CRYPTIC ''Infinite Torment'' (24.04.2011)

Metal Scrap Records/Total Metal Records - 2010 - Poland

Although formed in 2000, Cryptic sounds like they were pulled straight out of 1989 and put into present day. They have fully adopted everything that is good about death metal and fueled it even more with aggression and fury. Tomasz on vocals is completely savage while at times seems to cross over to the side of black metal.

“Kingdom of the Blind” hold true old school death metal riffs and double pedal drumming as “On Wings of Chaos” has many different tempos; first sweeping in at full speed before coming down to a mid-tempo beat before rising back again at a mad gallop. There is tight musicianship between all in this band as you can hear on tacks such as “New Existence”, the guitar solo here is pretty close to phenomenal. “Infected Soul” is so close to Death and Chuck Schuldiner that you’d almost think it a rip off but actually shows the massive respect they have by paying that type of homage to them with their sound.

There no real no revelations to “Infinite Torment” but this is definitely a throwback to the good ol’ days and any death metal fan from that era should be happy with that. I know I am!


Author: Kate


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