GRAVEYARD ''Into the Mausoleum'' (28.06.2009)

BlackSeed Productions – 2008 - Spain

Shovels. Zombies. Graveyards. Graveyard. That last one is the Spanish quartet behind this raw EP whose recipe for death metal is built on a foundation of shovels, zombies, graveyards, and anyplace people are buried, like mausoleums. There’s an intro here full of ghoulish B-movie sound effects that’s quickly eclipsed by a crude, barely produced opener titled “Into The Mausoleum.” It must never escape the listener that Graveyard’s death metal is firmly rooted in the rotten old school where the guitars are raw, the vocals deep, and the mood unmistakably grim. To no one’s surprise, these hombres pull it off with filthy relish.

The atmosphere on this demo is just unbelievable, it really does sound as if there were a few feet of soil above each song, giving off this dirty, nightmarish air. Try the chilling “Ritual” and its horrific successor, the up-tempo “One of Them.” Gore and bloodcurdling horror define the campy “King of the Graveyard” which sports rather surprising musical flare, but it comes undone once “Under the Shadow of Death” gets underway. The track is the conclusion to the intro earlier (that would be “Entrance”), this time the nameless character at the start gets devoured by the undead. Before it really, really ends, the band throw in a Death cover (that’s “Zombie Ritual”) for good measure. The production is ugly (in an attractive kinda way—huh?), the drums are ugly, the guitars are ugly, and the vocals—horrendous. The whole EP sounds as if it were recorded by zombies possessed by a primal urge to create music—but what are Graveyard about again? Well, it’s shovels, zombies, graveyards…the good stuff.


Author: Miguel Miranda


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