DETONATOR666 ''Supremacy&Tyranny'' (16.09.2008)

Czech Republic-2008- Infernus Rex

Czech band Detonator666 was found in 2004 under the leadership of Maniac Butcher( i wrote him first because the most famous one is him) and Vlad Blasphemer.they released their second record on March.

It's a spry band,especially the widespeard of alcoholic black metal is occured .Weak production, monotonous rhtyhms, thrash/punk based sound, delayed drums,,,These are the some descriptions of Detonator666

Supremacy & Tyranny is one of the record that i listened(i can gurantee you i listened dozens of records in 2008) and i didnt listen this record just to make a comment and review about it..I listened it more than 5,I guess.The reason is simple: Detonator is a very successful band.Anyway the band members are already proved themself in the black metal arena.

The record begins with Black/thrash metal tracks( until 5th songs begin) ,then it becomes more raw and monotonous.I prefer the first part of record because the rest of it is copy&paste of transilvanian hunger ambient.

The cover of the record has a goat(thats a classical) but this time its buried under a nuclear blast and looks awesome.Finally i can prefer you to listen Satanic Alkometal Hellkult its one of the best song in this record.
*Thanks Darknia for helping

Author: Cenk A.
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