SLAYDEATH ''We Hate War'' (05.11.2012)

Eigenproduktion - 2012 - Malaysia

Recently I took notice of a band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since 2010 already the gents of SLAYDEATH are musically up to mischief. This year they put their demo "We Hate War" on the market in in-house production.

Here is celebrated Old School Death Metal. Paired with many Thrash Metal elements it goes here with full tilt flat out at SLAYDEATH. Severe Meteal riffs which not only handle one genre ensure for much energy and speed. The all in all five songs move all in the mid tempo and upper mid tempo area. So, it is called for pure Headbanging! SLAYDEATH go off the accelerator a bit now and then for some seconds in order to give the listener time to breathe some air. You feel directly relegated to the 90-ies. "We Hate War" become an indigenous and very energetic record. Which shows that also in the year 2012 traditional Death and Thrash Metal is not dead!! Check out SLAYDEATH. It's worth by all means!!!!

Author: BattlePig
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