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Swedish death metal legends Hypocrisy have just uploaded a short documentary about making-of the ‘End Of Disclosure’ video clip, directed by Ville Lipiainen (Nightwish and Amorphis fame), which recently took place in Stockholm, Sweden. Watch the footage below:


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Entrails, who signed to Metal Blade records last year and recently wrapped up work with Dan Swano, have launched the first single and released the art for their third album ‘Raging Death’.

As They Burn

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As They Burn have released a music video for ‘Dream Collapse’, from their new album ‘Will, Love, Life’. An introduction to their blend of groove-oriented technical-death metal, ‘Dream Collapse’ is an ode to crashing dreams and forgotten plans for the future. 

Watch the music video below:


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Abiotic have got together with director Dan Drescher, who filmed their previous video ‘Vermosapien’, to shoot a brand new video for ‘Facades’. The video’s release date will be announced later, but Abiotic has posted several images on their Facebook page.

Jungle Rot

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"Terror Regime", the title track of the eighth studio album from Wisconsin death metallers JUNGLE ROT, can be streamed below.

"Terror Regime" will be released on March 19 via Victory Records. 

01. Voice Your Disgust
02. Terror Regime
03. Utter Chaos
04. I Am Hatred
05. Blind Devotion
06. Scorn
07. Rage Through The Wasteland
08. Ruthless Omnipotence
09. I Don't Need Society
10. Carpet Bombing
11. Pronounced Dead


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"Alchemy Of Blood", the new video from Polish extreme metallers HATE, can be seen below. The track comes off the band's new album, "Solarflesh", which was released in North America on February 5 via Napalm Records.


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Prosthetic Records will release "Gates To The Pantheon", the new album by German black/death quintet NEGATOR, in North America this spring. The CD will be made available physically on May 14 and digitally on April 23 to coincide with its European release through Viva Hate Records.

01. Epiclesis
02. Bringer Of War
03. The Last Sermon
04. Serpents Court
05. Nergal, The Raging King
06. Carnal Malefactor
07. The Urge For Battle
08. Atonement In Blood
09. Revelation 

The band is currently offering a free download of the single "Atonement In Blood" using the SoundCloud widget below.


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German thrashers ACCU§ER will release their new album, "Diabolic", on April 12 via Red Shift Music/H'ART. The CD was recorded in October/November 2012 at Gernhart studio with producer Martin Buchwalter (DESTRUCTION, PERZONAL WAR, SUIDAKRA).

01. Apocalyptic Decay
02. Diabolic
03. Cannibal Insanity
04. Deification
05. Dethroned
06. Beyond The Blackness
07. Save Your Legend
08. Immortal Aggression
09. Remains Of Chaos
10. World Wide Violence

A trailer for the album can be seen below:

Critical Solution

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The Norwegian Thrash Metallers from CRITICAL SOLUTION have just finished recording their debut album in ANDY LA ROCQUE's SONIC TRAIN STUDIOS in Varberg, Sweden. 
Mid 2011, the band worked already with Andy La Rocque, when he produced and mixed their EP "Evidence of Things Unseen". Also, this time, Andy La Rocque is responsible for the production, recording, mixing and mastering of this upcoming full-lenght, which will contain 14 tracks !
CRITICAL SOLUTION is revealing today 2 very special guests who will appear on their debut album ! For their cover of Motörhead's KILLED BY DEATH, guest vocals are contributed by WHITFIELD CRANE (UGLY KID JOE) and ANDY LA ROCQUE (KING DIAMOND) delivers a guitar-solo on the same song !
The new album has a tentative release date for Spring 2013. 

The band has uploaded a teaser for KILLED BY DEATH (feat. Withfield Crane & Andy La Rocque):


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The Italian Death Metal band Hateful has just signed up with The Spew Records (a division of Punishment 18 Records). Thier second new album will be released before end of June. Hateful released their debut full-length album "Coils of a Consumed Paradise" in 2010 via Horrors of Yuggoth.

