian Thrash Metal Band “Ultra Violence” have just begun with their work in the studio on their new full length album “Privilege To Overcome”. The album is expected to be released in early 2013 by Punishment 18 Records. “Privilege To Overcome” will also be released in vinyl by

01- Spell Of The Moon
02- L.F.D.Y.
03- Order Of The Black
04- Stigmatized Reality
05- Restless Parasite
06- 10.000 Ways To Spread My Hate
07- The Voodoo Cross
08- You’re Dead
09- The Beast Behind Your Back
10- Metal Milizia
11- Riding Through The Storm
12- Turn Into Dust


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The Thrash-Tank Mosfet have released their debut-album „Sickness of Memory“ on Youtube.


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Russian/Ukrainian collaboration Lycanthropy has announced future plans for two releases. First one is a brand new album "Hannibal ante portas". It was recorded and mixed during June/July 2012. Full-length contains eight tracks - eight unmerciful manifests of pain and suffering. With this progressive black/death metal record band signed with the U.S. based Unmerciful Death Productions. CD release is scheduled on December. As for the second release – it is going to be "Mighty and Despair "MCD. Gunner has made the following statement about this stuff:

"This particular material came out of nowhere. It wasn't even planned to be recorded. No preparation, it was just Furious idea - "let's do something interesting"! Voxum was done a little bit latter, while guitars were recorded at once. As a result we do have these sick and experimental songs ". MCD will be released on the German based K.S. Versand.

Check samplers on: Soundcloud | Youtube


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French black metal band AOSOTH is currently working on the follow-up to their 2011 release III. The as of yet untitled album is tentatively slated for a March/April 2013 release and will firmly consist of 7 new tracks and 55 minutes of music. Band's guitarist, BST, has issued the following statement with regards to the announcement:

"We have entered the infamous Bst Studios once again to work on our fourth album and we are confident that this will be our most elaborate, twisted, and sick release so far. Those who did not like the direction we took with the previous record, probably will hate this one even more. We're on the second day of tracking guitars now, and things are going smoothly, so to speak."
Track 5 from AOSOTH's previous album entitled III has been premiered by Chicago Reader earlier this year and can be heard by clicking here.

Dark Confessions

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The first studio album of extreme metallers Dark Confessions will be out in Europe and worldwide the next 3rd of December, through Art Gates Records and distributed by Code 7 and PHD.

Skeletal Remains

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After a phenomenal demo tape, SKELETAL REMAINS from California (USA) release their first full length album. "BEYOND THE FLESH" is classic Death Metal from the rotten crypt and awakes the spirit of late 80s/ early 90s Morrisound stuff. If you like the early hymns of Gorguts, Pestilence, Death or Morgoth surely you'll freak out with Skeletal Remains ! 

The LP version contains a special bonus track, a coverversion of Gorguts "Disincarnated"!"

01.Extirpated Vitality
02.Desolate Isolation
03.Reconstructive Surgery
04.Carrion Death(Instrumental)
05.Traumatic Existence
07.Homicidal Pulchritude
08.Sub-Zero Termination 

LP Facts:
- 140 gram vinyl in glossy gatefold cover
- limited to: 
50 copies in yellow vinyl + embroidered patch + poster + sticker :SOLD OUT
150 copies in green vinyl + poster + sticker
300 copies in black vinyl
- bonus track


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Blast Head Records announced the signing of Birmingham, Alabama's NEBULOUS for the release of the technical death metallers debut album 'The Quantum Transcendence of Death' for a later to be announced date.

"From the moment I heard Nebulous I was absolutely floored, the songs have this amazing energy, which I think people will really gravitate to. They are a band that has a solid vision of what they are after, and this type of work ethic always pays off! I am very ecstatic to be working with them and looking forward to the release of' 'The Quantum Transcendence of Death'!" comments Paul Shaw, owner of Blast Head Records.

The band recorded half of the album during the summer of 2011, but in October they suffered a major loss with the death of their drummer Justin Beasley. The band has forged ahead in Justin's memory and has just recently finalized the remaining tracks. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Joseph McQueen (As I Lay Dying) of Echelon Studios.

The album artwork captures the vision of the band and was completed by George Prasinis who has done album covers for such notable bands as Kataplexia, Mass Infection and Spawn of Possession. 

Click Here to check out 2 tracks from 'The Quantum Transcendence of Death'.

I: Of Means and Ends
II: Catalyze III: SN 5270
IV: Aggregating Powers
V: The Quantum Transcendence of Death

VI. Devourer of the Cosmos
VII. Forever Impaled
VIII. Hivemind
IX. Spectrums


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Belgian melodic black metallers SAILLE will release their new album, "Ritu", on January 18, 2013 via Code666 Records. The follow-up to 2011's "Irreversible Decay" was produced and mixed by Reinier Schenk (GORATH, FLESHMOULD) and mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll (1349, DIMMU BORGIR, KEEP OF KALESSIN). Cover art comes courtesy of Polish digital landscape artist Michal Karcz.

01. Blood Libel
02. Subcutaneous Terror
03. Fhtagn
04. Upon The Idol Of Crona
05. Sati
06. A Titan's Sacrifice
07. Haunter Of The Dark
08. Runaljod
09. Ritual Descent

A trailer for "Ritu" can be seen below.

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