The Red Chord

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"Demoralizer", the new video from Boston, Massachusetts grind metalers THE RED CHORD.The clip was shot on vocalist Guy Kozowyk's property in abandoned ceramics factory on Halloween and showcases some pretty gruesome illustrations by artist Tim Kellen, which were animated and brought to life by director Dave Brodsky of MyGoodEye. The artist used charcoal, meat, grape jelly, and chicken guts in his illustrations, giving the "Demoralizer" video a truly bizarre appearance.

Malevolent Creation

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Current MALEVOLENT CREATION touring bassist Gio Geraca (UPON INFLICTION, EVIL AMIDST, WYKKED WYTCH, CRUCIFEAST) will handle the lead-guitar duties on the band's upcoming 11th studio album, which is tentatively due to be recorded in April.


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Swedish death metallers SYN:DROM (formerly BLACKBREATH) will release their debut album, "With Flesh Unbound", on April 30 via ViciSolum Productions. The CD was recorded at Nevo studios in Sundsvall, Sweden and was engineered and mixed by the bandmembers themselves. Two songs from the album — "Scorned Messiah" and "Obsolete Gods" — are available for streaming on SYN:DROM MySpace page. MySpace Page

Gory Delivery

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Spanish brutal death band Gory Delivery have signed an agreement for the release of their debut album “Conceived to prevail” through Permeated Records. Album will be released in spring-summer 2010. The announced tracklist is as follows:
01.Behold the omnipotence
03.Remnants of voracity
04.Ecstasy of the insane
05.Conceived to prevail
06.Detrimental abdication
07.Unconscious embodiment
08.Undisclosed patterns of horror

You can listen to Gory Delivery promo track "Detrimental Abdication", abstract from their 2009 demo, clicking HERE.

Gory Delivery Official Myspace Page

Heretic Soul

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Turkish death metallers HERETIC SOUL will release their debut album, "Born Into This Plague", on February 23 via Rottin Corpse Records.
01.The Truth Dwells In Your Head
02.Deadliest Enemy
03.Mental Decay
04.Suffering from Existence
06.Worship Me
07.Beyond Hatred
08.Life Becomes Our Grave
09.Twenty one Grams

U.K. death metallers DEAD BEYOND BURIED will release their second album, "Inheritors Of Hell", on April 5 through Siege Of Amida Records. The CD was recorded and a produced by the bandmembers themselves and was mastered by Tim Turan (BEHEMOTH, CANNIBAL CORPSE). The cover artwork was designed by Khaosart (MORBID ANGEL).
01. Relentless Dead Machine
02. A King Amongst Slaves
03. Funeral Of The Cursed Men
04. Blood Soaked Earth
05. The Many Names Of Nothing
06. The Last War
07. Inheritors Of Hell
08. Transcendence Of Death
09. The Overcoming

The song "A King Amongst Slaves" is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.

One Bullet Left

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German modern/extreme metallers ONE BULLET LEFT will release their debut album, "Armageddon Sunrise", on February 26 via Twilight Distribution.
01. Invisible Fleshwounds
02. Whatever May Come
03. Alpha Dogs
04. This Prayer
05. Into The Dark
06. Black Widow
07. Feast For The Carnivore
08. Love Boat Morgue
09. Chapter III Mortal Divinity
10. Not Our World
11. Reach For The Stars
12. Armageddon Sunrise

For more information, visit

Zebadiah Crowe

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U.K. black metalers ZEBADIAH CROWE will release their new album, "Grawl! The Many Deaths Of The Great Beast", on March 1. The CD was produced and recorded in the U.K. by ZEBADIAH CROWE's most infamous member, "The Horrid". The cover art design was created by artist Adrian Smith, who has showcased his talent on sci fi and horror book covers all over the world, most notably "The Black Library".

"Grawl! The Many Deaths Of The Great Beast" will be released by North American extreme metal label and global distributor Apocrypha Records.

