CONTROL HUMAN DELETE ''The Prime Mover'' (14.07.2013)

Code 666 Records - 2013

CONTROL HUMAN DELETE are already a few years musically active. In May 2013 they released their latest opus “The Prime Mover“ via Code 666 Records.

To commit yourself on a certain description of the music seems to be rather difficult at CONTROL HUMAN DELETE. Industrial music with several Black Metal borrowings is probably the best transcription. Sterile machine sounds which are drawn attention to by the kept in the foreground drum computer mingle with dark Black Metal sounds. This unusual musical mixture results in the modern, off-hooked bands' sound. A very arbitrary symbiosis which nevertheless gives the main points and thrills the listener is supported by multi-variant, seeming chaotic riffs. Nevertheless the seven songs contain a dark basic atmosphere. CONTROL HUMAN DELETE doesn't repeat. Each song is different and shows the innovation and inventiveness of the band. It is brought additional darkness and aggressiveness in each song by the distinctive vocals. Synthetic worlds which are cold and unpredictable arise. But, it pays to go this path together with the band. By the seemingly non-existence of any boundaries “The Prime Mover“ seems to be very bizarre and at the same time interesting. The perfect soundtrack for other galaxies! Getting curious? Checkout CONTROL HUMAN DELETE and form your own opinion. Who is not disinclined unusual and nevertheless hard sounds will be really delighted with the cd!!!

Author: BattlePig
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