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Blast Head Records announced their signing of Ancient Roman death metal band ADE for the spring release of their sophomore album entitled ‘Spartacus’, which features extreme metal drummer George Kollias and will be the band's follow up to their 2009 debut ‘Prooemivm Sangvine’.

True masters of music, ADE, formed in 2007, with the purpose of blending death metal with the traditional instruments of ancient Rome and Greece. 

“When I first listened to ‘Spartacus’ I was instantly intrigued by the amazing song structures, production and most importantly the musicianship of ADE! From start to finish ‘Spartacus’ grips you with musical hooks and their use of traditional Roman instruments allows you hear something new with every listen. The album is very powerful, memorable and in all honesty is a major contender for album of the year! I am beyond proud to have ADE on Blast Head Records to showcase their talents to the world!" comments Paul Shaw, owner of  Blast Head Records.

This first single 'Duelling The Shadow of Spartacus ft. George Kollias' is now streaming below.

01. Betrayer FromThrace
02. Sanguine Pluit in Arena
03. The Endless Runaway
04. Crixius Flags Of Dishonor
05. Duelling The Shadow Of Spartacus
06. Mars Unpredictable Favour
07. Decimate The Coward
08. Six Thousands Crosses
09.  Divinitus Victor
10. For Everything To Be The Same...

“'Spartacus' is a masterpiece…that simple! I feel blessed and honored recording the drums for this album. ADE can play great and write some of the best songs in the genre; the combination of writing, feel and musicianship is in this album outstanding; they worked very hard on each song and that shows very well. 'Spartacus' has some really unique elements and ideas that ADE combines with the best –and fresh- way possible...this is why I can’t wait to see people’s reaction with this AMAZING album!!!” comments  drummer George Kollias.

Video of George Kollias commenting about ADE:


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The release dates for "Grip Of The Dead", the upcoming debut album from Swedish morbid Death Metal rebels NECROCURSE, have been set on 11th of March 2013 for Europe and 19th of March 2013 for North America.

A six-minute video teaser containing snippets of the forthcoming album "Grip Of The Dead" is now available below.

01. Preludium Of Devastation
02. Necrocurse
03. Rotten In The Dark
04. The Devil Cobra
05. Ripping Darkness (The Destroyer)
06. Death Metal Rebels
07. Morbid Maniacs
08. Speed To The Grave
09. Grip Of The Dead
10. Coffin Breakers
11. Infernal Rebellion

The Moth Gatherer

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Swedish Experimental/Progressive band THE MOTH GATHERER has premiered the first song from the upcoming debut album out on Agonia Records. "A Road of Gravel and Skulls" - an 8 minute massive track full of progressive emotions and melodic slower-sections, can be streamed below.

The debut album entitled "A Bright Celestial Light" (cover below) will hit the shops on April 16th in Europe and April 30th in North America.

"A Bright Celestial Light" will consist of 5  original compositions with a total playing time of 44 minutes. The album has been mastered by Karl Daniel Liden (Terra Tenebrosa, grammy nominated  Switchblade album) and will feature a guest appearance from Member 001 of The Konsortium fame.

01. The Water That We All Come To Need
02 . Intervention
03. A Road of Gravel and Skulls
04. The Womb, The Woe, The Woman
05. A Falling Deity

THE MOTH GATHERER's music is hard to label, due to band's non-one-dimensional approach towards the songs they create; the Experimental/Progressive etiquette seems almost too laconic to fully do justice to the spirit of the compositions. The debut offers up long and complex tracks, but still surprisingly simple and compelling. Abundance of tempo changes and variations that surround the album bask in emotionally charged, progressive yet utterly melodic slower-sections, addictive enough to stimulate the imagination. 

"We just want our music to be an emotional explosion" - comments Alex, co-founder. "A lot of the songs is about death, missing people you loved who have passed away and losing hope in mankind. We want the music to make you feel like you can move mountains with it. I wish f or that when people hear our music, they start to dream away."

THE MOTH GATHERER is recommended for fans of Neurosis, Breach and Cult of Luna.

The Upheaval

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THE UPHEAVAL has recently inked a deal with the Canadian underground label Mulligore Production. The band's full-length ''Failure of Humanity'' will be issued on regular Jewel Case CD during the spring. 

The album was mixed and mastered by Deniz Tuncer (SAINTS 'N' SINNERS) and was recorded at Ö.T's Liberty Studio. The mix/master took place at Tuncer's ''Beef Sound'' in March 2012. Both studios are located in Istanbul. 

