ARKAYIC REVOLT ''Death's River'' (24.04.2010)

Punishment 18 Records - 2008 - Canada

Arkayic Revolt seems to be a fresh band that is formed in 2008, but to the man who wrote the presentation, the band is the continuation of an old band(suppose Lunacy), members saw that the band wasn't going well and they made new things with a new name, Arkayic Revolt and aim to do better things. Their first product is an EP in 2009 and their first album is on this year.

Generally, they make old-school thrash metal with known thrash metal drum rhythms, classic solos and known vocals, vocal effects. They follow the bands like Testament and Exodus.

Fans of thrash metal loves this kind of stuff. I'm sure that a man who has chosen thrash metal as his way, and bound to the roots of the music would praise that album too much, album is really good, they made a quality job, but it might be better to be more innovate.


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