It is not a bit big surprise but we are sorry that we have to announce that because of the car accident in November and the tragic aftermath BLAZE OF PERDITION and OREMUS have to cancel their shows. 

But there are three new confirmations and therefore positive news as well!


The band from the Netherlands has been active since 1992 and so far released 13 albums. Deeply rooted in the early days of Heavy and Black Metal COUNTESS has understood to combine those influences and leave their own mark in the genre. In 2014 the scene cult band will release a new milestone in form of "Ancient Lies And Battle Cries". COUNTESS will play their first show since the nineties at UNDER THE BLACK SUN 2014!


Those who don't know DEMONICAL yet have definitely missed something. The Swedes are one of the few Death Metal Bands founded in the 21st century who understand how to transfer the old spirit into a modern sound. At last the quartet has decapitated dozens of heads with „Darkness Unbound“! Calling DEMONICAL an excellent live band is nothing special, but it certainly isn't a hyperbole either. You'll get the proof in the summer of 2014!


The Polish band is confirmed as replacement for BLAZE OF PERDITION. But calling them a compromise would be misplaced. In fact their current album "Working Class Misanthropy" is one of the best secret tips in 2013. If you haven't listened to it yet, you should give it a try immediately! VOIDHANGER are more than a makeshift solution and of course they will kick your asses in 2014!

If there is a legendary and pioneer band that started blending Death & Black 20 years ago, this one is AURORA BOREALIS from Maryland (USA). Now, with their 6th full length album already recorded, Xtreem Music is proud to announce the addition of the band to its roster, signing them for the release of "Worldshapers" in spring 2014.

Formed back in 1994 by mainman Ron Vento, the band has been developing their unique brand of brutal, fast and technical yet melodic Death Metal with adequate doses of Black Metal. One of the most outstanding points in the history of AURORA BOREALIS has been the usage of top drummers for the recordings of all their albums such as Tony Laureano, Derek Roddy, Tim Yeung and currently Mark Green, which gives a good idea of the band's pedigree, and everything excellently topped by the awesome songwriting of Ron Vento.

"Worldshapers" is the 6th full length album, their finest work to date, which contains 10 tracks of relentless Death/ Black with an astonishing production at Ron Vento's very osn Nightsky Studios, blending elements that might evoke bands like early HATE ETERNAL, ANGEL CORPSE, IMMORTAL, CARCASS, NILE, EMPEROR… but managed in a masterly way and with lyrics dealing about mythologic, cosmic and futuristic matters.

Release date for "Worldshapers" is set for March 1st, 2014 but you can already listen to an exclusive advance track at Xtreem Music's Youtube channel here:

Epic Norwegian thrash metallers NOCTURNAL BREED will release a new album entitled "Napalm Nights" on March 11th in Europe and March 18th in North America via Agonia Records. "The Devil Swept The Ruins" is the title of the first song to be revealed off the release, which is available for streaming through the link below.

Featuring a guest appearance of Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto on vocals, and former guitarist A.E. Rattlehead on guitars, "Napalm Nights" includes 10 brand new tracks recorded in Killer Studio (Norway) in 2012 & 2013. Recently re-united with the original guitarist I.Maztor, the band - including present and past members of Satyricon, Aeternus and Gehenna - is coming back with their fifth full-length release after 7 years of silence. The newest album is a punch of epic old school thrash metal with a blackened rock and roll undercurrent.
Track list:
1 - The Devil Swept The Ruins 
2 - Speedkrieg 
3 - Cursed Beyond Recognition
4 - The Bitch of Buchenwald
5 - Napalm Nights
6 - Thrashiac
7 - Dawn Campaign... Flamethrower Ridge
8 - Under The whip
9 - Dragging The Priests
10 - Krigshisser 

A Single "Reign Mother War" promoting the young polish band`s next release - "Manifesto" album, has just been put on the YouTube. The full album will hit the shelves on 25th Jan 2014 via german label Folter Records. Be prepeared for a deadly punch. Let the music speak for itself!



Cenk A. - 29/12/2013 Top

Re-issue with 2 bonus, new cover art and remastered sound of the 1st album from '09 by this impressive band from Slovenia, an aggressive Thrash Metal with influences from bands like VIO-LENCE, ATROPHY, FORBIDDEN, ACROPHET, TESTAMENT, EXODUS... killer production, excellent vocalist... a great album!! They'll surprise you!!

01 - Prayers Betrayers 
02 - Monumental Mind 
03 - The Auditors 
04 - Democracy 
05 - Electrifried 
06 - Playing with Matches 
07 - Twisted Reality 
08 - Inner Wastelands 
09 - Sands of Time 
10 - Monumental Mind (live) 
11 - Democracy (live)

The artwork has been designed by Edmundo Saiz and the alternative model who gives life to it receives the name of Anneke Necrophyle.

The tracklist is composed by the next 10 tracks:

1. Enuma Elish
2. Apsu Dethroned
3. Decrepit Human Kingdom
4. Namtar's Crown
5. The Rising Horns
6. Halo of Repugnance
7. Egregor
8. The Splint of Destinations
9. Eidolon
10. The Adamantine Doors


The inaugural Nepal Deathfest which is scheduled to happen on Jan 11 2014 has revealed its final band line up. 

NEPAL DEATHFEST, jointly organized by BRUTAL POKHARA and EXTREME UNDERGROUND METAL SOCIETY OF NEPAL, is planned to happen in Kathmandu, Nepal at abovementioned date and is dedicated to bring some of the most accomplished and intense Death Metal acts from the sub continent. The event was planned with a vision of need to have an extreme event in this part of the world where similar extreme heads can come together, discuss and venerate this glorious genre we all adore and live for. 

