VILE INSIGNIA ''Bestial Invocation'' (1.12.2016)

Self Album - 2015 - Canada

The Canadians VILE INSIGNIA already exist since 2010 as a band. Last year they released their first full-length cd which is called “Bestial Invocation“ in in-house production. At this they receive help by Qabar Extreme Music PR.
What can I expect here? After an icecold, blood freezing short intro which alone takes its effect by noises shows the true musical heart of the production. Old School Black Metal. Characterized by originality and never ending darkness. The riffs are conscious kept simple. They generate together with the hard doubleblast drumming an apocalyptic mood without any joy or hope. The relatively long songs (up to over seven minutes) structure slowly without thereby acting verbose. By the extremely emotional growls the listener is precipitated into a rollercoaster of emotions which demands a great deal of him. Sure, VILE INSIGNIA doesn't reinvent the Black Metal wheel with “Bestial Invocation“. But, they are succesful in creating compelling songs quite without any trend influences which you don't forget that fast. Darkness, emphatic implemented into notes which implicate mourning, death and hopelessness. Here ist giving a listen duty!!!!


Author: Battlepig
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