ARCTURUS - '' Arcturian'' (9.5.2015)

Prophecy Records - 2015 - Norway

10 years ago, Arcturus stopped to play and last year they returned to us and this year they brought out a new record. I was a bit skeptical about it at first, but after listen to it for the first time, all my fears fall into the water. Their last record wasn’t among my favorite albums from them and after 10 years a lot of things can change and not always for the good. This album is a perfect mixture of old and cold elements from their “Aspera hiems Simfonia” era mixed with strange futuristic sounds from “La Masquerade Infernale” together with some of the classical elements from their last album. All these things combined together give us this incredible journey into the unknown called “Arcturian”. All the 10 songs here on this release are well done with a lot of interesting elements worthy of the time we spend on it listening to it. Maybe the only weak part here is the cover, but with this kind of music, we can close on eye to this. There is no way to tell which of these songs here is the best, since they all are equally good. Also, don’t be afraid because of the strange opening in the song “The Arcturian Sign”. It might sound strange, but hey, this is Arcturus.


Author: Petar Mrvic
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