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British metallers AKERCOCKE offer their entire new album “Antichrist” for online listening through Earache. Listen here.
The album will be released on the 28th of May by Earache Records and the track listing is the following:
01. Black Messiah
02. Summon The Antichrist
03. Axiom
04. The Promise
05. My Apterous Angel
06. Distant Fires Reflect The Eyes Of Satan
07. Man Without Faith Or Trust
08. The Dark Inside
09. Footsteps Resound In An Empty Chapel
10. Epode


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Doom/death French metallers ATARAXIE have posted the following announcement regarding their new album:
”Next album's music is composed. We are now working on lyrics and vocals, and have scheduled our return in the studio for September 10-17th.
The new Ataraxie's album will be again recorded with Kris Belaen in the CCR Studio (Belgium)”.
The band that is also making a split with IMINDAIN announced the following:
”Recordings takes for the split with Imindain are now over. Guitars and bass were recording in Fred's home studio, and drums and vocals were recorded in Solid Studio.
Mixdown & mastering are scheduled on april 28th at the Walnut Groove Studio (Carnival in Coal, DSK, Wormfood, Funeralium...) “


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Obituary signed with Candelight Records.About the subject bassist Frank Watkins said;
"We are very excited to be part of Candlelight Records. This will mark a new chapter in death metal history." Vocalist John Tardy adds, "We are really looking forward to having a record company that wants to work with us. We feel rejuvenated and this new album is gonna be sick!" Drummer Donald Tardy comments, "We couldn't be more pumped about teaming up with Candlelight. It is an unbelievable feeling to know that a record company cares about our music as much as we do."


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Dutch death metal band SEVERY TORTURE are currently in the studio preparing their next release.
Here’s the announcement on their official website:
Hey folks! A short update here.... We are momentarily right in the middle of recording of our new, as yet untitled, album. Seth already did an amazing job on drums and created an ultra tight foundation for the new songs. Marvin and I finished recording all the guitars last week and it turned out heavy as hell.

All the leads were finished last sunday and yesterday Pat finished his bass tracks and thusfar all the stuff sounds absolutely killer! Next weekend Dennis will start recording the vocals.

The new record will feature 10 new songs and we recorded 3 special suprises to be used for bonus tracks etc.. Also a big chance that there will be some special guests on the album, but more about that later! So look out for new updates over the next couple of weeks as we will be announcing the album title, the tracklist and all other kinds of cool stuff!

Cheers Thijs


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Bad news for the ARCTURUS camp.

According to the announcement they posted in their official website, the band no longer exists.

Here's their announcement:

A lot of rumours have been going around after our gig in Melbourne. Simen opened the concert with the words "Welcome to the last Arcturus-show ever". This is a decision we made some time ago. We all have a lot of things going on in our carreers and our lives, and therefore can not find the time to continue working with this band.

We are humble and grateful to all the people that have supported and loved us over the years.


Steinar Sverd Johnsen
Simen Haestnes
Knut Magne Valle
Hugh Mingay
Tore Moren

LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE vocalist and co-founder Christopher Schmidt decided to leave the band. Here is the relevant announcement as posted on the band’s official website:
"I don’t feel able to combine the permanent stress (of touring, concerts and of the general turbulences regarding the music business) with my "normal" life and my future."
In this case he often quotes his collegues of the "Strokes" with: "I wonna be forgotten and I don´t wonna be reminded."
Christopher doesn´t want to leave the stage without saying "thank you" to all the fans of Lacrimas Profundere for all the brilliant years of "Rock´n´sad".
The complete Band regret his decision but feel pretty happy about the fact that Christopher will be with Lacrimas Profundere as a lyricist and songwriter. The "LACRIMAS sound" will not change, because the brothers Oliver and Christopher co-operate as before, and Christopher will put some vocallines on the next album too!


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KATATONIA will make the following appearances in 2007:
29th of June - Tuska Festival (Helsinki, Finland)
6th of July - Roskilde Festival (Roskilde, Denmark)
10th of August - Brutal Assault Open Air (Jaromer, Czech Republic)


Mystis - 19/04/2007 Top

Catamenia is seeking for drummer right now.If you want to play in Catamenia so get in touch with band; applications@catamenia.net


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Mexican atmorpheric/ doom metal band AGLAROND are going to release their next album titled "Embraced by darkness" this summer.
The band hasn't announced more details yet, but the release will come out by AMERICAN LINE PRODUCTIONS.

Hanging Garden

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The Finnish doomsters that lately released their debut album “Inherit the Eden” will play two gigs on 20.4at Haukivuori, Haukihalli with Crusher and on 21.4 at Kokkola, Jungsborg with “Before The Dawn” and “Obscurant”.


