PANYCHIDA ''Grief For An Idol'' (31.10.2014)

PARAGON RECS- 2014 - Czech Republic

The Czech band PANYCHIDA already exists since 2004. Late last year they released their cd “Grief For An Idol“ via Paragon Records.
A mix of Pagan, Death Metal and Black Metal resounds towards me. Simple kept riffs which doesn't fail to have the desired effect transport hardness and hate. Together with the powerful, strong-willed drumming they give the all in all eleven songs structure and a direction. But, PANYCHIDA can also act different. It originates a deadly symbiosis by the melodic parts which compose the independent sound of the band. Dark worlds full of mourning, beauty, coldness and despite develop. A very stirring musical journey which is manifested and yet reinforced by the emotional, emphatic growls of vocalist Vlak. Indeed you can hear here bagpipes and flute which veneer the whole folkloric. The (background) choirs emphasize the Pagan pretence and abduct in bygone times. Nevertheless “Grief for An Idol“ is a modern Metal production. All in all a very intense cd which looks deep inward of the human being and beyond. Not for the faint-hearted! Recorded with much blood, sweat and tears I can only recommend “Grief For An Idol“!!!!


Author: Battepig
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