Drain Of Impurity

Goremented - 09/04/2011 Top

Turkish one man Brutal Death Metal band DRAIN OF IMPURITY's "Head Disfigurement Autopsy" EP will be re-released soon via Extreminal Productions/Arizali Notalar Records. It was released before via Sevared Records on May 2010.

DRAIN OF IMPURITY is a solo project that everything (vocals,guitars ,bass and drum programming) done by Batu Cetin who is the vocalist of Ultra Brutal Death Metal band CENOTAPH from Turkey.

01. Postcranial Skeleton Molestation
02. Soaked in the Fluids of the Dead
03. Dystrophic Intracranial Deformation
04. Consensual Spasm Through Homicide
05. Strangulated Infanticide Methods


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''No Place For Hope'' the new video from the Turkish one-man Depressive Black Metal band Valefor, can be viewed below. The song comes off the band's latest demo, ''After The Sad Hours''.


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New album of Russian/Ukrainian collaboration Lycanthropy "Instinct For Vengeance" is out  via MUSICA Production (Russia).

01. Triumph of Bloated Flesh
02. Flesh Religion
03. Renunciation of god
04. Morbidity
05. Back to the point 313
06. Goddess of Vengeance
07. Satan Legions
08. Gore Reality
09. Accepting The Darkness
10. On The Way of Emptiness


AngelCorpse - 04/04/2011 Top

Swedish black metal band Marduk's new album "Iron Dawn" will be released on the 27th of May in the U.S.A. at the Maryland Deathfest and on the 30th of May for the rest of the world.

01.Warschau 2: Headhunter Halfmoon. 
02.Wacht Am Rhein: Drumbeats Of Death. 
03.Prochorovka: Blood And Sunflowers.


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RAVENCULT has just inked a deal with Hell's Headbangers Records for the release of "Morbid Blood" album. CD version will be out late March 2011 while the LP version will follow in May.
01. Sacrilege of Death
02. Possessed On Burial Ground
03. Hail Revenge
04. Morbid Blood
05. Winds of Damnation
06. With Hunger In Eyes
07. Snakes Crawl
08. Black Rites of Execration
09. Sworn To The Unspoken Oath
10. The Gates of Bloodshed

Anaal Nathrakh

AngelCorpse - 04/04/2011 Top

Anaal Nathrakh are set to release a new album in Europe on the 23rd of May (May 17 for USA) through Candlelight Records titled “Passion”.

01.Volenti Non Fit Iniuria          
02.Drug-Fucking Abomination   
03.Post Traumatic Stress Euphoria      
04.Le Diabolique Est L'ami Du Simplement Mal   
05.Locus of Damnation 
06.Tod Huetet Uebel       
07.Paragon Pariah          
08.Who Thinks of the Executioner?        
09.Ashes Screaming Silence         
10.Portrait of the Artist     


Nokitokashi - 27/03/2011 Top

On March 14, German Blackened Melodic Death Metal band Satyros released their new, 2nd full-length album "RIVEN" for FREE download, available for all people through their website:

Download includes the album's complete artwork, booklet, lyrics and liner notes.

01. Purify
02. Sardonica
03. Eyes of Eternity
04. Wermode's Fall
05. Ataraxia
06. Seizing the Sceptre of God
07. Riven
08. Irasyati
09. Traumhallen
10. Lost in Grey
11. Moments of Mine
12. In Dialogue with Time


Goremented - 21/03/2011 Top

Californian brutal death metal band VILE have completed work on their fourth full-length album, "Metamorphosis", for a fall 2011 release... 

For more information:


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Godz Ov War Productions announced:

With great satisfaction, we would like to inform you that on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Pandemonium’s existence, the most cult material of this group titled “Devilri” has been reedited in the commendable vinyl version.

We would also like to remind you that the material is released in the limited number of 500 copies. One half of the entire edition was pressed on black vinyl, and the other white. The 12’ record packaged in an untypical black-and-white envelope, solid, hand-numbered jacket and equipped with a special full-format twelve-pages booklet with lots of archival and unique materials concerning Pandemonium from the early `90's. As a bonus, an exclusive digipack of "Promo 2010" has been enclosed to all copies. It contains the unofficial versions of two new compositions by Pandemonium ("Black Forest" and "God Delusion") from the upcoming album "Misanthropy". Additionally, you can find on it a video with excerpts from the gigs of two of the last year's festivals and concert video for "Frost." 

For more information write to Godz Ov War Productions: godz.ov.war@wp.pl 


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Hemoptysis have announced that their debut album “Misanthropic Slaughter” is now available for streaming in it’s entirety via the bands new bandcamp page(hemoptysis.bandcamp.com). The Album, as well as singles, are also available for download on the Hemoptysis bandcamp page as well.

Physical copies of Misanthropic Slaughter available worldwide at this location (www.misanthropicslaughter.com) Prices include shipping and handling. Misanthropic Slaughter was produced by Grammy Award winner, Ryan Greene (Megadeth, NOFX, Alice Cooper), has received over 20 positive reviews worldwide, and all before it’s release. Misanthropic Slaughter will be available in stores throughout Europe via Rock It Up / IceWarroir Records in late April, 2011.


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Punishment 18 Records announced the deal with death metallers MOONRISE; this 5 pieces from Padova, after a decade into the Italian underground scene, is ready to show its potential with its first full length, entitled "Under The Flight Of Crows". More news concerning the debut album will be soon announced.

The Cleansing

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The Cleansing unveiled the cover artwork for our forthcoming album "Feeding the Inevitable".  Artwork was done by Remy C. from Headsplit Design. 

As stated earlier the follow-up to 2009's Poisoned Legacy will be released through US label Deepsend Records in the spring. More news will follow soon...


Nokitokashi - 20/03/2011 Top

Noctem signs with Rising Records for the release of their new album.Mark Daghorn, owner from the label worked as producer for bands like Cradle of filth or Porcupine tree and has in his rooster bands like Trigger the bloodshed, Sarah Jezdebel and Bleed from within, etc.

Cult Of Erinyes

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LADLO Productions announced the signing with The Belgian Band "CULT OF ERINYES" for his first real album "A Place to Call My Unknown" to appear on April 23. Drawning its energy from the darkest thoughts of its creators, this new extreme and punitive outfit intends to evolve in the realms of Black Metal while pushing its limits a bit further.  Spawned with the intention to distil artistic audacity into respected traditions, Cult of Erinyes belongs to the forbidden experience, where music is only a symptom of a higher truth. Ritualistic hymns, vicious and twisted vocals, furious and ambient rhythms or Doom digressions are only a few weapons which will make of Cult of Erinyes, after  only one year of existence, a band to be reckoned with. For fans of Hate Forest, Blood Of Kingu, Necros Christos, Craft, Glorior Belli, Watain, Shining and Behexen.

01. Call No Truce
02. Insignificant
03. Ísland
04. A Thousand Torments
05. Permafrost
06. Velvet Oppression
07. Black Eyelids
08. Thou Art Not
09. Last Light Fading


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LADLO Productions announced the reissue of the cult classic 3rd album of the NUMEN Spaniards, released in 2007 and which marked their 10th anniversary (toappear on April 23). Originally formed in 1997, Numen is an extreme music band coming from the Basque Country. They plays a fast black metal with some influences of the folk and traditional music of their land. All lyrics are written in Euskera, their mother tongue, and they talk about old traditions, legends and mythology, always with a strong feeling against Christianity. Melodic and percussive, NUMEN is the Basques answer to the old Norwegians Satyricon. Note that this new edition includes the English translation and a brand new design.

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