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Watch here the video clip of their song “The Serpentine Offering” which will be in their upcoming release “In Sorte Diaboli”.
The clip was directed by Patric Ullaeus who has also worked with Lacuna Coil and Kamelot.
The album will come out on the 24th of April by Nuclear Blast.


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Swedish Doom Legends CANDLEMASS announced that their new album "King Of The Grey Islands" will be released on June 22 through Nuclear Blast Records.
The track listing for "King Of The Grey Islands" is as follows:
1. Prologue
2. Emperor Of The Void
3. Devil Seed
4. Of Stars And Smoke
5. Demonia 6
6. Destroyer
7. Man Of Shadows
8. Clearsight
9. The Opal City
10. Embracing The Styx


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German metallers DARK SUNS made the following announcement for their upcoming CD release on their official website:
"Yeehaw, nevertheless it's been taken faster than expected, hasn't it? ;-)
Well, let's become a bit serious: In about four weeks we'll enter our studio to record the new DS album. We're looking forward to miss the whole summerdays again to make out the best of the songs :-) ... It's quite clear that the following working titles won't express anything to you; for us they are probably the most important names during the last two years.
Well, here we go:
01. Leadzappenduster
02. MellowTownsend
03. DeSpace DeMesche
04. Sexy
05. Psychotic Flötenwaltzsong
06. Free Of You
07. Enigma Doom
08. Elektraudich
09. Kasch Miche If You Can Count 11
10. Born To Be Done
The album will definitely be the one after "EXISTENCE", that's for sure!!! :-) If things run well the album will be released at the end of this year; otherwise you'll have to be patient until january '08. Maybe that's not enough for this moment; but sorry... we have to continue with our rehearsals!
Be prepared!
Greetings from Dark Suns"


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Slovakian gothic doom act GALADRIEL announced that Hoyas is no longer their drummer. Here’s the announcement in their official web site:
"Hoyas is no longer the drummer of Galadriel ! We're sorry to announce that Hoyas is no longer the drummer of our band. After some problems we decided to stop our cooperation. Our friendship remains unbroken !
We would like to thank for the past 2 years we spent together driving the hell and wish to Hoyas all the best in his next life and his musical carreer with his band Attack Of Rage !
Thank You"
The band that was preparing their new studio album and were to play a gig in Romania, posted also the following announcement:
"The process of recording of our new album is still not finished !
We must Cancel the Romanian tour and the show in Bratislava!!!
We're very sorry and feel the anger, but the recording of our new album is still not over. Due to this situation and some other problems we must to cancel the Romanian Tour ! and the show in Bratislava.
Dear Romanian fans, we want to say sorry for this situation and we hope we will come to your country as soon as possible.
We want to say SORRY to organizers too, we know it is very bad for you!"
The drums for their upcoming album which will be recorded in Studio J in Trnava (Slovakia) will be played by Dr. Victor (ex-Galadriel, Karpina) and Jan Tornad (Cad, Vandali).


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Finnish folg metal band TURISAS announced details on their upcoming release “The Varangian Way”:
The album was recorded at Sound Supreme Studio and then mixed and mastered at Finnvox Studio. It is a concept story and according to the band’s vocalist and producer Warlord:
“It's a journey of a group of Northmen, who travel down the East-European river route through the lands of modern day East Europe. This was an important trade route in the 9th-11th centuries and the Northmen going in this direction were called Varangians who took this route to Kiev and finally Constantinople. The album follows this journey and the songs are events that take place on the road. As much as it is a journey of these men, it is also a journey in a search for self and identity - something which the protagonist is going through throughout the story. The varying surroundings can clearly be heard on the album as it features a lot of influences from the different cultures and people our travellers would have encountered on their journey
. Making this album was a very challenging task. I started developing the idea and framework for the concept soon after "Battle Metal" was released in 2004 and it demanded a lot of groundwork and studying. The songs were written between mid-2005 and 2007 when it was clear what every song would be about. In the end of 2006 we were finally ready to enter Sound Supreme Studio together with co-producer Janne Saksa to record the album. It took over two and a half months of work to record the album and two weeks of mixing at Finnvox studio together with Teropekka Virtanen to finally finish the album in March 2007. The sound is big, pompous and orchestral, but also features a lot of progressive elements and ethnic influences. It's a daring blend of many different styles, but I'm confident that people are musically open minded enough to swallow this album. All in all I would say that it is a natural step forward from "Battle Metal" to a more mature sound - still definitely TURISAS, but at the same time different."
The album will be in stores across Europe in June.
1. To Holmgard And Beyond
2. A Portage To The Unknown
3. Cursed Be Iron
4. Fields Of Gold
5. In The Court Of Jarisleif
6. Five Hundred And One
7. The Dnieper Rapids
8. Miklagard Overture
The band will also appear in summer festivals like Graspop, With Full Force and Rock Hard Festival.

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