For more information, visit

A light-hearted instructional video on the art of grind drumming has been released byRichard Hoak (Brutal Truth, Total Fucking Destruction) and can be viewed below...

This video was directed by noted surf ‘n skate filmmaker Tyson Montrucchio, who has recently made music videos for Brutal Truth, Cattle Decapitation, God Forbid, Lamb of God, 16, and more.

Chain Reaction

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Polish thrash/groove metal band Chain Reaction will release their second full length album in spring 2010. Italian Kolony Records will release the European pressing of the album. The band recorded ”Cutthroat Melodies” album in July 2009 in Zed studios (Warsow, Poland). Tentative European release is planned for early May 2010. Further release/tour information coming later on.
01 - Twinge
02 - Prime Integers
03 - God Lives Too Long
04 - Elder Thrived
05 - Insomia Revised (H.B. Woodrose)
06 - Class A Prisoner
07 - Projecting AM
08 - No Logo
09 - When Road 'n Booze Collide
10 - Intra Vires
11 - Even If

Official band sites:


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MY KINGDOM MUSIC is proud to present the first official videoclip to the track "The End Starts Here" of the Dutch Melodic Death masters FUELBLOODED! The videoclip presents the real live essence of the band in this great and eclectic performance. You can see the video below...

Killing Addiction

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Florida's heaviest Death Metal legend KILLING ADDICTION are about to see, 16 years after their latest release, a new CD coming out on XTREEM MUSIC!! "Fall of the Archetypes" includes 6 new songs plus 5 bonus which are the ones featured on that mega-rare split cassette release in 1994 under the name of "Dark Tomorrow". Both recordings makes a 11-song full-length release that will serve as a perfect link from their old and new stuff, pretty much in the same vein, but with way better performance and production.

KILLING ADDICTION plays a fucking heavy and brutal Death Metal blending elements that could remind to bands like SUFFOCATION, CARCASS, INCANTATION, BOLT THROWER, MORBID ANGEL... creating a unique sound that has characterized the band's style since their inception in 1988.

Later on, still undetermined, the band will see their debut album "Omega Factor" ('93) re-issued, also through XTREEM MUSIC, along with their previous "Necrosphere" [7"EP/'91] & "Legacies of Terror" [Demo '90] as bonus.

Release schedule for "Fall of the Archetypes" is planned for the first days of March 2010. In the meantime, please visit the band's official MySpace to listen a couple of new songs at:


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After a seven-year recording silence, ASTRIAAL is now poised to return with its sophomore album entitled "Anatomy Of The Infinite". This next opus is due to be released in the autumn of 2010 for the southern equatorial territories via Australian label Obsidian Records.
01. Blessed Are The Dead
02. Visceral Incarnate
03. 'Neath The Bones Of Salvation
04. Ad Interim
05. The Scars Of Aberration
06. Foundations In Flesh
07. Relinquishment Of The Stars
08. ...For The Day Will Come

The song "Foundations In Flesh" can be heard at ASTRIAAL's MySpace page.

De Profundis

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The European pressing of second De Profundis album has been released! ”A Bleak Reflection” was released via Italian Kolony Records and it has now been released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland (Twilight/NonStop), UK, Eire (Code7/PHD,, Hungary and Finland (LC Music). Soon the release will also be available on territories of France, Belgium, Holland, Poland and Sweden.

The band is streaming the album on their myspace website on FULL. The full album streaming will be online for another five days, so check it out if you have not acquired the album yet. (

The band has also uploaded 10 minutes long documentary of making of ”A Bleak Reflection” album on their youtube channel. Check the documentary below...


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Bassist Andreas Larsen has left Swedish extreme metallers SHINING so that he can concentrate on his studies. The band states, "He has been a great asset to the band during his time with us, and a good companion, and we wish him well for the future. A new bass player has already been chosen, and we will be announcing more about this shortly."

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