OLD FOREST ''Dagian'' (31.5.2016)

Avangarde Music - 2015 - United Kingdom

You actually need not to introduce the Englishmen OLD FOREST to the sympathetic listener. After seven years re-activated in the year 2007 they released in January 2016 their latest opus “Dagian“. It is distributed by the label Avantgarde Music.The production is truely not ordinary. Roughly circumscribed the guys play Depressive Black Metal, but not anymore with the same grimness than at their previous releases. The length of the songs let develop dense sound ramparts. They build up very slowly in order to end up in a dense wall of mourning, despair and hopelessness. Very emotional and emphatic vocals which you don't forget that fast. Doleful riffs which are dark and sad unify with variable, kept in the background drumming. Rounded off with strong bass lines develops a depressive, dark atmosphere of which you can't come out. Despite of all emotion OLD FOREST renounce of highspeed thrashing. This would be here anyway only disturbing. Here is renounced of experiments which accrues the all in all four songs. OLD FOREST exactly knew here what they wanted and were also able to implement it. “Dagian“ is surely not easy to consume. Nevertheless, let yourself in for this exhausting journey. It's worth it!!!!


Author: Battlepig
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Rated 2.4/5 stars (210 votes cast)


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