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Pittsburgh technical death metal insurgents, KAMIKABE, recently unearthed their latest full-length, Aberration Of Man, via Unique Leader Records. The ferociously epic, 10-track long player was recorded and produced by Brette Ciamarra at Studio 344, features guest vocals and lyrics by The Faceless’ Geoff Ficco on the track, "Only the Dead Rest," and boasts 33 minutes of mercilessly complex, asphyxiating brutality. A reference to the inevitable demise of mankind, Aberration Of Man is the confrontational sounds of societal ruination. Notes MetalSucks of the underrated gem: “KAMIKABE play some of the rippingest, most ferocious death metal I’ve heard in some time. I’d guess that these guys would cite Spawn of Possession and Nalpalm Death as big influences, a dandy combination for fans of fast death metal.
02.Leprous Divinity
03.The Rot
05.The Process Within 
09.Only The Dead Rest 

Dagor Dagorath

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"Dissident" is the title of second full length album of Israeli Extreme Black Metal formation Dagor Dagorath. 9 track for the new album were recorded at Eli Pickover studio during sep-oct. Track list and front cover will be revealed in the near future.

Critical Solution

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The Norwegian Thrash Metallers from CRITICAL SOLUTION will enter next week the SONIC TRAIN STUDIOS in Varberg, Sweden to work again with KING DIAMOND guitarist ANDY LA ROCQUE for their upcoming full-lenght release.
Mid 2011, the band worked already with Andy La Rocque, when he produced and mixed their EP "Evidence of Things Unseen" and delivered a guest appearance on this album where he was featured doing a guitar solo on the Metallica cover "Seek and Destroy". 
Also this time, Andy La Rocque will be responsible for the production and the mixing of this new release.
Vocalist/Lead Guitarist Christer Slettebø on working again with ANDY LA ROCQUE: "Last time we worked with Andy was absolutely amazing, like every other time we worked together! He welcomed us with open arms after listening to a shitty demo tape, but he saw something in us and then made us better than we could ever imagine. Andy brings out the best in us! He takes ideas to the table and we have that chemistry only a few can have. People can expect a punch-in-the-face album. Old school thrash, fast as hell! Guests appearances will be including La Rocque himself. The chemistry within the band can be felt in the songs and it's tight as hell! The band is better than ever before. We will keep you updated about all progress on our social media sites, so stay tuned for some thrashing news !"
The new album has a tentative release date of mid 2013.


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Typhonian occult metallers ACRIMONIOUS return with with a new rock-influenced and ritual-driven black metal release, wrapped in a classic heavy metal feeling entitled Sunyata. 

Premier track from the upcoming album is streaming now on YouTube, and is best viewed in HD mode. Click here to listen it.

Band's second full-length is due to be released on Agonia Records on the 28th November in Europe and 5th February in the USA.


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Swedish tech metal supergroup NONEXIST, featuring former ARCH ENEMY and current HEARSE vocalist Johan Liiva and ANDROMEDA/SKYFIRE guitarist Johan Reinholdz, will release its first new full-length album in 10 years on November 2nd digitally via Pivotal Rockordings. Entitled, “From My Cold Dead Hands,” the record was recorded at Multipass Studios and will feature five additional exclusive cover songs to be streamed at a later date for free.

01. Dark and Tortured Universe
02. Presence Everlasting
03. Flesh Falls from the Bone
04. Days without End
05. Fire at Will
06. Collective Coma
07. From My Cold Dead Hands
08. Lost in Darkness and Confusion
09. Here Comes the Pain

Free Bonus Tracks
Megadeth - "In My Darkest Hour"
Coroner - "Masked Jackal"
Atomic Rooster - "Death Walks Behind You"
Merciless - "Realm of the Dark"
Eucharist - "Greeting Immortality"

Holland’s melodic doom/death metal veterans Officium Triste announced the release of their 5th studio album, entitled ‘Mors Viri’, through Hammerheart Records on February 18th, 2013.

‘Mors Viri’ was recorded on several occasions during 2011 at El Pato studios in Bergweiler, Germany. Ronnie Björnström at Enhanced Audio Productions did the mix and master in Sweden. ‘Mors Viri’ sounds mature and varied with a focus on melancholic melodies, and is definitely their strongest recording to date.

Band statement:
“We’ve been working really hard on this new album and we are convinced we made a huge leap forward in both song writing as well as production. We are positive Hammerheart Records will be a big help in spreading our name even further. We’re really looking forward working with them.”

Hammerheart Records statement:
“When we received the new recordings of Officium Triste we were blown away, the sheer quality of every aspect of this recording is simply superb. Anyone interested in strong melodic Doom/Death Metal (think Katatonia, My Dying Bride, Anathema, November’s Doom) will have a new favourite band to add! Great to be working with these veteran guys who are around for almost 20 years now.”


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French Thrash/Death outfit DESTINITY have revealed the first track entitled ‘Aiming A Fist In Enmity’ off the upcoming album “Resolve In Crimson”. 

Album artwork was handled by Strychneen Studio. DESTINITY’s new album “Resolve In Crimson”, which was again produced by Jacob Hansen is set to be released on November 19th in Europe and a day later in North America.

