FOREFATHER '' Cursed of the Cwelled'' (7.6.2015)

Seven Kingdom - 2015 - United Kingdom

Forefather from England gave to us again an album which is dedicated to the history of their home island England as it was the case with their previous albums as well. Again, I have mixed thoughts about it since on one side, they offer us a good and interesting mix of different Metal Genres and on the other side, as a whole album, it sounds a bit boring after some time because almost all songs sounds alike. The atmosphere here is great and it reminds me a bit of old Bathory from the Vikings era and also some other epic bands as well, but soon the ideas here are getting dry. Sure that in the 11 songs here on this album you can find some great ideas and enjoy them very much, but it is better to enjoy them one by one instead of all 11 in a row. The production is quite good actually for this release and it fits the atmosphere very well. Also ht combination of the different vocals gives to this release an very epic touch.


Author: Petar Mrvic
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Rated 2.5/5 stars (290 votes cast)


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