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Finnish folg metal band TURISAS announced details on their upcoming release “The Varangian Way”:
The album was recorded at Sound Supreme Studio and then mixed and mastered at Finnvox Studio. It is a concept story and according to the band’s vocalist and producer Warlord:
“It's a journey of a group of Northmen, who travel down the East-European river route through the lands of modern day East Europe. This was an important trade route in the 9th-11th centuries and the Northmen going in this direction were called Varangians who took this route to Kiev and finally Constantinople. The album follows this journey and the songs are events that take place on the road. As much as it is a journey of these men, it is also a journey in a search for self and identity - something which the protagonist is going through throughout the story. The varying surroundings can clearly be heard on the album as it features a lot of influences from the different cultures and people our travellers would have encountered on their journey
. Making this album was a very challenging task. I started developing the idea and framework for the concept soon after "Battle Metal" was released in 2004 and it demanded a lot of groundwork and studying. The songs were written between mid-2005 and 2007 when it was clear what every song would be about. In the end of 2006 we were finally ready to enter Sound Supreme Studio together with co-producer Janne Saksa to record the album. It took over two and a half months of work to record the album and two weeks of mixing at Finnvox studio together with Teropekka Virtanen to finally finish the album in March 2007. The sound is big, pompous and orchestral, but also features a lot of progressive elements and ethnic influences. It's a daring blend of many different styles, but I'm confident that people are musically open minded enough to swallow this album. All in all I would say that it is a natural step forward from "Battle Metal" to a more mature sound - still definitely TURISAS, but at the same time different."
The album will be in stores across Europe in June.
1. To Holmgard And Beyond
2. A Portage To The Unknown
3. Cursed Be Iron
4. Fields Of Gold
5. In The Court Of Jarisleif
6. Five Hundred And One
7. The Dnieper Rapids
8. Miklagard Overture
The band will also appear in summer festivals like Graspop, With Full Force and Rock Hard Festival.


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Turkish thrash metallers Crossfire will perform in Greece's new outstanding festival "Metal Healing".The festival will take place in Xanthi on 20-22 July 2007.

Unfortunately the band announced the departure of guitarists Ron Slater & Seth Arthur.
In their statement they say: “Obviously, this is quite a loss to Keen of the Crow, but there is no official change of status of the band. Until further developments, we are simply in a resting stage after a busy 2006.


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The Swedish deathsters BLOODBATH, who include in their line up Mikael Akerfeldt, Dan Swano, Anders Nystrom and Jonas Renske, announced that they will soon reveal a new line up.
They also announced that in early June they will enter Fascination Street Studios (the same studio “Nightmares Made Flesh” was made) to record a mini cd.
This work will be financed by the group and will be cut in a limited edition.
More will follow soon…


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ARCH ENEMY announced the return of Christopher Amott to the band.
Having completed their 18-month touring promoting „Doomsday Machine“ album and “Live Apocalypse” DVD, they’re now ready to prepare their next album.
Christopher who left the band in 2005 for personal reasons is now returning to join forces with his brother Mike and take ARCH ENEMY one step further.
Here’s what Christopher says about his return:
“This is very exciting for me, returning to Arch Enemy as a fulltime member! Right now we are working on our forthcoming album, and I'm very pleased about the way it's turning out. The new songs are fast and furious with lots of melody! To all the people who sent me kind messages while I was out of the band, thank you for your support; it helped me a lot. After this (much needed) two-year break, I'm looking forward to getting back on the road. I hope to see you all later this year!"
Michael, on his side, comments:
“So, we are back with my brother Christopher on guitar - it's a huge rush to have him back playing in his signature style! He's jumped in at the end of the songwriting process for the new album and added some of his unique spice. I feel Christopher's playing has matured and is more precise and even faster than before! Guitar fans are going to freak out at the stuff we’re up to on the new album!"
ARCH ENEMY have spent recent weeks locked in intense rehearsals at their homebase in Halmstad, Sweden, putting the final touches on their new material and integrating Christopher into the new songs for the forthcoming studio album. More news on this will follow shortly.


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Netherland’s great symphonic doom metallers have arranged the following gigs:
14th of April, Delftzijl (NL)
18th of May, Essingen (Germany)
19th of May, Nordpark Arau (SwitzerLand)
20th of May, Chemnitz


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French death metal band AMPHITRYON confirmed their participation to the “Raismess Fest 10th edition”.
Bands also appearing in this festival are Therion, Pain Of Salvation, Finntroll, Glenn Hughes, Black Bomb A, Misanthrope, Delain, Seraphim, Syren’s Call, Koritni.
AMPHITRYON will close the Discovery Stage on Sunday 9th of September.


