Malignant Tumour

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Czech Republic-based MALIGNANT TUMOUR will enter Germany's Stage-One-Studio with Andy Classen (TANKARD, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, KRISIUN, HOLY MOSES) in February. The band's fourth full length album has a working title of Decibel Maniacs and is expected to be released in May/June 2010 via Sloakia's Metal Age Production.

The Crown

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Dobermann, the band formed by four former members of the Swedish death/thrash act THE CROWN, has officially changed its name to THE CROWN and has released audio samples of two brand new songs.

THE CROWN 2009 is:

Jonas Stålhammar (GOD MACABRE, MACABRE END, ABHOTH) - Vocals
Marko Tervonen - Rhythm Guitar
Marcus Sunesson - Lead Guitar
Magnus Olsfelt - Bass
Janne Saarenpää - Drums

Dobermann earlier in the year parted with vocalist Andreas "Whiplasher Bernadotte" Bergh of the Swedish industrial goth metal band DEATHSTARS and was said to be recording a collection of tunes which were being described as "pure death/thrash metal."

THE CROWN split up more than five years ago due to "too many tours gone bad due to not at all professional tour arrangements," according to a March 2004 statement released by Saarenpää. He added, "Coming home from tours with empty pockets, equipment falling apart and having a pile of bills on the doorstep is simply 'horns down'. Paying the bills with tour memories and floorscores is just not possible. We do love standing on stage but we don't know much about the business part, and that's a bad combination."


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Canadian extreme metallers KATAKLYSM are writing material for the follow-up to 2008's "Prevail" album, tentatively due in late summer/early fall 2010 via Nuclear Blast Records.


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GENITORTURERS will unleash their fourth studio full length "Blackheart Revolution" over Europe on next January 18th. Bondage queen Gen and bassist David "Evil D" Vincent (of MORBID ANGEL fame) welcome you to corruption and debauchery delivered by sharp fingernails and sensuous raunchy vocals full of dirt and grit to make the devil blush.

The icing on the cake is the bonus track "2 Faced Traitor", to appear exclusively on the European version of the album!

01. Revolution
02. Kabangin' All Night
03. Devil in a Bottle
04. Louder
05. Falling Stars
06. Take it
07. Confessions of a Blackheart
08. Cum Junkie
09. Vampire Lover
10. Tell me
11. 2 Faced Traitor


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As previously announced, DRUDKH's much sought after third album "The Swan Road" (2005) will be made available again by Season of Mist on next January 18th. Here are the tracklisting of this carefully restored and remastered digipak reissue:
01. 1648
02. Eternal Sun
03. Blood
04. Glare of 1768
05. The Price of Freedom
06. Fate
07. Song of Sich Destruction

As Memory Dies

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AS MEMORY DIES, the Melodic Death Metal band from Italy, has just released their debut album "TRANSMUTATE" !

AS MEMORY DIES, born in September 2005 with the strong purpose to revisit Melodic Death Metal through a personal approach, conceived their debut album “TRANSMUTATE” as a musical portrait that speaks the tongue of transformation and change due to a style that constantly balances on the edge between harmony and aggression, instinct and refinement.

Blessed with a stunning artwork by Niklas Sundin, the artistic talent behind Cabin Fever Media and Dark Tranquillity, As Memory Dies’ first release finds in ambivalence the source of its own strength, gracefully shifting from intense and blasting up-tempos to acoustic and nursing suggestions, passing through groovy episodes and shades of epic tones.

The Binary Code

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New Jersey progressive death metallers THE BINARY CODE are gearing up to release their debut full-length, Suspension of Disbelief, this month and have teamed up with metal/hardcore behemoth Lambgoat for an exclusive stream of the track “Mechanical Seas.” Check it out TODAY on!

The digital-only release will be available December 15, 2009 from Preorders are being taken now at


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The milanese thrashers IRREVERENCE are glad to announce the achieved agreement with the austrian label NOISEHEAD RECORDS for the release of their fourth studio-work. The next studio-release that follows the previous "WAR WAS WON", released in 2006, that collected very good critiques by fans and persons involved in the work, and that allowed to the band excellent presences and live recognitions, will contains 10 unreleased tracks and will sign the awaited come back of the italian combo on the record market. The band will enter in the NOISEHEAD STUDIOS in KOHFIDISCH to start recording sessions at the beginning of JANUARY 2010, under the head of MARIO JEZIK, already producer of bands like DEMOLITION, DARKSIDE and many more. The release, foreseen for MARCH 2010.

Dagor Dagorath

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Dagor Dagorth are now signed with the german label Twilight Vertrieb for the release of their debut album "Yetzer Ha'Ra". The album will be released worldwide in the 22nd of January 2010.
According to the band: "We know about their (Twilight Vertrieb) long experience and professional way of working, and we believe this alliance will be mutually winning for both sides." "Yetzer Ha'Ra" was also released in Russia on the 28th of August 2009, through More Hate Productions.

You can find more info on the official myspace:


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ACHERON just finished their videoclip of "I am heathen", a track from their 2009 album "The final conflict: Last days of God". 'The final conflict' has just been released in the US by Ibex Moon Records.

The recording sessions of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN's upcoming album "Option Paralysis" being just over, vocalist Greg Puciato keeps himself busy.

On last Thursday, November 19th, he stepped on stage with THE DEFTONES for a benefit show at the Avalon in Los Angeles, in order to help raise money for the rising medical costs for bassist Chi Cheng, who remains trapped in a coma after a car accident last year.

Rotting Christ

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Season of Mist Records set for a February 15th release, ROTTING CHRIST's upcoming album is entitled "AEALO", correlatively with the band's will to delve deeper than ever before into their Greek roots.

Frontman Sakis explains: "AEALO is the transcription of the ancient Greek word ΕΑΛΩ into the Latin alphabet. It means thrashing, catastrophe or destruction and reflects the musical and lyrical content of the album. The concept of 'AEALO' deals with the feelings of a warrior during a battle, therefore the album's title bears this sense of anger, fear and grief."


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Those were the times that I was feeling thrilled when I first met Sepultura.As I go mad they made me feel more mad. At the end of 1980’s; two brothers ,in a perfect band, included the Brazilian ethnic musical ınstruments they had reached the top of thrash…But the case moved on and Max Cavalera took his wife ,also the manager of the band, Gloria and left the band… Soon Max created his new band SOULFLY. Cavalera who has succeeded in many Works, started a new album record in Los Angeles. I believe that he won’t make us feel disappointed about the new album and make us go mad again.About the recent Sepultura is, unfortunately still counting at the same point… I don’t like introducing the band with its only member, but the Sepultura ; who had made albums like Roots that changed my life, is only about Max Cavalera..and It’s was something that I really don’t want to say…


Liova - 22/11/2009 Top

The Finnish band Kalmah is going to be with us in 2010… Album titled as ‘’ 12 Gauge’’ ; was recorded in 2009-summer at Tico Tico Studio,Finland and mastered at Cutting Room in Sweden. In the 6th album of Kalmah, there will be 9 new songs and a cover. From the explanation of band members, ’12 Gauge’ is a totally Kalmah album but could be found as new taste. So all we have to do is, sit and wait for it…

Dimmu Borgir

Liova - 22/11/2009 Top

Bassist Vortex and keyboardist Mustis who have been playing with the band, explained that they had left the band because of personal reasons. Nevertheless band pronounced that they keep on banging and these breakups won’t change a thing.

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