Demonic Slaughter

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Pagan Records announces April 10th as the international release date for DEMONIC SLAUGHTER's brand-new album,”Downfall”. Hailing from Poland and featuring present and past members of Abusiveness and Blaze of Perdition the band has been creating a reputation since 2006 through the release of their three full-length albums as well as few EP’s, as one of the most respected Black Metal bands in their homeland. “Downfall”, representing band’s continued path of worshipping the old gods of Norwegian Black Metal, is by far is the most mature  and accomplished  material written by the band to this date. It consists of eight songs of cold, raw Black Metal with grim aura. DEMONIC SLAUGHTER delivers their requiem in honor of the final darkness and collapse of the mankind.
01. Ordeal
02. Labyrinth Of Lost
03. Dark Matter Constelation
04. Lightbringer - The Architect
05. Martwa Cisza
06. Darkness
07. Planet Of Doom
08. Cold And Haunted

Premiere track “Lightbringer – The Architect” is available below:


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Mexican corpse-walkers ZOMBIEFICATION have announced their second full-length album as "At The Caves Of Eternal", and will be scheduled for 8th April 2013 (Europe) and 14th May 2013 (North America) respectively.

01. At The Caves Of Eternal
02. Disembodied Souls
03. Soul Collector
04. In The Mist
05. Passage Of Darkness
06. In The Gallery Of Laments
07. The Crypt
08. In The Shadowed Garden
09. Slaves Whisper Your Name

The full-length effort was recorded at Revolution Studios with Jesús Bravo manning the engineering and brought over to Necromorbus, Sweden (Watain, Demonical, Desultory, etc) for mixing and mastering duties under the helm of Tore Stjerna.

A one-minute teaser preview of "At The Caves Of Eternal" is now available below.

To get a better glimpse of this putrid masterpiece, a full track 'Slaves Whisper Your Name', taken off from the new album "At The Caves Of Eternal" is now available for streaming at the Pulverised Records Bandcamp page and also at the Pulverised Records SoundCloud page.


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Polish progressive grind act ANTIGAMA has just completed the construction of their anticipated sixth full-length album, Meteor. Consisting of eleven explosive new tracks, Meteor was recorded earlier this year at Progresja Studio in Warsaw with producer Pawel "Janos" Grabowski (Masachist, Lost Soul) and the final output mastered by Scott Hull at his Visceral Sound Studios (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Pig Destroyer).

The album also features a guest appearance by Michal Lapaj from world renowned Polish progressive rock band Riverside.

ANTIGAMA's head technician Sebastian Rokicki comments on what to expect from Meteor: "This was very hard and challenging recording session but I am sure the result will surprise many of our fans. Meteor is solid piece of intense brutal music not for weak at heart. This is no doubt the fastest and most experimental Antigama's album."

Meteor will see release in May or June via Selfmadegod Records, the assassins also responsible for the band’s recently-released Stop The Chaos EP in addition to a plethora of other ANTIGAMA releases, including their seminal Discomfort and Zeroland albums. An official studio report, album art, and most importantly, new music from Meteor will be available shortly.


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A few days ago Noctem announced a change in the line up of the band.

Helion (rhythm guitar) decided to part ways with the band for personal reasons. His abandonment of Noctem was produced in the most friendly way possible. We understand and support him. Now we proudly present Nekros as the new guitar of the band.

A few days later Noctem was presented as the new artist of the brand Esp & Ltd guitars and basses. Exo, Nekros and Ul proudly use Esp & Ltd instruments and have been fanatics of this well known brand for years and years.

In words of the band: "This is a further step for Noctem's career, as Esp & Ltd instrument's style fits perfectly the aggressive and sharp sound of Noctem. We hope this is the beginning of a very long relationship between the band and this worldwide killer brand".


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New 7inch of PEST entitled "Black Oath c/w Morbid Revelation" will be available April 16th.
The EP includes 2 new, exclusive tracks:
A. 1. The Black Oath
B. 1. Morbid Revelation
Available formats:
- 7"EP - black vinyl, limited to 450 copies
- 7"EP - bone white vinyl, limited to 50 copies 

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