SHINING&ENSLAVED ''Shining On The Enslaved'' (21.3.2015)

Devil Inc. Presseverlag - 2015 - Sweden/Norway

This Split CD contains some special material from both bands which will be released soon or are especially just for this release only. Let’s start with Enslaved since they are the first band here on this release. Enslaved are represented with 3 songs, from which 1 is from their upcoming album and the 2 others are only for this release. The song from the upcoming album is called “One Thousand Years Of Rain” and we were already able to hear it on Youtube so far. It goes into the “Riitiir” direction with a bit of a Nordic Folk vibe. It seems like Enslaved remembered their past. The second song continues in a Folk vein. It is a very calm one. The last song from them here is their cover version of the “Immigrant Song” which we already know from so many live shows.

Shining offer us 2 songs from their upcoming album here on this Split CD. I haven’t listened to something from them in ages so my memory of their sound isn’t the best. All I can say about these songs here from them is that they sound more melodically then I can remember. They sound very deep and melancholically. I don’t know which of them are from the new album and what about the third song from Shining here, I mean, is this something just for this release or something else.


Author: Petar Mrvic
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