NIHILISTINEN BARBAARISUUS''Madness Incarnate'' (27.6.2016)

Symbol of Domination Records - 2016 - United States

In May 2016 the American 1-man project NIHILISTINEN BARBAARISUUS put their 5-track cd “Madness Incarnate“ on the Black Metal market. They receive help from the labels Symbol Of Domination Productions and Black Lion Productions. The opus is limited up to 500 pieces.
You can hear here raw, genuine Black Metal. Without any technical folderol, straight and pure. Conscious simple played riffs which are pitch-black and icy mingle with an expressive drumming and forceful bass lines to an unholy musical mixture. It accrues a symbiosis of hard, aggressive tones and melodic insertions. A thunderstorm of ice and rage originates which implies intense moments for the listener. The more than emphatic growls which are hardly to outpace at emotionalism yet give additionally intensity. Recorded with much blood, sweat and tears you should not miss “Madness Incarnate“.


Author: Battlepig
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Rated 2.4/5 stars (331 votes cast)


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