Drummer Rikard Wermén of the reactivated Swedish death metallers DERANGED has issued the following update:

"Yes, the rumor is true… We have started to work on a new full-length! We're planning to record it sometime in January next year. No titles whatsoever yet... Either song titles or name of the actual album. It'll come... We've got six new tracks so far. The plan right now is to have 10 songs on the new disc. We'll soon record some kind of demo of the new songs... We always do that, record a rough demo whenever we have a bunch of new songs. Just to have something when we're working on lyrics and vocal patters. Unless you've been living a cave and never ever read an interview with a band that will soon have or have most recently released a new disc, you haven't heard the following before... Anyway, it's been said a million of times before but... Most of the times it's fucking wannabee and rock-star bullshit but this time around it's true though... The new material is indeed some of the best musical work I have ever been part of and I can't wait to have it all properly recorded and nicely commercially packed. It's fucking DERANGED we're talking about and we have not gone soft and all commercially sloppy. Why should we? Haven't done so yet and can't see any sense in doing it now either... DERANGED have never been about faking shit... The new shit (!) is extremely fast, mean and brutal as a New Year's Day hangover. If you have been into what we've done under the name DERANGED earlier you'll fucking get a hard-on and shit your pants... Further on, we'll do a bunch of gigs the autumn..."

DERANGED have confirmed six shows in the U.K. in November. Additonal dates on the continent will be added shortly.

Norwegian "dark metallers" AETERNUS will release their new album, "Hexaeon", in October via Karisma/Dark Essence Records.

The band commented in a statement: "Now, a lot of you might wonder how come we recorded 'HeXaeon' last year and [are] releasing it now, a year after the actual recording.

"The reasons are that we parted from [Nocturnal Art Productions] and in between there we had things going on and things we had to wait for. We simply needed to wait a lot of things out and that's how it is sometimes.

"For those who still waits patiently, we tip our hats to you. Thanks for your patience, it'll be worth it, you'll see.

"So get ready (FINALLY) for 9 songs of new dark metal from the pounding norse dark/death metal horde: AETERNUS!"

The follow-up to 2003's "A Darker Monument", "Hexaeon" was recorded at Grieghallen Studios in Norway and was once produced by Eirik "Pytten" Hundvin, who has previously worked with ENSLAVED and MÖRK GRYNING, among others.

AETERNUS recently acquired a new session guitarist by the name of Dreggen.


Cenk A. - 06/06/2005 Top


Guttural Secrete

Fleshcrawl - 19/05/2005 Top

Unmatched Brutality Record's new present American Brutal Death band Guttural Secrete entering the studio this summer for their first full-length macabre.

Source: Unmatched Brutality


Fleshcrawl - 16/05/2005 Top

Texas is known for spawning some of the sickest death metal bands around... and Exulcerate is no execption! Playing absolutely sickening brutality similar to their death metal neighbors Prophecy and Devourment.
The full-length carnage album ''"Remnants of a Cannabalistic Debauchery" '' will be available in June.

Source: Comatose Music

Vomit The Soul

Fleshcrawl - 16/05/2005 Top

Italian Brutal Death band Vomit The Soul will come back with a new full-length album.
This upcoming will be released by Comatose Music.

Source: Comatose Music

Lust Of Decay

Fleshcrawl - 16/05/2005 Top

American Brutal Death masters Lust Of Decay is working for a new full-length album.
New album coming soon due to by Comatose Music.

Source: Comatose Music


Fleshcrawl - 09/05/2005 Top

Polish Thrash / Crossover band Cremaster's new debut album ''Boletus Satanas'' is out now!
This art is the first full length album of band both released due to Conquer Records.
The stylistic of cd oscillates from rock'n'roll to death metal, the same showing, that rock or metal feels gangs in every perfectly.
1. Boletus Satanas
2. Slayin` alive
3. Streets of London
4. Antichristian hanky-panky
5. Bagpack ate my mom
6. Porno terrorizer
7. Therion indeed
8. Rabbit fire
9. Hot pants anal ysis
10. ZOO
11. Calcium Satanas
12. God of empty-full
13. Grand declaration of beer
14. Fell-latio
15. Scooter on the water
16. Scamp
17. Afternoon palace
18. Piccolo choro dell`antichristo
19. Meat sandwich

Source: Conquer Records


Goremented - 04/05/2005 Top

We are extremely proud to announce that the heavy metal maniacs in Bullet has signed a world wide record deal with Black lodge records. They are right now recording their debut fullength album in Euphony studios. The album is planned to be released in late 2005. Expect a jawbreaking heavy album in the old dirty way. Check out www.bullet.nu


Goremented - 04/05/2005 Top

Debutant black/metal band Rutthna has signed a deal with Black Lodge records. After a few other offers Rutthna decided to sign up with Black Lodge as they showed the biggest interest in the band. Rutthna started out as oneman-band by J. Kristensson (Thyrfing) in 2003. A demo was recorded and released, named "Decomposing Eve". In the beginning of 2004 Rutthna was reinforced behind the drums by D. Ekdahl (Raise Hell) and new songs started to take shape. Expect some cold and ugly metal on their debutalbum "Doomsdaylight". The album is set for release at the end of May-05. Check out www.rutthna.tk

Putrid Pile

Fleshcrawl - 25/04/2005 Top

Putrid Pile have officially signed with Goregiastic Records.
The band is currently focusing on finishing the tracks for their 2nd full length album to be titled "The Pleasure In Suffering".
Expect to hear heavier, sicker and more complex songs from this one-man piece that plans on beginning recording in June.
Studio Sho (Infernal Suffering, Deeds Of Flesh, Beheaded, etc) will take care of the cover artwork so expect high quality visual violence as usual.

Source: Goregiastic Records

Extreminal Distro

Goremented - 28/03/2005 Top

New Cd's :
Pest "Vado Mori"
Cirith Gorgor "Firestorm Apocalypse"
Deamon Lord "Of War And Hate"
Lux Ferre "Antichristian War Propaganda"


Fleshcrawl - 25/03/2005 Top

After a longer break we are back with some updated information from Immemorial. the first and apparently important one is the fact, that Karla, the female vocalist , is no longer a member of the band.such a decision was caused by her lack of evotion and engagement in the band`s matters as well as some major approach differences that unabled any further co-operation and jeopardised the coherence of the band. Immemorial have been in touch with the former band`s musician and as a 4 manned band started working on the "AFTER DENY"s follower, now under a working title: "I.M.L." the personal data and the updated line-up will be revealed in the close future.

Source: Conquer Records

''We have the honour to inform, that the support during Polish part of tour MASTER OF CHAOS TOUR 2005 the legend death metal MORBID ANGEL became the bands from Conquer Records - SUPREME LORD and DEVILYN. 31 March in Warsaw club "Proxima" will play SUPREME LORD meanwhile 1 April in Wroclaw club "WZ" DEVILYN will step out. We invite on concerts with all warmly.''

Source: Conquer Records


Goremented - 23/03/2005 Top

Turkish Ultra Brutal Gore Death Grind Band Cenotaph is looking for a label to release the upcoming 4th new album.They will record it in june 2005...

Website : www.cenotaph.cjb.net

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