PER LA LUMON ''Search For The Highest Path Of Being'' (14.6.2016)

Demo -2015 - Germany

The German duo PER LA LUMON released in November 2015 their demo “Search For The Highest Part Of Being“ in in-house production.
Black Metal is here the topic. Played raw and simple develops an icecold, pitch-black atmoshere. Oppressive and of endless mourning shaped songs which let revive the old Black Metal spirit. The nagging vocals require at first getting used to. Extremely emotional presented you need a lot of patience and steady nerves in order to be able to plunge deep into the subject matter. “Search For The Highest Part Of Being“ is surely no hightec production, but this isn't necessary at all. The two instrumental songs (“Burned To Light“ and “Island Of Reptiles“) develop their scary beautiful impact also without any vocals. Productional-wise you naturally have to lower your sight at a demo. But, you should not see this in a negative way. Who likes primordial Black Metal should take the demo by heart by all means. Yet a note: The guys released meanwhile a cd which is called “Self-Tortured Solitude“. Check out PER LA LUNA. It's worth it!!!!


Author: Battlepig
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