Mystis - 23/03/2007 Top

Nile is joining Ozzfest 2007.Lordi and Lamb Of God are taking the mainstage with headliner Ozzy Osbourne while Hatebreed is headline the second stage and Nile is supporting Hatebreed.Nile frontman Karl Senders added that Nile will be the first real death metal band in Ozzyfest ever.


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U.K. doomsters Esoteric have a new drummer. The drummer seat that was empty for 18 months now was taken by Joe.
The band is also looking for a third guitarist since Steve Peters has left.
They have almost completed writing and arranging their fifth album and they will most probably enter the studio in the next two months so that they release it by the end of this year.
They have also arranged some live gigs:
20th of April - The Barfly, Birmingham(UK) with Anaal Nathrakh.
8th of June - Le Korigan, Luynes(Marseille area of France.), support tbc.
9th June - La Locomotive, Paris(France, with Pantheist, Imindain and more tbc.


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Turkish black metal band Obscure will release their first album titled "Shedded Blood" from Hammer Music on April 13.
The release has 8 tracks that recorded in Midasin Kulakligi Studios (Ankara).Tracklist is given below :
1-Forthcoming Pain
2-Revenge For Shedded Blood
4-The Saviour
5-First Step
6-Embracing The Death
7-Without Humans

For details visit www.obscureregion.com


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British AKERCOCKE decided that their upcoming album will be named “Antichrist”. The album will be released on the 28th of May by Earache Records.

American dark melodic metallers, based in New York, will play a gig with November’s Doom, Saturnus, Gwynbleidd and others on the 24th of April in their home city.
The band trying to spread the word and make their music known, since they’re unsigned for more than a decade now, have given free access to their first 3 albums, which can be downloaded here

As announced, Kataklysm, Devildriver and Dimmu Borgir will be teaming up to tour. Confirmed dates so far as follows:

April 20- Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theater
April 21- Detroit, MI @ Harpo's
April 22- Toronto, ON @ Kool Haus
April 23- Montreal, QU @ Metropolis
April 24- Quebec City, QU @ Theater Capitol
April 26 - New York, NY @ Nokia Theater
April 27- Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
April 28- Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
April 29- Baltimore, MD @ Sonar
April 30- Charlotte, NC @ Amos Southend
May 2- Chicago, IL @ House Of Blues
May 4- St Paul, MN @ The Myth
May 5- Winnipeg, MB @ Burton Cummings
May 7- Calgary, AB @ Macewan Hall
May 8- Edmonton, AB @ Edmonton Events Center
May 10- Seattle, WA @ The Fenix
May 11- Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom
May 12- Portland, OR @ Roseland
May 13- San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield
May 15- Salt Lake City, UT @ Salt Air
May 16- Las vegas, NV @ House of Blues
May 17- Los Angeles, CA @ The Wiltern
May 18- Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
May 19- San Diego, CA @ Soma
May 21- Denver, CO @ Fillmore Auditorium
May 22- Kansas City, MO @ The Beaumont
May 23- St Louis, MO @ Pop's
May 25- Dallas, TX @ House Of Blues
May 26- Houston, TX @ Club V
May 27- San Antonio, TX @ Graham Central Station
May 29- Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle
May 30- Orlando, FL @ House Of Blues

Cannibal Corpse checks after completing the first two weeks of their European tour:

“Hey everybody, I just wanted to let you all know how our European tour is going so far. Today we're playing in Slovenia, which will be the 14th show of the tour, so this show marks the halfway point. So far all of the shows have gone really well, the audiences have been excellent night after night. We also were very happy to finally play in Romania and Bulgaria. It was our first time playing in either of those countries, but it certainly won't be the last. Both countries have great death metal scenes, and we hope to return there when we tour for our next album. The other countries we've been through so far have been: France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Serbia, which was last night. We've met a ton of cool people at every show, so I'd like to say hello and thanks to any of you who might be reading this. OK, sound check is going to start in a few minutes, so I'd better get going. Thanks again to all the fans who have come to the shows so far, see the rest of you soon!"

Cannibal Corpse just embarked on the second leg of their tour. Joining them are Disavowed and Mortem.

Goatwhore will be hitting the road on March 23rd for a three week long run with 1349, Nachtmystium and Averse Sefira. They will follow the tour with two weeks of headlining dates before heading to Germany for their first ever European tour, “The Excess of Evil” with Marduk, Enslaved, Keep of Kalessin, Melechesh, and Pantheon I.

“We would like to send our thanks out to all the guys from God Forbid, Mnemic, Arsis, The Human Abstract, and Byzantine for making the January thru February "Chains Of Humanity" Tour a complete success!! A big thanks goes out to the guys in God Forbid for making the whole tour possible!! Hope to see you all on the road soon and in the meantime STAY SICK, STAY FUCK!!”

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