CERECLOTH ''This Temple is a Grave'' (4.9.2016)

Bloodsoaked Records - 2016 - Sweden

CERECLOTH is a band from Sweden. They put in May 2016 with “This Temple Is a Grave“ their first demo with the help of Bloodsoaked Records on the market.
The demo contains three songs. Finest Old School Death Metal which also gets along without any highspeed thrashing. Nevertheless the production has sufficient power, energy and creativity to get a certain independency. The multi-variant guitar solis relax the hard, dark production a bit without being thereby verbose or too experimental. Recorded with much blood sweat and tears and enthusiasm. All in all a very interesting production which is worth being listened to. I am curious what we will hear of CERECLOTH in the near future!!!!


Author: Battlepig
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Rated 2.5/5 stars (352 votes cast)


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