Crest Of Darkness

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The first details of the latest album from Norwegian Black Metallers CREST OF DARKNESS have just been revealed. Active on the Norwegian Black Metal scene since the mid-nineties, CREST OF DARKNESS, will release on the 11 February 2013 on My Kingdom Music the sixth full-length of their career, the ten-track album titled “In the Presence of Death” and promises to be the most complete, extreme and dark album the band has ever recorded.
Recently the band announced the addition of DJEVELKULT guitarist Jan Fredrik Solheim (aka Dødsherre Xarim) to replace the outgoing Kjell Arne Hubred, a seven year veteran with the band who was leaving to devote more time to his young family, which, according to Amlien, was entirely understandable given that the band had plans to increase activity with the upcoming release of the album.  Solheim, he went on to say has “brought a renewed sense of enthusiasm and purpose to the band, and as far as I’m concerned CREST OF DARKNESS is sounding better and stronger than ever”. Aside from Amlien on bass and vocals and Solheim on guitars, CREST OF DARKNESS’ current lineup includes Rebo on guitars and Kjetil Hektoen on drums.


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Metal Tank Records announced the signing of the Slovenian thrash metal machine Thraw.

Thraw are currently in an early phase of pre-production for their first full-length creation. The album will be recorded in the following months. Expect a composition of fast riffing, crushing sound, technical dual-leads and atomic speed.

Band comment about the upcoming release: "If you like the agression, complexity and brutallity of Dark Angel, Sadus, Razor etc., combined with the sense of melody, put into limelight by Forbidden and alike, then Thraw will surely become one of your favourite acts to bang your head on."

Below can be heard “Injecting Hate”, a remastered title track from the second release of Thraw unleashed in 2008.


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Danish death metal band Ferocity has signed a record deal with USA-based label Deepsend Records in association with Carsten Brogaard (Revolution Music Booking & Management). Deepsend Records has released other Danish death metal acts such as Dawn of Demise, The Cleansing and Spectral Mortuary. The following months Ferocity will commence recording their new full length album, which will be released in 2013 through Deepsend Records. 

Dark Confessions

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Brutal Death metallers from Murcia (Spain), Dark Confessions have released the cover of their debut album, recorded in the UltraSound Studios 2 from Portugal and produced by Daniel Cardoso (Noctem, Angelus Apatrida, Anneke VanGiersbergen, etc.)

The artwork of the cover has been designed by the well known Marcelo Vasco from Brazil (Satyricon, Slayer, Job for a Cowboy, Noctem, Soulfly, etc.)

The tittle for the debut opus of these extreme metallers is "Insanity" and contains eleven tracks where the band combines their old and new influences, producing as a result the blasting sound of Dark Confessions.

01. Frozen Soul
02. My Turn
03. Sea of Oblivion
04. BioHazard
05. The voice of the Apocalypse
06. Prelude to Tragedy
07. Scars of Insanity
08. Denigration
09. Inferno Infection
10. Distorted Reality
11. Bloodshed
Spanish release date: 26th of October.
European and worldwide release: December 2012.

No Dawn

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Norwegian Death metal band No Dawn has signed a deal with Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group.

During February No Dawn will travel to Parma in Italy to record their debut album. 

Wormholedeath will unleash the album world-wide through Aural Music Group. The release will take place in early 2013.

The whole band together stated :
"We are very happy to share the news of being signed with WormHoleDeath! This being our first record deal ever, we are totally confident with the aggreement and the people involved. In short, No Dawn will push the envelope further together with WormHoleDeath!”

A&R "Worm" stated:
"It is just great to be working with the norwegian bands since they are all so professional, passionate and experienced. No Dawn is one of these! I met these guys in Rome few months ago and I really loved their attitude and I understood how they were working hard on their project, so I decided to sign them. They already toured with big names like Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under and Master, as these bands wanted No dawn to support them. The songs are just fantastic... We have all the elements to make a great album here. Please support this band, you will hear a lot from them!"


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The Italian Thrashers from Vexed have just added a new song with the title “Warblast MMXII” for streaming on their ReverbNation profile. The track was taken from their new album “Void MMXII”, out now via Punishment 18 Records. The album was produced by Andrea De Bernardi at his Italian Bunker Studio.


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The Romanian Dordeduh (from 2 ex Negura Bunget members) released their first album "Dar De Duh" over the German label Prophecy Records. This album will be their first sign of life after their Mini CD "Valea Omului" a couple of years ago. Now, they are going on tour and on that tour, they will also visit Belgrade/Serbia on the 02.12.2012. in the Club GUN. This concert will be organized by AWAKEN BOOKING and the entry will cost 8 EURO's and on the day of the concert 10 EURO's. You will be able to read a live report from the concert here on EXTREMINAL. 

Ex Dementia

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New Jersey based death metal band Ex Dementia have revealed the artwork for their forth coming EP release entitled "Crack the Coffin"

- There will be 6 or 7 tracks
- There will be a Post Mortem cover song
- The artwork is done by Jeff Zornow
- It will be released on HPGD Productions
- The release date is TBA...

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