The final lineup is as follow:

-UgraKarma (Nep)

-Fragarak (Ind)

-Homicide (Bd)

-Dying out Flame (Nep)

-Creature of Judgment (Bd)

-Aakrosh (Nep)

-Nude Terror (Nep) 

Cult Swedish black/death metal act NECROPHOBIC will release its seventh full-length album, "Womb Of Lilithu", on October 29 (four days earlier in Europe) via Season Of Mist. A digital single featuring the new song "Splendour Nigri Solis", taken from the forthcoming CD, was released exclusively through Spotify on August 19 (September 3 in North America).

"Womb Of Lilithu" track listing:

01. Womb Of Lilithu
02. Splendour Nigri Solis
03. Astaroth
04. Furfur
05. Black Night Raven
06. The Necromancer
07. Marquis Phenex
08. Asmodee
09. Marchosias
10. Matanbuchus
11. Paimon
12. Opium Black
13. Infinite Infernalis
14. Amdusias

Greek thrashers SUICIDAL ANGELS will release their new album, "Divide And Conquer", on January 14, 2014 (one day earlier internationally) via NoiseArt Records. The effort will be made available as a limited digipak, vinyl LP in different colors and as a digital download.

Comments SUICIDAL ANGELS guitarist/vocalist Nick Melissourgos: "We recorded again in the Prophecy & Music Factory Studios and the mix and master this time was done by Fredrik Nordström (HAMMERFALL, IN FLAMES, ARCH ENEMY) at Fredman Studios. We didn't know what to expect for the final result, but what we got is killer. He managed to combine the old-school feeling of our music with an up-to-date production of 2013. [It sounds] absolutely massive!"

"Divide And Conquer" track listing:

01. Marching Over Blood
02. Seed Of Evil
03. Divide And Conquer
04. Control The Twisted Mind
05. In The Grave
06. Terror Is My Scream
07. Pit Of Snakes
08. Kneel To The Gun
09. Lost Dignity
10. White Wizard

GENERATION KILL, the band featuring EXODUS frontman Rob Dukes, will release its sophomore album, "We're All Gonna Die", on November 15 via Nuclear Blast. The CD was produced by Chris "Zeuss" Harris, who has previously worked with SUICIDE SILENCE, ALL THAT REMAINS, SHADOWS FALL and SOULFLY, among others.

In the video clip below, Dukes and GENERATION KILL bassist Rob Moschetti (formerly of PRO-PAIN and M.O.D.) talk about their old-school songwriting approach on "We're All Gonna Die".

Commented Dukes: "We called this album 'We're All Gonna Die' because, for the most part, the lyrics are about the darker side of the existence of humans on this planet.

"The album as a whole is so diverse, drawing from our influences that we grew up on.

"We achieved our goal of creating something that we all are so proud of. I personally think this is the strongest vocal performance of my career, and as a band we can't wait for the hard rock/metal world to hear this album."

Rebirth the Metal Productions & Grindhead Records will release the 4th full-length album of Enthrallment. Both labels will distribute the album with the official distribution of Sevared Records. The album is expected to be released until the end of the year.
Details will be revealed soon.

To accompany the upcoming vinyl single "Gind A-Prins" and to give fans a sample of what is to come on the band's next studio album, "Tau", NEGURA BUNGET — the Romanian outfit that incorporates elements of black metal, progressive metal, folk metal and dark ambient — has released a music video for its new song "Curgerea Muntelui". States NEGURA BUNGET drummer Negru: "The images for the 'Curgerea Muntelui' video were filmed on various locations on Cerna and Retezat Mountains. Some studio photos were also used by the visual artist Daniel Dorobatu (who's in charge for the whole visual content of NEGURA BUNGET's upcoming trilogy) to merge into a layered and geometrical exploration of the natural elements."

SARKE's third album, "Aruagint", is available for streaming in its entirety using the SoundCloud widget below. Released on September 20 via Indie Recordings, the CD was once again recorded at H-10 Productions studios in Oslo with producer Lars Erik Westby.

"Aruagint" track listing:
01. Jaunt Of The Obsessed 
02. Jodau Aura 
03. Ugly 
04. Strange Pungent Odyssey 
05. Walls Of Ru 
06. Salvation 
07. Skeleton Sand 
08. Icon Usurper 
09. Rabid Hunger

German black metallers ENDSTILLE will release their eighth full-length album, "Kapitulation 2013", on November 8 in Europe and November 12 in North America via Season Of Mist. 

"Kapitulation 2013" track listing: 
01. Aborted 
02. The Refined Nation 
03. Reich An Jugend 
04. Sick Heil 
05. Blasphemer (SODOM cover) 
06. Monotonus 2013 
07. Nostalgia 
08. Stalin Note 
09. KDF 511 
10. Endstille (Abschied) 

The song "The Refined Nation" can be streamed below.

Finnish dark/doom metallers HANGING GARDEN will release a brand new EP, "I Was A Soldier", on November 18 via Lifeforce Records. "I Was A Soldier" will be available as a strictly limited (200 copies) seven-inch single and as a digital EP. "I Was A Soldier" track listing: 01. Winter To Summer Adverse 02. I Was A Soldier 03. Will You Share This Ending With Me (digital bonus track) A teaser for the EP can be seen below.

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