The track ''Obey the Beast'' can be streamed via the SoundCloud player below.


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Exhumer, Italian brutal death metal band, who have worked on several tours in Europe and in the U.S., announces the return of bassist, Alyosha Danisi (already present on the first disc, "Bloodcurdling Tool of Digestion"). 

They are already in the recording studio at Break The Trend Sound Recordings recording the new full length album, "Degraded by Sepsis," to be released by Comatose Music. The album artwork was created by Jon Zig (who has worked for groups such as: Suffocation, Disgorge U.S.A., Pyaemia; Condemned; Inherit Disease; Putridity; Septycal Gorge etc.).

Azure Emote

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AZURE EMOTE (featuring members of DEATH, FEAR FACTORY, MONSTROSITY, TRISTANIA, RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER and more) announces the completion of their 2nd studio album "The Gravity Of Impermanence" which will be released worldwide through SELFMADEGOD RECORDS April 3rd 2013.

"The Gravity Of Impermanence" is an original mix of Avant-garde Death Metal featuring pummeling blast beats, haunting female vocals, violins, saxophone, harmonica and a barrage of other eclectic surprises, all brought together into one melting pot of misanthropic darkness.

The cover art was once again done by AZURE EMOTE's own creator and frontman Mike Hrubovcak, who is known for illustrating artworks for SINISTER, GRAVE, CATTLE DECAPITATION, HATE ETERNAL, DECREPIT BIRTH, MORTICIAN, and many others. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ron Vento of AURORA BOREALIS at NIGHTSKY STUDIOS.

"The Gravity Of Impermanence" contains 14 songs and over 1 hour of music.

01. Epoch of De-Evolution 
02. Carpe Diem 
03. Marching Forth 
04. Sunrise Slaughter 
05. Conduit of Atrophy 
06. Veils of Looming Despair 
07. Dissent 
08. The Living Spiral
09. Obsessive Time Directive 
10. Patholysis 
11. Destroyer of Suffering 
12. Annunaki Illuminati 
13. The Color of Blood 
14. Puppet Deities 

"The Gravity Of Impermanence" lineup is as follows: 
• Mike Hrubovcak - Vocals, Lyrics, Keyboards, Electronic Programming, Samples, Harmonica 
• Ryan Moll - Lead and Rhythm Guitars 
• Mike Heller - Drums / Percussion
• Kelly Conlon - Bass Guitar
• Pete Johansen - Violin / Electric Violin
• Sandra Laureano - Female Vocals
• Melissa Ferlaak Koch - Female Vocals
• Bruce Lamont - Saxophone
• Jonah Weingarten - Keytar solos
• J.J. Hrubovcak - Guest Guitar Solo
• Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert - Guest Electronic Programming

Shoot to Kill

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SHOOT TO KILL is the name of the debut album of the revelation group of Chilean Thrash Metal SUICIDE NATION, the first album of the band formed in Talca is available under AUSTRALIS RECORDS.
Formed in 2006 by Félix Arto (vocals), Matías González (drums) and Guillermo Ramírez (bass), Suicide Nation enters the national scene with the edition of its first Ep ANOTHER WAY TO DIE in 2009 which the band begun to show musical ideas and all its power playing a new powerful thrash metal. A mini tour of Argentina, to be the finalist of the Escudo Rockaxis competition and playing as the opening band of Monstrosity in local concert were the anticipation of the creation of its debut album recorded in CARDIOIDE STUDIOS (Postumo Lumbre, Unsilent) owned by actual guitarist Carlos Puentes.
By now the band is promoting and preparing some shows in order to release the album in its home town. The art of the album was made by Miguel Toxik.

01. See the World Burn
02. Another Way to Die
03. Shoot to Kill
04. No Bound to Violence
05. Reaper
06. Day of Destruction
07. In Cold Blood Crime
08. Suicide Nation
09. Born Guilty 


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Second album of polish black metal project Primal - Obled out now on CD under the Q.E.V.Productions/T.E.O.T.Records.


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Easily one of the most anticipated Finnish death metal releases in recent memory, "Unending Degradation" from Helsinki's KRYPTS is due on February 19 via Dark Descent Records, with the vinyl version coming from Me Saco Un Ojo. 

01. Introeon: Perpetual Beyond
02. Blessed Entwinement
03. Open the Crypt
04. Dormancy of the Ancients
05. Inhale...
06. The Black Smoke
07. Day of Reckoning
08. Beneath the Archaic

The Faceless

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Los Angeles-based progressive death metal titans THE FACELESS have released the following statement regarding the departure of their drummer of the past five years, Lyle Cooper:

"To clear the air on a few details, THE FACELESS has decided to part ways with drummer Lyle Cooper due to a growing difference in the level of commitment to the project. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and we're sure he'll continue to be successful with music. Having said that, we are very excited to announce that Alex Rudinger [THREAT SIGNAL, THE HAARP MACHINE] is our new full time drummer. We just played our first 3 shows with him in Mexico and what he brings to the band both musically and personally, is simply astounding. We are looking forward to a great future with Alex."

Walk As Chaos

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Walk As Chaos, the new extreme progressive metal collaboration from Alan Sacha Laskow (Divinity, Enditol) and Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster (Out of Your Mouth, Autobody) are proud to unleash their new music video in support of their first single 'Impasse'.

Directed by one of Alberta's leading independent music video directors, Doug Cook, the video incorporates various film making techniques like old school stop-motion photography, computer graphic elements mixed with live action along with fantastic set and costume design to bring 'Impasse' to the visual forefront.

"We are super excited about our new music video for "Impasse". Doug Cook (director) went the extra mile and we are proud to say we feel it sticks out as being modern & inventive - just like our music. When we started talking about how to bring the song into the visual realm, Doug decided the backdrop should be a futuristic world made up of lines that had a difficult time connecting with each other, like a maze. He also wanted to put Jerrod and I into situations that showcased our collaboration (singer/engineer) but also the frustration one can be faced with when being at a impasse, whether is be Man vs. Man, Man vs. Tech and Man vs. Nature etc." comments Laskow.


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Canada's black/death destroyers WEAPON have unleashed a brand new music video for the title track from their Relapse Records debut, "Embers And Revelations". Check it out below.

In Vain

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Norway's IN VAIN will release its third attack of progressive extreme metal, "Ænigma", on March 8 in Norway, March 15 in Germany and Austria and March 11 in the rest of Europe through Indie Recordings. The band's most extreme work to date, it was mixed and produced by the legendary Jens Bogren (OPETH, SOILWORK, BORKNAGAR) at Fascination Street in Örebro, Sweden. The cover artwork was designed by Robert Høyem.

According to a press release, "Ænigma" contains "eight songs of IN VAIN's unique trademark sound and as usual, IN VAIN has brought some guests along, and 'Ænigma' sees appearances by Lazare and Cornelius from SOLEFALD."

Commented IN VAIN's Johnar Håland: "We had a solid impression of the productions coming out of the Fascination Street Studio, and believed Jens was the right guy to give the music the crystal clear and powerful sound that it demands. Jens did not cut any corners and delivered a production par excellente."



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The cover artwork for PANIKK's new album entitled "Unbearable Conditions", has been revealed. Due worldwide on March 12, 2013 via Metal Tank Records the album will contain the following track listing:

01. Panic Attack
02. Dismay
03. Messiah of Decay
04. Away from Reality (Instrumental)
05. The Wave of Death
06. Playground of Visions
07. Revelation Of Truth (Acoustics)
08. Cruel World (Society to Adapt)
09. Unbearable Conditions

The single "Panic Attack" from the forthcoming album has been posted online at

PANIK’S “Unbearable Conditions” contain nothing but fast, old school and untamed thrash metal from one of the leading Slovenian bay-area influenced metal bands in the vein of VIO-LENCE, EVILDEAD, FORCED ENTRY and ACID REIGN.


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German Sludge/Groove Metal gents BEISSERT have revealed a new song in their repertoire as well as details of their 3rd in career album. The release entitled "Darkness Devil Death" will invade the shops on the 12th of March in Europe and 30th of April in North America on Agonia Records. Première track off the album can be streamed below.

BEISSERT is a wild crossover between Rock, Sludge, Groove and Heavy Metal, led by memorable and characteristic vocals by BSSRT. The new album is recommended for fans of Mike Patton, Fantomas, Cluth, High On Fire, Pantera and Nevermore.

"Darkness Devil Death" was recorded and mixed at Kohlekeller Studio by Kristian Kohlmannslehner (Burden, Crematory, Powerwol f, Ava Inferi) and will feature a guest appearance of Thor Sten from Burden.

01. Thy Chthonic Cathedral
02. DarknessDevilDeath
03. Age Ov Darkness
04. Zorn Der Geister
05. My Path Shall Be Your Wrath
06. Perm Trias
07. I Am The Lore
08. Do What Thou Wilt
10. De Profundis Clamavi
11. Die Diamantenen Tore Der Hoelle [Polaris]

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